Qiao Qixi didn’t know how long Odis was going to eat.
He thought that they would go hungry when arriving ashore, but in the end, he had managed to eat until he was full.
He sat next to the whale lazily and licked his paws and mouth to take care of his personal hygiene.

This was his secret to keeping his fur white all the time. 

With this thought in mind, Qiao Qixi moved his butt off the ground and found a clean flat stone before sitting down. 

The soil on the beach seemed to be a mixture of volcanic mud and sand, which was an ashy brown color. 

The other polar bears had patches of dirt on their bodies which obviously came from the muddy ground. 

It didn’t have any harmful effect on the body, but it was really ugly-looking.

Qiao Qixi was quite vain, and he wouldn’t allow himself to become a dirty polar bear. 

The consequence of his carefully neat and tidy habits was that he became the whitest and most handsome cub on the beach. 

In the aerial footage, the other polar bears were all dirty.
Only Qiao Qixi and Odis, who both had only recently arrived, were particularly eye-catching with their white and chubby appearances.

People started betting on how many days it would take before the two of them would become as dirty as the other polar bears. 

If Qiao Qixi knew about this bet, he would probably sigh softly and say: “You still don’t know me well enough.”

No matter how many days passed, he would never allow himself to become a dirty bear. 

Likewise, Odis, who was with him, wasn’t allowed either. 

After a close observation however, Odis and the other polar bears still liked to be somewhat clean.
Every time they ate, they would carefully clean their fur to avoid leaving unpleasant smells. 

In addition, Odis liked to swim in the sea.
After washing in the sea water, the fur on his body was always very clean. 

After getting ashore and basking in the sun, his fur was fluffy and full of the smell of sunshine.
There was no unpleasant odor of a wild animal at all. 

Some polar bears had knots in their fur, and it was obvious that they hadn’t bathed for a long time.
Their body odor could be smelled from afar.

Maybe this was just a difference between bears. 

It wasn’t easy to come across such a large amount of food, so Odis ate a lot and didn’t give up eating until he had eaten his fill.
Then he picked up Qiao Qixi’s small bucket that had a few pieces of meat remaining and left the shore with him. 

They went further into the grassland to rest.

This didn’t mean that they had given up the food on the shore, but on the contrary, they would stay nearby for a long time. 

The grass in the early summer was very tender and green with some purple flower buds faintly growing. 

The bear cub, who had eaten a full meal, was lazy and walked in an innocent and carefree manner.
He sometimes lowered his head and sniffed the flower buds, and sometimes he was distracted by some small insects. 

The big polar bear, who protected him, walked steadily ahead and led the way.
A similar scene appeared when a mother bear and her cubs also came to the shore. 

Most female bears had 2-3 cubs, and their lives were more difficult than the single male polar bears because they needed to constantly search for food. 

Fortunately enough, the mother bear, who had been foraging on the shore with her two cubs for a long time, finally encountered the stranded whale which was a pleasant surprise for them. 

Despite the possibility of being attacked by other polar bears, the mother bear risked her life and took her two cubs over to divide the food. 

With plenty of food left, the male polar bears turned a blind eye to the little cubs, allowing them to escape disaster. 

The two brothers followed their mother and ate the rotten meat bitten off by their mother.
Finally, they had a full meal. 

They were different from Qiao Qixi who merely had to open his mouth to eat.
When they encountered food, they didn’t need to be urged by their mother.
They would consciously eat as much as possible until their stomachs bulged like round balls. 

Qiao Qixi: No…Why praise one and step on the other?

The lucky family of three also planned to stay nearby.
The dry grassy slope was a good choice.
From here, they could see the movement on the shore and avoid conflicts with other polar bears. 

The mother bear, who was finally full, found a rock to rest her chin on and fell asleep.
After all, she was exhausted from foraging for food these days, and now, she could finally get a good night’s sleep. 

The early summer breeze was very comfortable.
This was probably the most relaxing moment she has had in days. 

The lively and cute cubs played around.
Their small bodies were almost fully hidden in the grass and flowers. 

Qiao Qixi was on a higher grassy slope, peeking at the family of three below with his curious gaze. 

If he was being open and honest, he really wanted to pet the two little cubs below. 

So cute~

How in the world could there be such cute little polar bear cubs? So extremely cute. 

Oh, they rolled into a ball.

I can too–

Qiao Qixi, who had been forced to become a polar bear cub, was suddenly tempted.
He longed to roll into a dumpling pile with the other little polar bear cubs…

But his family’s guardian would not allow it, nor would the bear cubs’ parent allow it. Sigh.
He could only give up. 

The little bear cubs, who were full of food, were too energetic.
Not only did they bite each other and roll around to play, but they were also very interested in the ‘toys’ around them.

For example, they would happily pick up a dry branch and play with great pleasure. 

Damn, the fun in tug of war could only be realized by two or more bears. 

If there was only one, such as Qiao Qixi, he could only pull on his little yellow bucket, which was a bit boring. 

Why couldn’t polar bears live in harmony with each other like the friendly mothers gathered in a neighborhood?

Good question.
It was probably because polar bear cubs were usually the targets of adult polar bears.

Although the mother bear slept comfortably, she would wake up and take her children to move away as soon as she sensed any unfamiliar polar bears approaching. 

A resting place with a better view would make it easier to feel at ease and sleep peacefully.

Qiao Qixi had also been targeted by other polar bears, but with Odis by his side, no polar bears would disturb them. 

Therefore, they didn’t have to change their resting place on a whim like the mother bear. 

The mother bear, who was disturbed by single polar bears roaming around, took her children and moved over to a pile of rocks. 

Qiao Qixi glanced a few times from afar and felt that the location was also very good.
He hoped that the bear family could get a good night’s sleep. 

Then he became sleepy himself. 

The little polar bear, who was one year away from being able to live alone, buried his head in the arms of the big polar bear and affectionately rubbed against him, trying to find a comfortable position. 

The Odis, who was cuddled, squinted his good-looking eyes, tilted his head, and retracted his claws.
He hugged the little bear as he rolled on the grass with one leg crossing over. 

This was the polar bear’s way of having fun.
Rolling in the grass or snow would inevitably put them in a pleasant mood. 

Because the rough ground would massage their skin, especially the neck area, rubbing on the ground would make them feel comfortable.

Qiao Qixi laid on Odis’ belly, shaking from the frequency of Odis rubbing his back left and right.
He was on the verge of collapsing.


The little bear, who was trying to find a way to stabilize himself, suddenly had a mind full of dirty thoughts for a moment. 

He felt that his brain must’ve been shaken silly.
Otherwise, how could he have dirty thoughts about such a pure and loving scene?

After all, Qiao Qixi felt that the relationship between himself and Odis was definitely the purest and most innocent relationship in the world!

With this in mind, Qiao Qixi stopped feeling any pressure at all and continued to hold Odis’ neck firmly while sticking close to him. 

The comfortable Odis laid on his side and hugged his little cub.
He stretched out his pink tongue and licked the area around the little bear’s eyes. 

This was a fragile place that was prone to infection.
Only by keeping it clean and dry could illness be prevented.

If the eyes were dirty, it would attract insects, such as flies. 

In the summer, there was also the worry of blood-sucking insects attaching themselves to the body and reproducing. 

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Odis would usually carefully pick at Qiao Qixi’s fur and sniff it with his nose.
Whether it was blood-sucking insects or other small bugs, nothing could escape his keen nose. 

“…” Qiao Qixi was actually quite ticklish.
So everytime Odis wanted to dig his nose into his armpit, he would clamp his arm down tightly to prevent it from being checked. 

It was too itchy! 

This action made Odis very puzzled.
After all, no other polar bears were ticklish. 

If it were something else, Odis might compromise, but he was particularly tough on this matter.
He had to do a full body check before he could be rest assured. 

All vulnerable areas of the skin had to be carefully examined. 

This grooming could be said to be the most embarrassing part of Qiao Qixi’s life, especially because Odis would lick some of his indescribable parts when he inspected.

For example, the place to pee…

He had also once protested, saying that he could do it by himself, but really, it was useless. 

Odis’ care was very domineering, and there was no room for Qiao Qixi to protest. 

Facing Odis’ all-around meticulous care, Qiao Qixi often had a feeling that he was the other party’s possession.

After getting used to it, he could only pretend that he was a bear with no thoughts, spreading his legs in the air and pretending to be dead while allowing himself to be licked. 

Well, he tried grooming himself once before, but… he also couldn’t bring himself to lick that place.

Of course, he would not lick Odis’ private parts.
That was his bottom line! 

Fortunately, Odis didn’t require his help as the big polar bear was able to do these things well by himself. 

One thing that Qiao Qixi was happy to do for Odis was scratch his itches, especially in the places that Odis couldn’t reach.

For example, helping him to scratch his chin and back when napping would make him give a very intimate response.

This proved that Odis liked it very much. 

Qiao Qixi, whose whole body was soon checked thoroughly, fell asleep in Odis’ arms. 

During the summer, they would maintain a longer sleep period to reduce the consumption of physical energy.

The gloomy clouds slowly dispersed while the polar bears slept.
The tender sunlight shone on the grassy slopes, making the coast look vibrant.

The little polar bear, who didn’t want the sun to shine on his eyes, covered his face with his paws and left only a black snout to breathe. 

The comfort of sleep eased the polar bears’ summer fears. 

The people who captured the tranquil scene with drones also happily enjoyed this little fortune.

The families of polar bears on the grassy slope all seemed to be living a warm and happy life, while the homeless bachelors with dusty faces looked a little worse for wear. 

They gathered together on the beach because of the food pile and were reluctant to leave, but there was only so much space around.
Occasionally, an inevitable conflict would happen when someone stretched their foot or head over into another person’s space.

It was impossible to hug and sleep together.  Male adult polar bears were not fit to do so. 

Plus, all of them were stinky and dirty.


Typical male polar bear: I’ll definitely judge you if you are someone who hugs! 

This is why it was lucky that Qiao Qixi met Odis whose temperament was very different from other polar bears. 

If Odis was as unkempt as those troublesome bears on the shore, Qiao Qixi would not take the initiative to talk to him…

Slowly, the irritable bachelors under the sun gradually quieted down and fell asleep. 

The beach was silent except for the sound of waves. 

The peaceful and comfortable atmosphere between the polar bears passed by unhurriedly.
Qiao Qixi slept very sweetly. 

In his memory, those fat bears were fighting before he fell asleep.
When he woke up, they were still fighting.
Didn’t they need sleep?

Qiao Qixi woke up in a daze and glanced at the shore.
Oh, wow, there seemed to be several more polar bears coming.

No wonder there were endless fights and endless roars of ‘what are you looking at?’ 

He glanced over at the family of three polar bears on the pile of rocks.
It seemed that they were also awake, and the mother bear, who didn’t look very strong, was also watching the movement on the shore. 

She seemed nervous. 

Previously, when there were only a few polar bears, the mother still dared to bring her cubs over to eat the dead stranded whale, but now, there were several more polar bears, which was worrying. 

It was a difficult decision to choose between starving or taking the risk to go over and eat. 

Even Qiao Qixi could see the mother bear’s hesitation.
As for the cubs who had just awoken, they sat on the rocks and shook their heads.
Then they continued to play and bite each other happily.

Qiao Qixi was a little worried that they would roll off the rocks.
He seemed to be even more worried than the mother bear next to them. 

Odis approached the little bear from behind, seemingly wondering what had attracted the cub’s attention. 

He also saw the family of three on the rocks, but they didn’t interest him. 

In contrast, he preferred to focus on Qiao Qixi. 

The fluff on the concentrating cub’s face was licked by Odis who had just awoken. 

The little polar bear whimpered a few times.
This was his special way of communicating with Odis as other polar bears didn’t cry like this. 

To Odis, this kind of sound seemed to mean that the cub was acting coquettishly or that he was hungry.

Odis thought about it for a moment and then immediately brought over the small bucket and placed it nearby.
Whether it was food or toys, it was all here for the little bear to choose for himself. 

Qiao Qixi looked at Odis silently: …

Sigh. He didn’t want to play with toys nor was he hungry, okay? He was just saying hello, similar to ‘good afternoon’ or something.

In any case, he didn’t know if it was morning or night. 

The sun was so high up in the sky, so he would just treat it as noon.


Qiao Qixi pretending to play dead when Odis grooms him =w=

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