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The only thing Qiao Qixi could take away was a bucket of fruit candies to eat on the road. 

Although he was pretty hungry, a sweet fruit candy could make him feel that life was still good. 

For a long time while on the road, perhaps Odis felt that the little bear’s mouth was sweet because he always licked the little bear, receiving a mouthful of sweetness each time. 

Qiao Qixi also clearly felt that after leaving the cabin, Odis licked him more and more frequently. 

Odis was scheming and wanted to mooch on him for his candy!

However, as a kind and loving little bear, other than being willing to let Odis rub and mooch freely, what else could he do?

Later, he found that Odis was a little difficult to understand.
The little bear directly peeled a candy for the other bear, but Odis didn’t like it.
Instead, Odis only liked to lick the sweetness from the little bear’s mouth. 

Qiao Qixi: “?”

Some bears had really stinky habits. 

The weather was cold, and walking on the road didn’t feel hot anymore.
Everything was fine except for the lack of food. 

Step, step, step~ Qiao Qixi had developed a rhythm of walking and even optimistically admired the surrounding scenery.

It was so beautiful.
A layer of white mist appeared on the autumn beach, and the huge and plump bodies of walruses were shrouded in it.
Layer upon layer, it appeared like a fantasy. 

It was difficult for humans to observe such beautiful scenery at the right time and place such like this.

However, polar bears could walk through it casually and even covet these plump walruses… But they were just looking, right?

Qiao Qixi looked up at Odis, who seemed to be purely passing by, and then he sighed countless times.
If Odis didn’t lead the way, would he dare pass by the walruses?

He didn’t dare. 

In the end, Odis didn’t attack the powerful walruses.
The walruses’ weight and long tusks were a threat, and it would be difficult to sneak up on their cubs. 

Odis’ target was the fish in the quiet bay.
Although the big bear couldn’t eat to his heart’s content, it could still satisfy the hungry little bear. 

Qiao Qixi was still growing, and he didn’t eat much after coming out of the cabin, so he lost some fat on his body.
In addition, he was in the middle of puberty.
So in autumn, he looked more handsome, and the childish appearance had lessened. 

However, to Odis, he was still a little bear that needed to be cared for. 

The little bear came to the edge of the water and looked at his current appearance.
His face and facial features had grown a little.
Very good; he already had the aura of an arctic king.
In time, he would definitely be able to shake up the Arctic and become a legendary polar bear. 


To be honest, Qiao Qixi still preferred the cool guy Odis’ look, which was truly domineering and handsome, rather than his own creamy little bear appearance, whose eyes didn’t have any ferociousness. 

Of course, he knew that Odis’ ferociousness wasn’t innate.
It was an aura accumulated through fighting and killing. 

What was the only way to become a cool polar bear?

Fight, fight!

Fight hard, catch fish in the water, fight again, and after eating, practice using his claws with Odis. 

Odis’ broad and sturdy back was hit by the little polar bear.
He leisurely looked behind, then turned back and continued to lick his claws. 

Qiao Qixi stomped his feet angrily, but he couldn’t give up because of this.
He ran to a farther starting point, initiated a faster run-up, and pounced— 

“Awoo!” He even pretended to bite Odis. 

Odis had a ‘fierce’ little polar bear hanging on his back, but he still didn’t respond. 

The reason was simple.
Polar bears never fought like this. 

Qiao Qixi had no choice but to give up interacting with Odis, and he no longer forced Odis to fight with him. 

He glanced at a rock on the beach. 

It could be regarded as an imaginary enemy. 

When the little bear’s attention was all on the shore, the behemoth bear quietly watched him from the side and seemed unwilling to be left out. 

Odis walked over, raised his claws, and pushed the little bear to the ground. 

Qiao Qixi: “???”

He couldn’t believe that the legend of a generation was defeated!

He laid on the beach, thinking of a very *chuunibyou line: You know nothing about power.

*(TN Note: Chuunibyou is a Japanese slang term which basically describes people who either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on others, or believe they have special powers unlike others- aka Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome.)

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu.”

Relying on his secret weapon, the fierce opponent finally let him go. 

The little bear got up again and pounced on the big polar bear.
The other party only needed to use one of its paws to press him to the ground, making him unable to move. 

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu.” 

Fortunately, Qiao Qixi’s secret weapon didn’t need a cooldown time and could be used repeatedly!

Of course, the little bear, who was eager to improve, also knew that this secret weapon was only useful against Odis. 

Odis was great. 

He loved Odis. 

Secret message T-T please read at

This ‘fight’ lasted for a while.
He didn’t know if it was the consequence of being complacent, but the exhaustion was real.
The little polar bear yawned and fell asleep in the arms of his companion.

The biggest benefit of the cooling temperatures was that the two polar bears, who liked to hug and stick to each other, were finally no longer afraid of the heat and could enjoy comfortable hugs.

Currently, this vast and cold Arctic continent was experiencing the alternation between polar day and polar night. 

The cloudy days have arrived, and nowadays, there was always a layer of white mist on the water surface that wouldn’t dissipate. 

Without the sunshine, the former glittering beaches were no longer bright and neat .
It was replaced by gloom and darkness, indicating the arrival of another ‘era.’

Polar night. 

The pampered little bear poked his head out of the warm embrace and blinked his big confused eyes. 

At this time, the sky had turned dark. 

Qiao Qixi had been in the arctic for half a year.
After surviving the eternal polar daytime, he finally ushered in the first polar night. 

The little polar bear looked up at the starry sky with a nostalgic emotion and sighed: Ah, it’s night.

However, when he turned his head to look at the sea, he was immediately taken aback by the gloomy and ghostly environment, and the fur on his body stood up. 

What the hell, was the beach so scary at night?

The sound of the tide rushed over.
For some reason, Qiao Qixi thought of the scene of a coffin drifting on the sea in the Ring (a horror movie). 


Qiao Qixi’s brain soon filled with the plot of the horror movie, frightening him enough that he quickly buried his head back into Odis’ arms, praying and begging for the sun to rise faster.

Suddenly, he froze and thought: When was dawn?

Wu wu wu, it seemed to be March of next year!

He didn’t want to live anymore. 

In contrast, Odis seemed to be accustomed to the alternation between polar day and night, and he didn’t care about the arrival of the eternal night. 

But then he keenly felt the little bear’s fear. 

Why was the cub afraid?

Odis obviously couldn’t understand, but he knew one thing, it was his responsibility to soothe the little bear’s emotions. 

He liked the little bear’s happiness, but he didn’t like the fear. 

Being caressed and licked by Odis, Qiao Qixi couldn’t help but think: Was Odis afraid of the dark when he was a child?

Would his mother also comfort him like this?

When the polar night came, the little polar bear would face a new challenge.
He, who was afraid of the dark, would have to step into the dark sea to fish. 

Qiao Qixi: Don’t say it, Don’t say it.

The little polar bear hoped that the polar night was a dream, and that it would be sunny when he woke up.
However, after waking up, the sky was still extremely dark. 

He followed behind Odis, always maintaining physical contact with the other party.
He couldn’t be separated for a single moment, just as if he was an extra limb of the big bear. 

Odis might have noticed that the little bear was very clingy to him, but he didn’t mind.
He even felt happy. 

Odis’ recent way of expressing pleasure was to gently bite the little bear with his teeth.
He nibbled the little bear’s ears, face, claws, basically any part of the other’s body. 

Even when hunting, he would occasionally pay attention to the little bear, but not when the little bear was looking at him. 

Fortunately, it was currently nighttime, and the drone’s observation frequency was reduced.
Otherwise, it would’ve taken a picture of the two polar bears huddled together to catch fish. 

They were just a bit too close. 

Seeing that he couldn’t catch a fish for a long time, the little polar bear finally had some self-awareness and muttered to himself.
He was scared that he was being too clingy so Odis would eventually kick him away out of annoyance. 

What he didn’t know was that Odis liked him more than he thought. 

But then again, if any female polar bear in this arctic region encountered a cub like Qiao Qixi, she might have already punished and thrown him away to be reborn. 

Thinking about it this way, Odis’ burden was too heavy. 

The little bear, who had a conscience, decided to overcome the difficulties and go to the other side of the water to fish. 

However, as soon as he moved his feet, the little bear was bitten by Odis and then had his fur licked. 

Qiao Qixi suddenly translated a sentence in his heart: Be good, don’t make trouble.

It’s an illusion.

It must be an illusion.

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