The sea breeze blew gently, rustling the leaves of the bushes on the shore. 

It was supposed to be the best time to sleep, but only seven hours had passed.
Far from reaching his standard of waking up naturally, Qiao Qixi was awakened by the sound of fighting. 

When he opened his eyes, Odis was still sleeping next to him, which meant that one of the protagonists of the fight was not him. 

Perhaps the other party also heard the noise, but neither of his two white ears moved.
Obviously, he was not bothered and automatically ignored outside influences. 

The little bear, who had always been curious about the things around him, propped up his neck and looked in the direction of the movement.
Then he saw the mother bear chasing the little polar bear. 

To be precise, it should be practicing fighting skills. 

It was said that the polar bear’s biggest natural enemy was another polar bear.
Of course, the little polar bear had to learn how to fight another polar bear during its growth period.
This was an essential survival lesson. 

Qiao Qixi saw that the mother bear was extremely ferocious.
She didn’t seem to show any mercy to the little bear as she swung her big paws at it.
The little bear was flung away after a few hits, causing Qiao Qixi’s heart to clench in pain. 

Hiss, doesn’t it hurt?

The little bear was still so small, and the two were incomparable in body size.
If they fought, the little bear would just be beaten up!

Qiao Qixi’s eyes twitched.
He couldn’t bear to look directly.
He just wanted to ask, was this a problem specific to this mother bear or were all mother bears so cruel?

What about a male mother?

Bearing a swollen face that hadn’t completely healed yet, Qiao Qixi’s heart trembled.
Although he hadn’t slept enough yet, he couldn’t fall asleep when he heard the sound of the other little cub being hit. 

Probably because of these physical injuries, as an underage polar bear, he was afraid that he would also be thrown around by Odis. 

Of course, learning fighting skills was a must, but was it possible to not be thrown around…

At this time, Odis woke up, and it seemed that he had also been awoken by the movements around him.
There was still drowsiness in his eyes, which made him seem a little more harmless than usual. 

For the time being, he didn’t have the deterrent power of a polar bear king. 

Odis’ first reaction when he woke up was to close his arms.
He hugged Qiao Qixi in his arms and then lowered his head to lick the fur on the little bear’s head.
Only then did he fully wake up. 

Qiao Qixi has been Odis’ pillow for a long time and was already used to Odis’ manner of waking up.
Usually, he was quite uncooperative, but today, he was affected by the beating of the cub next door.
So for the first time, not only did he cooperate properly, but he also took the initiative to lean into Odis’ arms. 

What the hell, Odis, the kid next door is getting beat…

What Qiao Qixi wanted to say was: ‘I’m so obedient and cute.
Plus, I don’t eat much, so you can’t hit me.’ 

Usually, when Qiao Qixi wouldn’t let Odis groom him, he would be chased and licked by Odis three times a day.
Now that he took the initiative to act like a spoiled child, of course, he was immediately licked vigorously. 

After rubbing for a long time and smearing each other’s faces with saliva, Qiao Qixi finally felt reassured.
He believed that Odis had accepted his sugar-coated bomb, so at least for the time being, he wouldn’t have the idea of hitting the innocent little bear. 

With the next door family as an example, Qiao Qixi had quite a wake-up call. 

He knew that practicing various survival skills needed to be put on the agenda as soon as possible. 

Now that he had the conditions, he felt that he had to take it seriously. 

The little polar bear took the first step to learn how to hunt.
He got up, stretched, and left Odis. 

With sleepy eyes, he stood by the water under the scorching sun, kicked his arms and legs, and did some warm-up exercises. 

Regardless of success or not, he still had to make preparations. 

Qiao Qixi didn’t want to admit that he was still a little nervous about going into the sea to catch a beluga whale.
This was a difficult challenge. 

It was normal to be afraid, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Qiao Qixi stood on the shore and stared at the turbulent sea for a while. Cough, he felt that he needed to better mentally prepare himself. 

After a long time, he finally stretched out the soles of his feet and walked step by step towards the middle of the sea, stepping on the rocks scattered along the coast.

Slowly, the water level rose, covering half of his arm.
At this time, he looked back and was surprised to find that Odis was behind him, quietly watching. 

Huh, maybe he had been too nervous just now and didn’t notice Odis at all. 

The reason why Odis followed Qiao Qixi was probably to escort him, he thought to himself.
To put it bluntly, the other polar bear was probably afraid that he would suddenly fall into the sea and drown. 

Or be dragged into the sea by a beluga whale or something…

Qiao Qixi sighed at his own imagination.
Forget it, forget it.
If Odis wanted to watch him fail miserably, then just watch. 

Under the big polar bear’s eyes, the little polar bear turned back to the sea.
First of all, he needed to get rid of all complicated emotions.
There should be only one clear goal in his mind, and that was to hunt. 

As the king of the arctic regions, polar bears have a very strong sensory system, and they can know where the prey is just by relying on their keen sense of smell. 

At this time, Qiao Qixi didn’t need to rush to perceive where the prey was.
He just needed to reduce his sense of existence and wait for the moment when the prey swam in front of him.
Then, he would exert a strong explosive force to bite the prey. 

Therefore, the first thing that the little polar bear had to learn was patience.
The process could take half an hour, a full hour, or even longer. 

Compared to most cubs, Qiao Qixi had the rationality of a human, and he didn’t lack the patience to wait. 

His biggest problem was not that he had no patience, but that he thought the beluga whales swimming in the water were too cute. 



Qiao Qixi did a good job of reducing his presence.
Soon, there was a beluga whale swimming in front of him, splashing around with its back turned. 

With the sun shining down, even a small rainbow could be seen. 

It was extremely dreamy. 

Admiring the living beluga whale up close, the little polar bear’s eyes were bright and focused.
The big polar bear was probably very confused.
There was such a good opportunity, but the cub didn’t take it. 

Should he demonstrate directly?

Odis, who was squatting behind, glanced at the little chubby bear’s back and then at the beluga whale swimming in the water.
His eyes seemed to say: ‘You really don’t know how to do it.’

If there was no hope, there would be no disappointment. 

Odis looked up at the sky. 

The drone flew across the blue sky, attracting the big polar bear’s attention for a brief second. 

The majority of Odis’ attention was still on the little polar bear that was learning how to hunt 

He finally couldn’t help but raise his paw and touch the little polar bear’s back. 

Qiao Qixi was under a lot of pressure. Okay, I got it, I got it.
I’ll catch it next time.

He also knew that he had dawdled long enough, but he just couldn’t do it!

What could be done about it!?

For the first time, there always needed to be a bit of mental preparation.
After Odis’ silent urging, Qiao Qixi was finally ready to take the next step. 

Sorry, little white whale, I’m going to make a move.
Watch carefully.

Before Qiao Qixi opened his mouth and pounced, he felt that his aim was pretty good.
The attack wasn’t a sure hit, but it could still injure the enemy by eight hundred points. 

The reality was that the moment he bit down, the beluga whale ran away and he ended up embracing the emptiness, ah no, the sea water. 

He choked on a few mouthfuls of seawater and floated up listlessly.
He looked at Odis on the rocky shore and felt quite wronged. 

Fortunately, Odis didn’t seem to have any intention of laughing at him.
The other party’s actions were quite warm.
The big polar bear lowered his head and licked the cub’s soaked head. 

What Qiao Qixi didn’t know was that the success rate of a little polar bear’s first time hunting a beluga whale was almost zero. 

Even Odis was no exception.
It hadn’t been easy for him to become independent. 

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The little polar bear shook off the seawater on his head and climbed up onto the rock from the sea.
He planned to continue working hard and waiting for the next opportunity. 

Qiao Qixi summarized the reason for his failure just now.
It was nothing more than his actions being too slow.
The moment he had moved, he had alerted the white whale. 

The other party had already run away before he had even touched its tail.
It was a bit embarrassing. 

Odis returned to the place where he had been watching the little bear and patiently supervised the cub that was learning how to hunt. 

In fact…

The wind was blowing, and the waves were surging. 

Qiao Qixi jumped into the sea for the sixth time, but he still missed.
Not only did he miss the sixth time, but he also felt like he was hit on the waist by the beluga whale. 

This caused him to somersault into the sea.
His two feet flopped onto the surface of the water before he finally turned over and floated back up. 


He couldn’t blame anyone, but if polar bears had tears, the sea would have risen by a few points by now. 

“Wu wu wu…” 

Odis didn’t know that the little bear had been bullied by the beluga whale in the sea. 

At this moment, he received the little polar bear’s spoiled cries and seemed to feel that this lesson should be over. 

Odis jumped into the sea, hugged the little polar bear with two thick and strong arms, and swam with the cub to shore. 

Of course, Qiao Qixi had also felt that it was time to stop.
After feeling wronged, he was also full of shame. 

Ahh, six times!

A total of six times, and he didn’t even encounter the beluga whale once. 

The only time was when the other party hit him.
How could he face this?

Qiao Qixi didn’t know what else to do except pretending to be dead on the shore while avoiding Odis’ very concerned gaze. 

Anyway, in Odis’ eyes, he was probably… already a hopeless useless bear. 

What you see is what you get. 

It was so sad. 

However, Odis didn’t seem to think like this.
On the shore, Odis was still very patient and carefully licked the little bear’s fur. 

It was as if he didn’t mind that the cub had missed six times in a row and was even hit by the beluga whale.
The big polar bear still treated him like before, as if holding the little bear in the palm of his hand. 

The more that this seemed to be true, the more Qiao Qixi felt that he should work harder.
He had to live up to Odis’ love and care. 

The hunting in the sea was over now.
He needed to carefully reflect on the experience of today’s failure and fight another day. 

This arrangement was reasonable. 

When the fur on his body was half dry, Qiao Qixi stood up again and looked at Odis with a determined gaze.
It could also be said that he wanted to try free combat.

Ahh, what big guts!!

But so what?

The countless failures and embarrassment just now had completely aroused Qiao Qixi’s determination to improve. 

If he didn’t want to continue being useless, he had to pay the price of being thrown around. 

Honestly, he was a little scared. 

But he didn’t let this affect him. 

The little polar bear, whose fur was still messy, looked around.
He slowly took a few steps back and searched for a place to fight first. 

Then the next question was… Qiao Qixi raised his head and thought: ‘Should the first move be a sneak attack on Odis?’

‘Or should he let the other party know that he was about to start a fight?’

In view of the inexperience and theories handed down, Qiao Qixi had a serious expression as he stared at the other party for a moment. 

He thought that Odis should have seen the hint in his eyes. 

Then Qiao Qixi lowered his center of gravity, roared twice, dug into the ground with his hind legs, and pounced over. 

Odis, who was basking in the sun, squinted his eyes at first, but as the little polar bear gradually rushed over, his eyes widened. 

Qiao Qixi never dreamed that when he rushed over aggressively at the speed of sixty kilometers per hour, Odis would react like this!

Odis stood up without thinking and opened his arms to catch the rolling little bear ball perfectly. 

The moment he crashed into Odis’ arms, Qiao Qixi felt the weight of Odis’ eight hundred-kilo lower body. 

It was incredibly stable. 

To put it simply, the other party didn’t budge at all when he was hit by a fluffy white ball weighing a few hundred kilograms going at a speed sixty kilometers per hour. 

Was there any justice left in this world!?

Odis’ strength further highlighted his own weakness, and for a while, Qiao Qixi felt frustrated and collapsed mentally. 

Throwing himself into Odis’ arms, he couldn’t hold back and used his bear paws to attack the other bear’s chest. 

It was said that a bear paw could have the force of many kilograms.
Even if the strength of his little bear paws was reduced by half, he should still be able to make the other party suffer a little. 

What happened next should have been the scene where Odis’ weak spot was attacked.
He would be furious and then slap the little bear, sending the little bear flying. 

However, Qiao Qixi thought too much.
The plot didn’t develop according to his expectations at all.
His little bear paws didn’t cause any damage to Odis.
At least, he was sure that Odis’ expression certainly didn’t look like he was attacked. 

The large adult polar bear squinted his gaze again.
His dark eyes quietly looked down at the little bear that was behaving wildly in his arms. 

After a period of hard work, Qiao Qixi finally found a serious problem.
Did Odis not realize that he was fighting with him at all?

Or maybe the other party thought that he was just acting spoiled or playing around?

On second thought, it was certainly possible. 

Ah, this…

The little cub collapsed, and his swollen cheek began to hurt. 

Qiao Qixi thought fiercely: ‘Since bear paws couldn’t cause any damage to the other party, then he would use his mouth to bite!’ Then he tilted his head and bit one of Odis’ arms. 

Of course, he used more strength than usual! 

But it wasn’t to the extent of drawing blood. 

The little polar bear’s sharp baby teeth pierced the skin, and there seemed to finally be a trace of pain felt. 

Odis’ eyelids moved slightly.
His gaze became deeper and seemed to be a little confused. 

Qiao Qixi thought for a moment.
Oh, right, he seemed to have forgotten to curse out loud. 

According to his observation, polar bears would roar at each other before a fight.
This was an essential part of the process. 

Qiao Qixi quickly followed suit.
He stood on the soles of his feet and roared fiercely at Odis. 

Then he quietly waited for the result. 

Odis’ eyelids twitched again, giving off a feeling that he was deep in thought.
In the next second, he suddenly lowered his head and opened his mouth, growling at the little polar bear. 


A terrifying roar with a deep booming sound instantly reverberated through the surroundings.
It was even better than the best sound system that Qiao Qixi had ever heard.
The sound seemed to shake his heart and even his soul. 

The only thing he felt was fear, and his hair stood on end. 

When Qiao Qixi came back to his senses, he found that he had already collapsed onto the ground.
His two chubby legs were faintly trembling. 

The adult polar bear’s bloodline suppression of the little polar bear was simple, direct, and obvious. 

Even if Qiao Qixi had the soul of an adult, he couldn’t control his body’s instinctive reaction of fear. 

He first became angry with his own embarrassment and cowardice.
Damn it, how could Odis do this? Wasn’t this too much?

Then, he couldn’t help but think: ‘Was there such a big difference between polar bears?’

In short, Odis was definitely a very strong polar bear. 

Thinking about it this way, since he was frightened by the other party’s roar… His reaction seemed reasonable. 

Qiao Qixi sat on the ground and thought about it.
He didn’t notice the shadow above his head.
Odis had been watching for a long time with a worried gaze. 

Perhaps, Odis had noticed that Qiao Qixi wanted to improve himself.
If he had been a qualified parent, he would have a hundred different ways to train the little polar bear to become a talent. 

But he might not be a qualified parent. 

He was just a male polar bear with no parenting instincts. 

However, Odis definitely knew much more than other male and female polar bears. 

Other polar bears might not deliberately frighten their cubs in their lifetime, and then know how to slowly coax them.

But Odis knew how to do it. 

After quietly watching the little polar bear fail in its hunt after bringing it back ashore, he had used a terrifying roar to scare the little polar bear, who had wanted to practice fighting skills. 

In the end, the big polar bear gently licked the cub’s fur and fell asleep holding the little bear who was frightened and exhausted from the day. 


*After fighting*

QQ: Fight me or else!

Odis: ?? *roars angrily*

QQ: ToT *hugs* scared wuwuwu!

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