The polar night was good news for some arctic animals because it meant more hunting opportunities.
However, it was bad news for other arctic animals because they became the prey.

Animals that flew in the sky, such as arctic owls, falcons, and the vultures, belonged to a group of predatory birds with good night vision.
They could live in the polar night like a fish in water.
In contrast, the arctic reindeer had limited night vision and were easy prey for other arctic carnivores. 

As for the polar bears that stood at the top of the arctic food chain, the matter of day or night didn’t seem to affect them. 

Except for some polar bears that seemed quite troublesome, such as Alexander, who had received a lot of attention. 

No one would have thought that he would be afraid of the dark. 

A polar bear that was afraid of the dark was currently experiencing the polar nighttime. 

#Polar Night Is Here, But We Can’t Take Photos of Odis and the Cute Alexander#

On the polar enthusiasts’ forum, people were celebrating the arrival of the polar night while making regretful remarks.
It was a pity that they couldn’t continue to track the whereabouts and cute figures of the arctic animals.

Not only Odis and Alexander, but also many other animals. 

In terms of popularity, Odis and Alexander were indeed the most popular animals at the moment. 

They first gained a group of fans on the forum.
Likes were spread and soon became contagious.
These fans were very active in reposting the stories and photos of Odis and Alexander on other platforms, helping the two cute polar bears accumulate even more fans. 

After a summer of fermenting, Odis and Alexander had a faint tendency to become the face of bears in the Arctic. 

People with lofty ideals who paid attention to the arctic environment were very happy and excited.
These two polar bears attracted the attention of people from all over the world. 

They hoped that Odis and Alexander would become more famous. 

Let more people be willing to learn about polar bears and the arctic environment. 

Let more people work together for these cute little lives and encourage themselves to do one more small thing to contribute to the environmental protection work being done every day. 

In fact, the volunteers who actively promoted Odis and Alexander were actually a bit worried. Aiya, if this continued, people all over the world would have the impression that polar bears could stay white, fat, and clean. 

Looking at Alexander’s appearance and attitude, in what way did he look like he had suffered?

He was obviously more round and smooth than the pets at home. 

#Concerning the Business of Alexander’s Possible Weight Loss#

: Here’s the thing.
I’m a university professor who regularly publishes articles about the North Pole.
In the past few days, I’ve posted two articles about Odis and Alexander, including two photos of the cute animals.
Then, someone left a comment saying that these two polar bears make them feel that life in the Arctic is actually okay, and I… 

: Me too.
I’m Norwegian.
My personal social media account has people leaving comments every day saying that these two polar bears are too good-looking.
‘Are they raised in captivity by your country?’ They say that our country is really rich. 

: Odis and Alexander are polar bears born in Greenland!

: I knew there would be this problem.
Alexander looks like he’s living better than me.
Letting him be the ambassador will really make people think that polar bears are living well.
It’s not his fault though.
Anyone who sees a white and chubby ‘little’ animal will guess that it’s living a good life and is fine.

: The problem is that a dirty and skinny polar bear can’t break into popular circles.
I can’t help but laugh and cry.
Only a likable bear like Alexander can be as popular.
But if we push him out into the public eye, it’ll easily create the illusion that life in the Arctic is very good.
Whose fault is this?

: Odis’ fault! Well, it’s not really his fault.
I hope that all the mothers in the world are half as good at raising cubs as he is. 

: Odis, a male mother who makes all the female polar bears feel ashamed. 

: So then, what’s the result of these discussions?

: There’s no way.
If Alexander loses one or two pieces of meat, Odis will enter your room tonight and kill you. 

: If you want Alexander to lose weight, you will have to step over Odis’ corpse. 

: It should be said that Odis doesn’t want the little bear to come into the public eye at all.
Even from a human’s point of view, I can understand it quite well. 

The cub who wanted to become self-sufficient had gained the attention of many people every day. 

Thus, the topic seemed to have no other use except to prove that Odis was attentively taking care of the little polar bear. 

Look, even people on the forum knew that Odis was very serious about caring for the little bear, and there were even clips of him occasionally picking up Little Yellow to coax the little bear, resembling a mother who hid her child’s toys when the child didn’t eat. 

His actions were full of love. 

As the person involved, Qiao Qixi didn’t feel the restraint and unhappiness of being controlled.
On the contrary, because the sky had been too dark recently, he liked to stick close to Odis. 

Of course, the other party didn’t dislike it either! 

After staying in the bay for a few days, Qiao Qixi, who originally felt helpless, finally adapted to the polar night.
Or rather, he got used to the night in the bay.
Once he was familiar with it, he was no longer afraid. 

Coincidentally, there were a lot of fish in the water, including gray trout, smelt, and cod.
All of which polar bears liked to eat. 

Under the cover of night, these fish emerged from their hiding spots in the depths of the sea. 

Although Qiao Qixi’s whaling skills weren’t very good, he was still good at catching fish and was the kind of bear that wouldn’t starve to death even if he lived alone. 

The night sky was bright, magnificent, and pleasant.
No matter how a picture was taken, it was like an eye-catching painting that proved the polar night sky wasn’t too dark. 

The reason Qiao Qixi was afraid was because the sea was always shrouded in a cloud of fog that couldn’t be dispersed.
It was hazy and strange.
Coupled with the sound of the rolling waves, he couldn’t see the end of the vast sea.
It resembled a scene from a horror movie, so that’s why he had been scared. 

But now that he was familiar with it, he dared to leave Odis’ side and swim further into the sea to catch fish. 

A delicious smelt was held in the little polar bear’s mouth.
He happily floated to the surface of the water and swam to a nearby reef to lie down and enjoy the fruits of his labor. 

Tilting his head and eating half of the fish, the sharp-eyed Qiao Qixi saw a white bear’s head swimming over in the distance.
His first reaction was that it was Odis, and then he spat out the remaining half of the fish, leaving the tail of the fish for Odis to eat. 

However, Qiao Qixi soon realized that something was wrong.
Odis should still be in the water behind him.
Thus, it was impossible for him to come from this direction, so this polar bear wasn’t Odis. 


The little bear, who has studied Sun Tzu’s Art of War, immediately picked up half of the fish, turned around, and plunged into the sea to find his big boss. 

As long as he swam fast enough, the danger couldn’t catch up to him. 

On the dark and foggy surface of the sea, Odis floated up with a splash.
His mouth was holding onto a fish that was still flapping its tail.
He was about to look for the little bear when he felt a meatball ram into his arms, and he immediately hugged it. 

Looking down, Odis saw a familiar yellow bucket and the soaked little bear he had been looking for, who still had half a fish in its mouth. 

Odis squinted his eyes, but before he could feed the cub, he noticed a strange intruder swimming in the distance. 

Apparently other polar bears had taken a fancy to this good place to catch fish. 

Before the other party got close, Odis swam to the shore with the little bear in his arms.
If he was looking for food alone, he wouldn’t mind sharing this bay with another polar bear or directly fighting to drive the other party away, but at the moment, he wasn’t alone. 

Ever since Odis had the little bear by his side, the number of times he fought had plummeted.
Unless fighting was necessary, he would usually just bare his fangs to solve the issue.
If not, he would just leave with Qiao Qixi. 

They came ashore on at a different area with the wind blowing into Alexander’s eyes, causing him to squint. 

Qiao Qixi raised his two little bear paws to show that he agreed with Odis’ actions of carrying him and running away whenever there was conflict.
They were all endangered animals, so there was no need for them to fight and kill each other.
Only if one was peaceful could they have more fish to eat. 

If they can’t stay in this sea area, then they will go to the neighboring sea area.

Qiao Qixi hugged the fish tail and raised his head to lick the water droplets on Odis’ eyelashes.
As long as he was with Odis he could go anywhere. 

Oh, almost forgot! The little polar bear shyly gave the remaining half of his fish to Odis.
Although it was only half, it was still a rare meal!

If he hadn’t remembered it early, there wouldn’t even be half of it left. 

The problem was that Odis ate the fish half that the cub gave him, but then gave the cub the fish that he had just caught. 

Qiao Qixi felt that he had profited no matter how he looked at it. 

When the little bear finished eating, Odis dived back into the sea with the little bear and swam to another sea area. 

In other words, Qiao Qixi was leaving the environment that he was familiar with and going to a new place. 


Who knows what the new environment will be like!

Unfamiliar scenery appeared one after another.
The little polar bear’s chubby legs began to tremble, his heart began to pound, and he didn’t even know where to look. 

It wouldn’t be good if he saw something scary. 

After swimming in the water for a while, they successfully went ashore.
They shook off the seawater on the beach, and it seemed that the next journey would be on land. 

Walking at night—

Qiao Qixi didn’t say anything and stuck close to Odis. 

Qiao Qixi was familiar with the brightly lit nights in human gathering places, so it might still take some time for him to get used to the nights in the wilderness. 

Odis protected the shivering little bear by his side and leaned close to his face.
He sniffed with his face close to Qiao Qixi’s, as if to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the cub. 

Only then did he start to concentrate on walking. 

Odis’ goal was very clear.
He wanted to find the next place where they could catch food as soon as possible and try to maintain enough food before winter came. 

Under the twinkling stars, they walked together on the road. 

Except for the occasional animal calls and the sound of the waves, everything was silent, which was a rather strange experience. 

The little polar bear slowly calmed down and walked forward step by step.
He felt that he had truly become a part of this world. 

During the time when he came to work in the North Pole, he didn’t feel that he belonged to this land.
It was as if it was just a transition period in his life. 

In his spare time at work, he would also go around to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Yes, enjoying it was like admiring other people’s things with the eyes of a guest. 

But now it seemed to be different.
The Arctic was no longer just a temporary place of transition, but a home to live in. 

Although, the night in this home was still a bit scary. 

“Ao~~~” Qiao Qixi felt that the atmosphere was too quiet, and the journey was too boring.
He decided to chat with Odis. 

Hehe, the silent cool brother, was he willing to talk to him?

“Roar…” Odis was really willing to accompany him and soon responded in a low voice.
His voice was still so deep and resounding. 

If there was a distinction to be made, Qiao Qixi felt that his voice was like a little boy’s and Odis’ voice was like a domineering general’s.
His chubby legs softeneed when he heard it. 

Of course, it wasn’t because he had any wrong thoughts, but because he was just tired from walking. 

“Ao…” The little polar bear yawned and made a sleepy sound, the corners of his eyes were wet. 

Within ten minutes, Odis found a suitable place to sleep.
He blocked the only wind with his huge body and let the little bear stay in a semi-concealed position so that he could sleep more peacefully. 

As for the small yellow bucket, it was left alone outside. 

A little bear drilled his head out and rested his chin on Odis’ arm, admiring the stars in the sky happily. 

It was a bedtime treat for himself. 

There were so many stories about the stars.
It would be nice if he could tell Odis some stories. 

The ignorant polar bears only knew how to eat and sleep, so they probably hadn’t heard so many wonderful and interesting stories before.
Of course, polar bears probably didn’t care about this.
They were probably more interested in human food.

Big sausages, canned fruit, small biscuits; Qiao Qixi couldn’t help smacking his lips.
Should they go to the cabin again next year?

Lying on his stomach, the little bear fell asleep. 

Odis raised his head and licked the face of the sleeping little bear, then gently pulled him into his arms and closed his eyes. 

Although there weren’t so many rich and wonderful stories, his life wasn’t boring.
In addition to filling his stomach and looking for a suitable place to live, these activities were no different from other polar bears.
He also had a strange little bear to accompany him. 

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In the past, Qiao Qixi would wake up with the sun still in the sky, but now, he woke up and couldn’t see the sun at all. 

It was a novel experience. 

No matter how long he slept, he felt like the sun had not risen yet, so he could still sleep a little longer. 

The lazy bear, who had already awoken but didn’t want to get up, continued to lay in Odis’ arms and scratched his feet. 

No one could tell that under his cute and cozy appearance, he was experiencing an internal battle with himself. 

Should he get up and continue on his journey to achieve his goals?

Ah, no, he didn’t want to. 

But that voice continued to say, ‘You are now a big bear that is about to live independently.
You have to know that time is money.’ 

Oh, the little bear turned over and continued to scratch his feet.
Sorry, but he had heard too many similar lectures since he was young, so he was immune to them. 

His big plan to take care of Odis wasn’t going to be successful in only one day.
He was still a garbage bear after all. 

But the little bear’s self-esteem felt attacked!?

Unable to tolerate this, Qiao Qixi’s emotions got the better of him, and he immediately got up. 

“Ao, ao, ao.” 

The first thing the little bear did when he got up was to encourage himself.
One day, he would be the one taking care of Odis!

As usual, when the little bear got up, Odis also got up.
He pulled the little bear into his arms and licked his fur. 

It had to be said that this action seemed gay, but Qiao Qixi hoped that everyone wouldn’t think too much about it.
For polar bears, this was just a daily wash, as simple as washing their face and brushing their teeth. 

Who wouldn’t wash their face and brush their teeth when they first wake up?

The method was different, but the principle was the same. 

After receiving a passive arctic-style wash, Qiao Qixi, who didn’t want to lick Odis’ ‘little Odis’, only licked Odis’ face and that was it. 

Then they started to move forward. 

The road ahead was long.
After walking for a week, the two polar bears finally found a new place to stay. 

Other than stones and a few short bushes, the surrounding area was deserted, so there shouldn’t be any other polar bears coming to join in on the fun. 

Qiao Qixi, who easily had a sense of belonging to a place, prayed that they could stay here smoothly until the ice was frozen. 

Odis took a fancy to a rock cave here.
It couldn’t really be called a rock cave, but more like a few huge stones piled together to form a crawlspace. 

The other party was busy cleaning up the sand and debris inside. 

There were no tools, only bear paws and mouths. 

Was this going to be a temporary residence?

Qiao Qixi curiously went over to take a look.
Because it was too narrow, it could only accommodate sleeping and was obviously not big enough for other activities.
Odis gently and politely pushed the little bear out.

He looked like he was saying: Be good, go play, and don’t disturb my work.

Qiao Qixi: “!” 

Qiao Qixi had been used to sleeping in the rough with Odis, Qiao Qixi almost forgot that polar bears could also build nests. 

However, generally only female polar bears did this because female polar bears needed a safe nest for their cubs. 

Male polar bears didn’t have such desires. 

As bachelors, it didn’t matter where they slept. 

Odis suddenly became active in building a nest.
Could it be that his parental instincts were stimulated by him?

Qiao Qixi looked down at himself.
He really wasn’t small anymore.
Recently, his body had begun to ache, and he had grown a lot taller too.
It was estimated he would only be able to run around again in the winter. 

Fortunately, under Odis’ feeding, he had enough nutrients to support his growth.
Compared to the other little polar bears who were always full of hunger, he grew up quickly and was very healthy. 

However, Qiao Qixi was too happy that he had a place to live, so he immediately arranged the house with Odis. 

There were some gaps between the huge stones.
The autumn sea breeze easily blew inside, so Qiao Qixi brought some stones of suitable sizes to block the gaps. 

His actions influenced Odis.
Soon, Odis also began to carry stones to add onto their new house. 

The stone house of the two polar bears was completed in an hour. 

Qiao Qixi rolled around happily inside.
Following the actions of a resourceful bear, he was now also a bear who owned a home. 

After being happy, he came out to take a look.
Odis was fishing by the sea non-stop.
He was really a hardworking and honest polar bear. 

In the future, there will be a lucky female polar bear.
Ah no, a male polar bear wouldn’t take care of the female polar bear all the time. 

Well, Qiao Qixi though, there seemed to be no way to stay with Odis forever. 

Male polar bears were bachelors that came and went like the wind. 

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