Qiao Qixi’s feeling was correct.
His face was more than a little strange.
If it continued like this, it would soon become asymmetrical in appearance. 

But that was a story for later.
At present, the two polar bears’ attention was on the pieces of freshly ripened golden honey. 

Bee~ Honey~ Ah~  

This was a bear’s favorite. 

In fact, polar bears were originally grizzly bears on land that slowly evolved.
Their nature of liking honey was just as strong as most other bears. 

Even Odis liked to eat honey.
When he smelled the honey’s rich sweet aroma, he couldn’t help licking his mouth, putting his nose close, and leaning over to carefully take a bit of the rare sweetness. 

Qiao Qixi turned around happily and eagerly awaited for Odis’ feedback.
His round eyes seemed to ask: How is it? Delicious, right?

Honey was the best!

It seemed that when he was a human, he didn’t realize that honey was actually so delicious.
Could it be that wild honey on Greenland was better in quality? 


The honey on the domestic market had been manufactured through countless processes and had lost its original taste.
It was indeed not as naturally sweet as it used to be. 

Of course, honey was delicious.
Even Odis couldn’t resist the temptation.
However, he didn’t eat it again after taking the small bite.
This was the little polar bear’s food, so he pushed it back to Qiao Qixi to eat it by himself. 

Come, come, the bad habit of being modest has returned. 

Qiao Qixi didn’t really know what to do with this polar bear that seemed to love him to the bone.
Oh, no, there was a way.
Qiao Qixi first bit the honey piece and smeared his mouth with it.
Then, he leaned over and smeared Odis’ mouth with it.
This way, Odis had to stick out his tongue to clean it up and would be able to taste the sweet honey.

Qiao Qixi felt that he was really a genius.

He was able to use such a roundabout way to share this delicious honey with Odis. 

The two of them licked each other’s mouths.
This slightly unbearable and somewhat immoral scene was captured for the first time on camera. 

Of course, people wouldn’t think that two wild polar bears were kissing sweetly. 

As the saying went, everything happened for a reason.
After a joint deliberation of all the colleagues in the research station, they finally came to the conclusion that the two polar bears were merely sharing the taste of honey with each other. 

As for why such a pure act of sharing honey would have such an ambiguously charming scene… that was still an unknown mystery for the time being. 

Who knew, only the two polar bears knew of it. 

In the summer, a sweet scene of sharing honey.
Oh, this picture was so beautiful.

Those who watched felt their hearts soften. 

: They actually found honey during the summer! That’s great.
It makes my heart feel so sweet. 

: Honey, honey, honey! Nothing makes bears happier than honey, hahaha.

: Today’s Odis and Alexander are also very sweet, so nice~

:  Although all the bears are starving, I don’t know why but I feel relieved when I see Odis and Alexander.
Wow, eating honey is such a blessing!

The scene of the two bears licking each other’s faces was not only watched by thousands of people on the forum but also watched by a female polar bear in the distance. 

There were relatively more polar bears living on this continent than in other places.
After all, polar bears were iconic to Greenland. 

It wasn’t surprising to encounter other polar bears while traveling.
However, the identity of this female polar bear was a bit special. 

She wasn’t just any ordinary bear.
She was Odis’ mother.
After leaving Odis two years ago, she was still young and strong.
In the following spring, she met a male that she liked. 

As expected, she became pregnant again and became a mother for the second time. 

Unlike the first litter, the mother bear gave birth to two cubs, but only one survived. 

The little female polar bear was about one year old and had a very cute appearance. 

Like most polar bears that came ashore for the summer, the mother and daughter pair looked thin and worn down from the harsh season.
They must’ve been traveling for a long time. 

The keen female bear smelled the sweet aroma of honey in the air, but she also detected the scent of a strong male polar bear.
Usually, this would signal to her that she needed to be vigilant and cautious, but strangely enough, the scent seemed to be a bit familiar in the female bear’s memory. 

She still remembered that this was one of her cubs from her first litter. 

That’s right.
Qiao Qixi guessed correctly that Odis really did have other siblings.
In fact, there were two of them. 

It was a miracle that the tough mother bear was able to raise three children in her first litter. 

Among them, Odis was the strongest and had a stable personality.
It was also true that he was smarter than his other siblings.
He had always been very independent, so he left his mother’s side early to start his own life. 

Later, the four blood-related polar bears were scattered around the arctic region and never met each other again. 

This was normal because the entire arctic region was very vast and unimaginable while the number of polar bears was only about 20,000.
The chances of the four of them meeting again were quite slim.

Until now, the mother bear, who had just had her second litter, traveled on the road with her only surviving cub and unexpectedly met one of the cubs from her first litter.
The memories of her first litter were still a bit fresh in her mind. 

Compared to the arctic four or five years ago, this current environment was far worse. 

The tough mother bear was able to raise three cubs by herself four or five years ago, but now many years later, the experienced mother could only take care of one cub. 

In addition to luck and other unavoidable situations, it could be said that this was caused mostly by environmental factors. 

The mother bear, who led her little cub, stopped and didn’t turn around to leave.
She was sure that Odis wouldn’t attack them, but she also didn’t rush forward because the scene in front of her was too confusing. 

The scent was correct, and so was her memory.
The mother bear remembered that the first independent child was a male, not a female,but now she was confused. 

Her independent first child was now leading a little polar bear who was also a male. 

Could it be that he was hunting it? 

No, the mother bear clearly saw her first child licking the face of the little cub.
This was a very intimate action.
Even if the force applied was 100 times stronger, it still wouldn’t reach the degree of a hunter’s aggressiveness. 

The mother bear was very confused. 

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After licking the sweet honey crumbs off each other’s faces, the two satisfied bears finally had the right mind to pay attention to their surroundings. 

Odis had already noticed the appearance of the mother bear with her cub.
Because of her familiar scent, he wasn’t vigilant.
Other than that, he didn’t have any other thoughts, even if the other party was his mother. 

This was Odis’ personality.
He wasn’t clingy with his mother.
He was the first to be weaned and the first to leave his mother to become independent. 

Qiao Qixi also noticed the mother bear.
Ah, he realized that he was really lucky to always meet little polar bear cubs.
Look, now there was another one! The cub had a delicate and good-looking appearance. 

Since they were both adolescent bears, he didn’t have the ability to distinguish whether the other cub was a female or male from its scent.
Only an experienced mother could do that.

Actually, it had been a long time since they had encountered any other polar bears.
In Qiao Qixi’s memory, the last polar bear he met was still fat.
This time, the polar bear he met was already a little thin and weary-looking. 

That was normal though.
Summer had already arrived after all.
The chubby Qiao Qixi had no self awareness and naively thought: Perhaps, this is what he and Odis also looked like! 

After exchanging a few glances with the mother bear, Odis was the first to look away and continued moving forward with Qiao Qixi.

Aiya, so what if they met so many cute bear cubs? They were all still untouchable. 

Forget it, forget it.
Qiao Qixi looked away with a bit of regret.
He twisted his big white butt and turned to follow Odis’ footsteps while carrying the empty yellow bucket on his head. 

In the beginning, Qiao Qixi was in a good mood, so he walked very quickly while humming an offkey tune.
As he continued to walk, he felt his left cheek becoming more and more numb.
It was so serious that even his eyes were affected. 

He touched it with his paw in surprise.
The little polar bear felt that his face was bigger than usual. 

To be precise, it was clearly swollen. 

“…” His left eye was affected and pressed into a thin line.
Qiao Qixi immediately cried out in pain. 

Odis turned back and stopped to look at the little bear.
He looked a little confused.
In the end, he moved over and took the small yellow bucket off of Qiao Qixi’s head.
Then he carefully examined Qiao Qixi’s swollen cheek…

“Wuwuwu…” Qiao Qixi cried to Odis with big teary eyes. 

Some polar bears might never experience being stung by a bee in their entire lives.
Odis, for example, didn’t have any experience with bees. 

What was going on?

From the little bear’s cries, Odis knew that the cub was probably in pain, so he lowered his head and licked the tip of the little bear’s nose. 

Other than that, Odis didn’t know how to comfort him. 

Perhaps, eating a full meal could solve this problem. 

The place where they could get food wasn’t far away.
Odis had already caught the scent of a special area where a fishy smell mixed with the odor of various animals. 

Odis helped the little bear move forward while carrying his little yellow bucket in his mouth. 

Since Qiao Qixi couldn’t get any comfort from his fake crying, what else was there to cry about? He put away his award-worthy acting skills and looked back curiously. 

It seemed that the mother and cub pair hadn’t gone far. 

Ah, it wasn’t that they were following them.
It was just that everyone’s goal was conveniently the same.

This was good! In fact, Qiao Qixi was a bear who loved to be lively, so he very much welcomed other good-natured polar bears to be their neighbors. 

The condition was that they wouldn’t fight.
Fighting would hurt harmony!

Then Qiao Qixi soon realized that his worries didn’t even exist. 

When they… Well, more accurately, when Qiao Qixi couldn’t stand the fatigue anymore and stopped to rest, the mother and cub pair swaggered past them and continued on their way.
The mother bear even glanced at them a few times before looking away.

Being handsome would definitely attract the attention of other bears.
Even a mother bear with a cub could fall in love.
Qiao Qixi secretly thought: too bad his good brother Odis was still just a sub-adult bear and didn’t seem to be interested in a trendy older woman-younger man relationship.
Holding his half swollen face, the little polar bear hid in Odis’ arms. 


This movement hit a painful spot.
Qiao Qixi finally understood.
Maybe the mother bear wasn’t staring at Odis’ handsome face.
Instead, she was looking at Qiao Qixi’s swollen pig face. 

He hated the thought of it.

They rested in place for a while.
Then, they got up and continued on their way. 

Odis and Qiao Qixi actually walked quite fast, so it wasn’t long before they had to pass by the mother and cub pair in front of them.
Oh no.
The smart Qiao Qixi seemed to have finally found something suspicious. 

This wasn’t scientific. 

First, why didn’t the mother bear and her cub avoid Odis? And second, why didn’t Odis, who had always been wary of other bears in concern for Qiao Qixi’s safety, avoid this mother bear?

You catch up with me, I catch up with you.
Judging the other while treading carefully!

Then something happened that made Qiao Qixi’s imagination run wild.
When Odis overtook the mother and cub pair, the mother bear suddenly stretched out her neck and sniffed Odis’ butt. 

Ah, this…

Everyone knew that sniffing butts in the animal world was a very indecent act, and it was also a very forward move. 

What was there to doubt about finding love?

Other than the need for reproduction, Qiao Qixi couldn’t think of anything else. 

He probably never would have dreamed that the mother bear just wanted to confirm if there was something wrong with her nose.
Had she remembered the wrong gender of her first child?

It turned out that she hadn’t remembered incorrectly. 

As for why a male polar bear would be raising a cub, such a complicated question was something that even a scientific genius with an IQ as high as 200 couldn’t understand, let alone a smart female polar bear. 

It was simply too rare. 

Qiao Qixi, who was good at scriptwriting, had already begun to imagine a romantic idol drama in his head. 

‘On the barren and difficult road, the single mother, who had been tortured by a difficult life, fell in love at first sight with the handsome single father, ah no, the mature younger man caring for a child. 

In the next episode…’

Scriptwriter Qiao Qixi carefully observed Odis’ reaction.
Well, it seemed that Odis didn’t have any special reaction at all.
Although he didn’t avoid the mother bear, he didn’t bother to look at her either.
It was as if she was invisible. 

That’s right.
Odis was still underage and had a serious personality. 

Both Odis and Qiao Qixi were still not yet adults. 

It was too unfortunate. 

Qiao Qixi: Poor thing, meeting the right bear at the wrong time. 

As they walked past, Odis seemed to sense that something was wrong.
The little polar bear, which should’ve been following him, seemed to be distracted by something else. 

He turned around and saw that his cub had already forgotten the pain from his swollen cheek and was instead looking at the mother bear with great interest. 

The mother bear wasn’t very gentle with the cub.
She lowered her head and growled at the unfamiliar little polar bear. 

She didn’t mean any harm.
It was just a mother’s instinctual warning to keep away unfamiliar bears. 

However, Odis wasn’t very forgiving, so he threw aside the yellow bucket in his mouth and ran over to growl at the mother bear. 

There was a sudden loud scraping sound, like the sound of plastic hitting stone…

His little yellow bucket!

Qiao Qixi’s fur suddenly stood up.
He quickly put aside all of his curiosity and went to rescue his bucket. 

Ah, ah, ah, if anything happened to his little yellow bucket, he’d never forgive Odis!



Odis & QQ: I kiss you and you kiss me~ Sharing sweetness~

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