The drones used in the polar regions didn’t make much noise, and their small size wouldn’t attract the attention of polar bears. 

In fact, many wild animals would treat the drones as birds in the sky even if they noticed them. 

Only cameras on land would be toyed with by wild animals. 

At this time, the lazy Qiao Qixi laid on a rock with his legs splayed and his belly exposed while enjoying Odis’ grooming.
His eyes were closed to avoid the glare of the sun. 

Therefore, he didn’t notice that there was a drone hovering in the air above his head, quietly recording his “pampered” appearance. 

If he knew that a drone was spying on him, Qiao Qixi would have immediately sat upright, clamping together his undignified chubby legs.
He would keep a distance from Odis, refusing to be seen as indulging in extravagance!

Too bad he didn’t know. 

Based on the principle that it wasn’t true if no one saw it, Qiao Qixi quietly threw away his morals, slacked off, and abandoned the most basic sense of shame as a human being while living in the empty wilderness. 

Qiao Qixi: ErkangHand.jpg! I can explain this! 

The main thing was that it was really too difficult being a polar bear.
He was an intelligent social animal, thus he yearned for warmth and companionship.
Of course, he also liked hugs and intimacy. 

Hugs were his emotional support.
Otherwise, how could he survive in this world of ice and snow?

Qiao Qixi, who was becoming more and more like a bear, curled up his two front paws and laid back down on the rock, falling into a sweet slumber. 

Unknowingly, his ideals had changed from being an elite in the industry while bringing glory to his family to leisurely spending his days eating a full meal and sleeping well. 

He guessed that Odis’ goals were probably the same.
The difference was that when spring came, Odis would want a wife in addition to eating and sleeping. 

The rippling waves splashed, and the day was full of sunshine and clear winds. 

Aside from uncomfortable temperatures, Odis seemed to enjoy the current peacefulness. 

He was steady and calm, and his eyes were wise and gentle.
He seemed to be in control of everything around him, and nothing could make him panic. 

And when he looked at the little bear he picked up, he was especially tender and doting. 

Odis licked the little bear who was too sleepy to open his eyes, paying special attention to the two paws that had been soaked in mud for a long time.
He was only relieved after making sure that there weren’t any parasites or insects between the soft pads. 

Then Odis lowered his head and began to clean the fur on his own body.
Unlike the gentle and meticulous grooming of the little bear, he only quickly cleaned himself off. 

These days, he had been on the road searching for food, enduring hunger and the frustration of not being able to find food to feed the little bear.
He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. 

Now that his stomach was full, Odis was able to sleep soundly next to the soft little bear. 

Of course, the temperature was still too high.
Even the mud in the shallow puddles held a trace of warmth from the sun. 

The small fishes actually didn’t manage to leave with the tide and were trapped in the puddles until their white bellies turned upside down.
If there were no accidents, they would emit a rancid smell after a few days. 

In fact, it turned out that the tides here wouldn’t rise again, but would only continue to dry up.  

The temperature on the rocky beach was still too high.
As the smell spread, the surrounding flies and mosquitoes also found them. 

The disturbed Odis woke up and let out a depressed low grumble as he shook his head to drive away the mosquitoes. 

Qiao Qixi woke up from the commotion and felt very uncomfortable because of the unusual heat, which meant that the sweltering hot summer had finally arrived. 

He felt helpless because there was nothing he could do. 

The whole area was bare, and there was only short grass on the shore.
There weren’t even any trees with cool shade to rest under. 

Lying in the grass wasn’t a wise choice because there were more mosquitoes there.
To exaggerate, Qiao Qixi was afraid that if he slept in the grass, he would be picked clean by the mosquitoes. 

It was too hot!

The polar bear’s sophisticated thermal insulation system was a burden at this time. 

Qiao Qixi got up and left the rocks by the water’s edge with Odis following him. 

Although there were fish in the shallow waters on the beach, seriously speaking, a dried up tributary was not a suitable place to stay long-term during the summer heat. 

They had to find a more comfortable living place before the hottest weather arrived. 

And so, with a plan and goal in mind, the two polar bears once again depended on each other and embarked on a journey to find a beautiful home. 

Of course, there was also the small yellow bucket. 

Qiao Qixi chewed on a handful of peppermint leaves.
He was too lazy to apply the juice with his paws, so he directly licked Odis’ head and face with his tongue. 

His saliva was quite effective. 

Odis felt that the place where the little polar bear licked was cold and very comfortable.
This would keep him cool for a while and drive away the mosquitoes he hated. 

Qiao Qixi never thought that this would eventually develop into a bad habit for Odis.
Every time Odis felt hot in the summer, he would stand in front of Qiao Qixi with his big face and wait for him to lick it. 

However, the problem was that the other party’s face was too big! It was too much of a waste of saliva. 

At this time, the other polar bears on the shores also welcomed new challenges.
Life wasn’t easy. 

The group of polar bears who had shared the stranded whale on the shore had already suffered from hunger for about a week now.
That was unless they had good fortune and encountered new food after leaving the volcanic mud coast. 

But the chances of that were very small. 

There weren’t many geographical locations along the coast that were suitable for catching fish.
Even if there were, it would only be temporary or already occupied by other polar bears. 

Weak female bears with cubs and sub-adult bears that have not yet fully grown were more likely to encounter starvation. 

Polar animal researchers were playing close attention to this specific demographic of struggling little angels. 

When appropriate, they could choose to lend a helping hand. 

Not only were Qiao Qixi and Odis being tracked, but many other sub-adult bears and mother bears with cubs were also tracked.

The level of attention and concern given depended on the specific situation. 

Generally, people would pay close attention to those whose situation was less optimistic, putting them on the list of those who needed help at any given time while following up carefully. 

Qiao Qixi and Odis weren’t included on that list.
The special reason that people paid attention to them was because of their unusual friendship and outstanding appearances. 

The most handsome and white adult bear in the entire arctic circle this year was undoubtedly Odis, who had just grown up.
His existence had only just been discovered this year, but he was already a rising star. 

The most handsome and white adolescent bear was naturally Alexander who accompanied Odis.
It was said that he had a gentle and lovely temperament and was a kind little angel. 

There were also photos of Alexander interacting with humans at the rescue station on the Polar Enthusiast Forum. 

His big shining eyes and snow-white fluffy fur gave him such an adorable appearance that almost everyone who had seen his photo would keep a copy of it. 

It was a pity that they couldn’t come into contact with the legendary Alexander.
The only one who could be with Alexander everyday was the strong and handsome Odis. 

At the research station, the hardworking staff organized their data and sighed from time to time. 

It was obvious that they were discouraged by this year’s data again. 

“The two sub-adult bears that we followed today weren’t in good condition.” The young man took out a photo and discussed it with his colleague.
“This sub-adult male bear just left his mother.
The drone took a picture of him on a barren shore.
He suddenly collapsed while walking.” 

The colleague took a look at the picture of the thin sub-adult bear who seemed to be around three years old: “Look at the bone structure, isn’t this a female?”

“No, it’s a male.”

“This…” The colleague got this answer and sighed.
He couldn’t help making comparisons.
“The two year old Alexander looks stronger than him.”

“How can they be compared?” The young man shook his head. 

“That’s true.” The colleague sighed again.
Alexander’s life was comparable to a life of luxury.
No other polar bear of the same age had a better life than him. 

“Are you done organizing?” The colleague patted the other’s shoulder.
“Let’s go out after work.
Let’s eat some good food to relieve our depressed feelings.” 

“Okay.” The young man smiled and said, “While we’re eating, let’s watch the video of Alexander and Odis from today.
Only when I see them can my worried feelings go away.” 

“Hahaha, don’t forget, Alexander had also been hungry for a few days,” said the colleague. 

“Yes, but he’s still chubby!” A mischievous voice replied. 

“Hahahaha, that’s true!” 

The two people, who went out to eat, threw their arms around each other’s shoulders and broke into laughter.
Of course, when they got to the restaurant, they didn’t forget to share Alexander and Odis’ video with everyone. 

The harsh arctic life, the cruel natural environment… Everything seemed very depressing. 

Thus, gradually, the two little angels who lived a good life became the comfort in everyone’s hearts. 

As long as it could be seen that the two polar bears were alive, healthy, and acted lovingly with each other, everyone would feel sweet and warm in their hearts. 

Because of this, their mental injuries, which were caused by observing the bleak lives of other polar bears, could be comforted and healed. 

In this cruel summer, if anything could be described as a miracle, it would definitely be the great friendship between Odis and Alexander. 

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They came and went together.
After leaving the rocky beach filled with shallow water puddles, Qiao Qixi and Odis walked for two days and became hungry again. 

However, Qiao Qixi didn’t regret it at all.
He guessed that the other beach was almost dry now.
They would’ve had to leave sooner or later. 

It was better to leave earlier.

Odis was also hungry, but he looked no different than usual.
He was still calm and composed, continuing forward on a clear route. 

As a cute young cub, Qiao Qixi didn’t know where they should go, so he could only be a follower. 

Last time, the little bear was so hungry that he rolled on the ground angrily and made a scene.
This time, Odis seemed to be very considerate.
Before he could throw a temper tantrum, Odis coaxed him first. 

Two hungry and suffering polar bears were rolling around and playing on the grass next to a bush to vent their negative emotions from a hard life. 

However, this kind of play was extremely unfair to Qiao Qixi.
The big polar bear could bite the little polar bear’s entire head into his mouth. 

Qiao Qixi: Get lost! Don’t you know that men have two heads that can’t be touched!?

He was so hungry that he didn’t have the strength to fight back.
He really wanted to tell Odis that he was tired and didn’t want to play with him. 

Odis: …

Who was the one playing with whom?

There were bushes around, which meant that there could also be ripe berries in the forest ready to be picked.

Berries were a good source of nutrition in the summer. 

After sniffing carefully, there was indeed a sweet smell in the air which stimulated Qiao Qixi’s taste buds very much.
He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. 

He left Odis and followed after the sweet scent greedily. 

Fortunately, Odis’ temper had always been good in front of the little bear, so he didn’t really care about being ignored. 

Since the little bear didn’t go far, Odis could still see his chubby figure from where he was lying on the ground, so he kept half an eye open and let go of his worries. 

However, Odis didn’t nap for more than two minutes before he heard a howling cry.
It was the little bear! He purely followed his instincts to find Qiao Qixi even before he was even fully awake. 

Only by experiencing the most bitter of hardships can one become the strongest bear among bears. 

Qiao Qixi had been chased by dozens of bees before finally escaping into the bushes with a piece of honey in his mouth. 

Honey was so delicious and sweet!

When Qiao Qixi saw Odis, he quickly handed him a piece with a look of excitement.
Look, it’s honey!

It was nourishing and nutritious! There was nothing wrong with having some honey to supplement the body during the tough summer. 

It was just that his left cheek was stung by a bee just now, so he felt a little strange.



Odis asking to be spoiled by Qiao Qixi’s grooming hehe (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

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