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In the vast and boundless ocean, constant dangers lurked everywhere.
Even if Qiao Qixi hadn’t experienced the power of the Greenland shark, he knew how thrilling this trip was. 

It had been summer when they swam to the south from the north.
The conditions were better then than now because it was polar night now.
Everything would be more difficult done during nighttime instead of daytime. 

Qiao Qixi was 120% alert in the water, following closely behind Odis’ figure.
The thing he was most afraid of was seeing shark fins.
Of course, he was even more afraid of seeing a group of fins…

However, he felt that he shouldn’t be so unlucky as he felt that he was possessed by the god of luck. 

Just as he thought this, the waves around him changed a little.
It was like the movement of a large marine animal nearby. 

What could it be?

Even Odis slowed down his movements to observe the situation.
Qiao Qixi couldn’t help but feel nervous.
He tensed up as well and observed the surroundings. 

Odis looked around and then stopped caring.
He continued to move forward at a constant speed. 

This proved that the thing that created the waves wasn’t a threat. 

This was indeed the case.
Later, Qiao Qixi saw what it was with his own eyes.
It was a couple of Pacific porpoises. 

This kind of porpoise liked to live in the sea about 20 meters deep near the shore.
It was also an endangered animal.
In recent years, because of the increasing pollution of the marine environment, they were rarely seen. 

Qiao Qixi was happy to have a feast for the eyes. 

They met by chance in the ocean.
What was even better was that they weren’t on each other’s food menu.
This kind of encounter was really beautiful.
He wished he could encounter more!

Forget about the sharks though. 

It was better for them not to come. 

On the way, Qiao Qixi encountered several marine animals one after another. 

It seemed that after dark, everyone liked to come out and act wildly. 

Perhaps the little bear was really lucky, or perhaps Odis was experienced enough to lead the way, but they didn’t encounter any sharks at all along the way. 

Of course, it wasn’t that they didn’t encounter any danger. 

The biggest danger that the little polar bear encountered was being targeted by a scaled sea turtle.
It chased his feet all the way. 

From time to time, it opened its mouth and tried to bite him. 


Qiao Qixi wondered if it was his feet that smelled. 

Why didn’t this bastard chase after Odis’ feet instead!?

Of course, Qiao Qixi was embarrassed to ask Odis to solve the problem of him being chased by a turtle.
After all, Odis was concentrating on leading the way.
How would he know that there was a turtle secretly causing trouble under the water behind them?

In the end, the little polar bear had no choice but to kick the scaled turtle a few times, sending it flying far away. 

He couldn’t be blamed for being too violent.
It was this bastard who didn’t care about moral ethics first. 

After that, there were no other dangers along the way. 

Unlike the last time when they walked slowly and stopped from time to time, the amount of time they spent on the shore as compared to rest was significantly shorter. 

Odis seemed to have made the travel plan based on the little bear’s ability to accept things.
The timing was just right.
It wouldn’t let the little bear feel too tired or stuck in an acceptable range. 

In the middle of November, the sea ice was condensing at a rapid speed.
The sea ice area of more than nine million square meters was enough to attract most of the polar bears back to the ice. 

Qiao Qixi could feel Odis’ urgency.
It was as if something was urging him to return to the surface of the ice as soon as possible so that he could hunt enough food to make up for the losses he had suffered in the past two seasons. 

In summer and autumn, Odis’ weight had been stagnant. 

But in fact, like the little polar bear, he was still in his growth period.
There was still room for his weight to increase, and he could possibly even reach his peak before the age of ten. 

Adult polar bears generally ate enough in the winter.
Then they stored enough fat to prepare for the arrival of spring. 

In spring, they would focus on the opposite sex, and their attention on food would decrease significantly until they found the person they liked and completed the breeding process.

Qiao Qixi certainly didn’t understand that Odis, who was about to reach sexual maturity, had a flame in his body, which was why he was so eager to return to the ice. 

The reason why the little bear was so eager to return to the ice was much simpler.
It was because there were seals on the ice. 

The speed at which the sea ice condensed reduced the distance that the two polar bears needed to travel.
This was good news that made Qiao Qixi happy. 

A week later, they touched the edge of the sea ice. 

Looking around, there were clusters of white sea ice floating on the surface of the sea that were about to condense.
The scene was quite spectacular. 

And this kind of scene that made human beings astounded, Qiao Qixi had already become used to and treated as commonplace, as natural as returning to his hometown. 

He and Odis swam in the middle of this kind of floating ice and went to the ice that had already condensed. 

At this point, Odis suddenly changed the order in which he led.
He swam behind the little bear’s back and gently pushed the hard-working little bear forward. 

Finally, he was able to push the other party onto the ice. 

Oh yeah ~

The moment his butt touched the ice, Qiao Qixi couldn’t help but cheer in his heart.
He had achieved his goal of returning to the ice.

The sopping wet Qiao Qixi sat up and immediately put down the small yellow bucket that had been on his head.
Then he breathed in the fresh air on the ice. 

Ah, Qiao Qixi, the little bear, was back. 

Then Odis also climbed up.
The other party’s action of shaking his head and draining the sea water on the ice was handsome and neat.
It was a sharp contrast to the soft little bear. 

If Qiao Qixi hadn’t been too tired to stand, Odis could probably do another 50 kilometers. 

The little polar bear was too lazy to get up to shake off the water.
He rolled on the ice and let the sea ice absorb the water on his fur instead. 

Odis also had such an urge, so he found an open space and laid down.
He quickly rolled twice and then got up to continue the journey. 

It wasn’t safe here.
The ice was too thin, and there was no food. 

He rubbed the little bear, who was lying on the ground and refused to walk because of exhaustion, and patiently encouraged the other party to stand up because they had to go to a thicker ice layer. 

Qiao Qixi: I’m up, I’m up!

It was snowing all the time, and there was no sun.
Would seals come up and wait for polar bears to come catch them?

The new polar bear had doubts in his heart. 

He believed that there would be an answer to his question soon. 

The feeling of stepping on ice was always so different.
Thanks to the special structure of a polar bear’s feet, polar bears were able to walk steadily on ice and wouldn’t slip easily. 

The little bear hadn’t eaten for a week, and Odis was searching for food nonstop. 

Seeing the other party’s anxious back and forth footsteps, Qiao Qixi was of course not unaware, and he was actually secretly moved. 

If it wasn’t because of himself, Odis should be able to hunt slowly. 

Odis’ style was to be able to do things with ease. 

Yes, Odis couldn’t wait to catch a seal and let the little bear, who had not eaten a seal for the whole summer, satisfy his hunger. 

Although Odis was very tired, Qiao Qixi was also very tired.
From the moment they came ashore, the little bear had noticed the smell of food. 

But before he could detect the specific location of the seal, Odis had already detected it. 


The first meal on the shore was a ringed seal. 

There were a lot of these seals, and they were scattered all over the arctic circle.
They were the polar bears’ favorite food. 

Bright red blood soon dyed a large area of the snow.
The body of the seal that had just been killed was emitting white steam because its body temperature had not yet dissipated. 

Odis tore open the tough seal skin as soon as possible so that the little bear could eat warm food. 

Eating warm food in a world of ice and snow was undoubtedly the happiest time for polar bears. 

A ringed seal was not enough to fill the stomachs of the two hungry polar bears.
The little bear wasn’t greedy, so Odis could eat more than half of it. 

After eating the food that the little bear didn’t want to eat anymore, Odis deliberately touched the other party’s nose, as if to say: ‘Little scoundrel, I have seen through your little trick, but I just can’t do anything about it.’ 

Qiao Qixi: … 

Ahem, Qiao Qixi felt that he had recently gotten used to the strange tone of his interpretations. 

Forget it, forget it, anyway it was fine. 

Secret message T-T please read at

After eating a meal that was only half-filling, Qiao Qixi’s physical strength was almost recovered, so the idea of going out to hunt alone became clearer and clearer. 

He raised his head and touched the nose of the resting Odis, trying to express his idea of going out with his body language.
However, Odis didn’t seem to understand.
The other party’s handsome eyes narrowed, and he lowered his head to lick the little bear with a more intimate attitude. 


It’s like a chicken trying to communicate with a duck who was trying to talk back to the chicken. 

Qiao Qixi had no choice but to turn around and face away from the other party.
Then he picked up the small yellow bucket and walked forward. 

After walking for a few minutes, Qiao Qixi turned back and found that Odis was following him. 

Knock, knock! 

Can’t you be more conscious and not be a stumbling block on my progress!?

How can I become a legendary polar bear like this?

It’s more likely that he’d become a useless bear.

However, Qiao Qixi didn’t care.
He quickened his pace and continued to walk, deciding that he would hunt alone this time. 

Even though the little bear walked faster, Odis continued to follow behind lazily.
He never had the intention to overtake the other party. 


Looking at this attitude, it was more or less like the attitude of a mother walking her child around. 

The only thing missing was a child safety bracelet in his hand. 


Qiao Qixi was suddenly a little excited because he smelled the scent of a seal nearby. 

After months of growth, he felt that he finally had a good grasp of a polar bear’s skills for navigation and location. 

This location was definitely not far from him. 

In fact, it was indeed the case.
After walking for only a short while, Qiao Qixi saw the traces of a seal from afar. 

The opportunity to practice hunting had come. 

Qiao Qixi’s first step in seal hunting was to place the small yellow bucket down. 

Other polar bears didn’t have this step, so they would probably enter hunting mode before him. 

Qiao Qixi had just placed the bucket down and looked up.

He was the one who had found the seal first!

Shameless Odis! The big bear had clearly been quite far behind just now.
How did he catch up with him in one stride!?

Qiao Qixi stomped his feet.
Angry, anxious, and afraid to make a sound, he silently chased after the big bear with his heart beating frantically in his chest. 

At this time, there were 10,000 curses and swear words hidden under his cute appearance, and while running, he shouted in his heart: Odis! Let go of that seal and let me do it!

Odis, who had entered hunting mode, ignored him.
It was so shameless. 


No matter how angry Qiao Qixi was, he didn’t dare to scare the seal away.
He could only stop nearby, clench his teeth, and glare at the big bear. 

Fine, wasn’t it just a seal?

In this part of the North Pole, three-legged snakes were hard to find, but ringed seals were everywhere. 

He just had to find another one. 

The process of hunting a seal was a little slow.
It took at least ten minutes.
After Odis brought the seal ashore, he looked up and scanned the surroundings, but was unable to find the little bear. 

He wasn’t in a hurry though. 

The little bear’s scent was still nearby. 

Shaking his body a little helplessly, Odis picked up his prey and chased after the little rascal who was running all over the place. 

Logically speaking, the probability of hunting three seals in a short period of time was very low.
Even if there was a king of bears, it was a little unrealistic.
Otherwise, polar bears’ lives wouldn’t be so bleak. 

At least within a five-kilometer radius, there shouldn’t be any other seals. 

As for places that were too far away, there was no need.
Qiao Qixi just wanted to hunt alone, not separate from Odis. 

Going too far would hurt their relationship. 

It would also cause a mental burden in the other party’s thoughts. 

After Odis caught up with the little bear, the little bear had to eat a seal that was no longer warm. 

The little bear felt that the fault of a cold meal should be blamed on himself. 

Odis: …

The big bear seemed to be very honest and didn’t blame the little bear. 

After eating two seals in a row, today’s activities came to an end.
It was time to sleep again. 

Finding a spot that Odis liked, Qiao Qixi turned the small yellow bucket upside down on a pile of snow and slammed it down hard. 

This was a lesson learned with experienced hardship. 

Because Little Yellow’s physique was too light, it would easily roll away if protective measures weren’t taken. 

Good night to the world, good night to the stars. 

Of course, there was also Odis and a goodnight kiss on the cheek. 

Before going to bed, Qiao Qixi decided to try again tomorrow.
Tomorrow he definitely wouldn’t let Odis, this troublemaker, mess up his hunting plan. 

However, by Murphy’s Law, situations that could go wrong would always happen. 

After waking up, the little bear tried to hunt alone again, but there was always a huge behemoth following behind him. 

Before encountering a seal, the other party would lazily follow him around.
But as soon as he encountered a seal, the other party would be one step ahead of him and kill the seal. 

There was no room for the little bear to make a move at all. 

Thus, it wasn’t that Qiao Qixi wasn’t motivated, but it was mainly that this overprotective parent was dragging him down! 

It seriously hindered his progress!

“Sigh.” Life wasn’t easy.
The little bear was angry. 

Obviously, the same phenomenon happened tomorrow and the day after. 

However, Alexander never gave up the idea of independence. 

According to the GPS positioning provided by the rescue station, the researchers learned that the two polar bears had successfully landed on the sea ice. 

In mid-November this year, the total area of the Arctic sea ice was more than one million kilometers less than in previous years.
At this rate, the ice in the Arctic may disappear completely in about 25 years. 

It had to be said that this was a really scary prediction. 

It seemed that people’s measures to deal with global warming couldn’t be delayed.
Otherwise, these animals that relied on the sea ice to live would become homeless. 

With the growing sea ice, other polar bears also returned to the ice one after another, actively hunting for food, replenishing their physical strength and fat to prepare for next year’s spring. 

The team of two polar bears also began to encounter other polar bears one after another. 

After a summer of hardship, all the polar bears they encountered were pitifully thin. 

But it didn’t matter, as long as seals could be hunted in the next two months or so, the other polar bears would become round and fat again. 

For more than two months, although the little polar bear never found an opportunity to hunt a seal by himself, he still had enough to eat.
His body and bones grew wildly during this period of time, and he felt like his legs were cramping even when he slept at night. 

During this awkward period, polar bears were always thinner, and their faces were relatively pointy and not so good-looking. 

Qiao Qixi was an exception however.
He always maintained a round-faced chubby figure, and he didn’t lose weight just because of his physical development. 

During this period, not only did the little polar bear’s body change, but Odis’ body also changed when he reached maturity. 

Odis was now five years old. 

The approaching spring was calling him, and perhaps he would become a father this spring. 

If he could find a female polar bear he liked, that is.

The eating frenzy continued until mid-February, and then there was a significant decline. 

At this time, Odis was tall and strong, becoming much more muscular than he was in the summer. 

Qiao Qixi thought that Odis must be tired of eating fish and meat during this time, and so the big bear wanted to relax for a while. 

So Qiao Qixi was excited about showing off the skills he had learned, but Odis surprisingly led him inland. 

What kind of activity was this?

Why did he have to walk on land when he was having a good time on the ice?

Qiao Qixi looked at the sea ice, which was rich in food, and then looked at Odis’ back.
It was torture!

Should he follow or not?

In the end, after thinking about it, he followed. 

Odis was an experienced adult bear, and he couldn’t go wrong if he followed. 

At this time, Qiao Qixi didn’t know that the breeding process of polar bears was like this.
First, the male polar bear would wander around the whole continent to look for a female. 

If he smelled something he liked, he would track the other party’s whereabouts. 

When two polar bears met, the female polar bear would lead the male polar bear to the highlands and find a higher, hidden place to mate.
Usually, it was on the top of a mountain so that it could be isolated from other polar bears. 

The scene of several male polar bears fighting over a female polar bear often happened in the spring. 

During such a lively season, the research station that tracked them all year round naturally wouldn’t miss it. 

However, it was still dark outside, still just a prelude to spring. 

The drone captured a high-profile Odis who had stopped eating, which was inevitable, even if he also had the task of feeding the other young polar bear. 

At this moment, the big bear still couldn’t resist the need to breed and walked inland. 

The next step was to find a member of the opposite sex that he liked. 

Everything was within the researchers’ expectations… except that Odis was leading Alexander, and the big bear didn’t seem to want to leave the little bear behind. 

Researchers: Ah, was he going to bring the child to his blind dates?

With all due respect, the success rate like this would be very low… too low… 

If Odis wanted to successfully mate with a female polar bear, he had to temporarily leave Alexander behind. 

Otherwise, there was no chance. 

Odis’ desire to raise the cub or his desire to breed, which side would win in the end?

People who were paying attention to this matter were waiting to see. 

The shadow of the snow mountain was clearly visible on land.
Wasn’t there only a snow mountain there?

If there were no accidents, this was the road to the snow mountain.
What was Odis doing?

Qiao Qixi’s mind was full of curiosity.
He couldn’t be blamed for temporarily forgetting about spring because he didn’t have such needs. 

To be honest, ever since he became a polar bear, Qiao Qixi hadn’t thought about it. 

However, Qiao Qixi was soon forced to understand the truth. 

In the snow, he and Odis were sleeping together in a leeward place. 

In a daze, Qiao Qixi felt the heat source next to his body had left.
He was used to sleeping with Odis, so he immediately woke up.

Did he really have to rush to get up?

But he clearly remembered that he had just fallen asleep…

The sleepy little polar bear raised his head and froze for a moment. 

Ah, this…

He immediately shut his eyes and turned his head away. 

But after closing his eyes, his mind was still filled with the scene he had just seen. 

Odis was sitting next to him with his legs crossed, lowering his head and licking his own…

“…!” Qiao Qixi shook his head, trying to get rid of the scene he had just seen. 

Ahhhhh, don’t think about it!

But after calming down, he silently thought again.
Oh, it turned out that polar bears were like this, so domineering. 

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