Compared to the other polar bears, Oddis and Qiao Qixi are the lucky ones.

    Firstly, they had consumed enough food during their two months in the rescue station to build up their bodies to be strong and fat enough.

    Secondly, humans have chosen a suitable release site for them, where there are not only abundant food resources, but also less cruel competition.

    But as temperatures rise day by day, the glaciers gradually melt from south to north, and in order to take in more energy and food to sustain their body, the polar bears will have to risk chasing the ice that has not yet melted.

    It was not until there was little ice left on the sea that the game of adventure belonging to them really began.

    The ice to the north has all melted, leaving only a few small islands, barren and desolate in the summer, with no food available for survival.

    By then, the polar bears will have swum their way to the southern coast, and although they will have come ashore and passed some islands on the way, the distance between the two places is still frightening.

    A short trip is two to three hundred kilometers away, while a long one reaches five hundred kilometers.

    Many years ago, the ice on the surface of the Arctic Ocean didn’t melt completely until after July, which was quite benevolent and meant that the polar bears had more than enough time to store up energy for the summer.

    But this year, as global temperatures rise, the time left for them has shrunk by a full month.

    At this moment, this is the last piece of ice.

    Qiao Qixi would hear the sound of ice breaking and icebergs falling to the ground every day, and then sadly look at the lumps of ice that drifted away into the distance, despondent because it was only on the ice that they could hunt the seals.

    Fortunately, they are done for the year and will be able to move south when they finish eating this seal.

    But the polar bear that was guarding the shore, apparently was not as lucky, it did not look as strong as Oddis, and the fur on its body was yellowing, it looked at least over ten years old.

    Qiao Qixi is a little worried about the polar bear, wondering if it has stored enough fat.

    Nevertheless, this little one can only give moral support in his own way.

    He’s still a consumer, after all.
There is also the fact that even he needs Oddis to feed himself, so there’s really no food left over to relieve the other polar bears.

    As Qiao Qixi had feared, the smell of food did attract another mother polar bear with cubs.

    Unknown whether it was the family of three they met earlier in the coniferous forest, the cubs looked just over two months old, and it was hard to imagine that they would be moving across the sea with their mother in another half month or so, moving south to forage for food.

    If the cubs are lucky enough to survive the first year, then they will have to follow their mother back and forth twice or so, and then take this memory to heart and pass it on to their offspring, or go back and forth alone.

    Just now in the face of a more than ten years old polar bear, Qiao Qixi was moved by compassion, but now facing the mother bear with cubs, Qiao Qixi very much pitied them.

    If only he were a butcher who owned a butcher store, he thought to himself.

    Although the lure of food is hard to resist, a mother bear with cubs knows that she is not equipped to snatch food from the mouths of male polar bears—that would be whimsical.

    So, Smart Mama Bear quickly took her cubs out of Qiao Qixi’s range of vision and went to other places to forage for food.

    As the family left, the familiar sound of clicking and breaking came from the nearby ice.

    This means that the sea covered by ice has been reduced by another part.

    On Qiao Qixi’s side, it felt like the whole ice floe was vibrating, and apparently they were staying on the ‘only’ ice left.

    What should we do about this?

    Qiao Qixi looked at Oddis, his big round innocent eyes filled with: “Bro, shall we run away?”

    “It’s not too far back to shore, there’s still time.”

    Oddis lying on his side on the ice floe, simply stretched his neck, looking across the shore that is getting farther and farther away from the other polar bear, beyond that there is no other reaction.

    The calm look in his eyes was as if he was saying: “A trip is just a trip, look how scared you are.”

    Seeing his friend being so calm, sitting on the ice, Qiao Qixi thought to himself that this ice will somehow help them on their journey—so might as well just let it drift them away.

    After waiting another two minutes, they were moving further away from the shore in what seemed like a last chance to decide.

    Qiao Qixi thought: We’re really not leaving?

    With an apparent YES, Oddis seemed to have his own ideas and didn’t CARE about the ice floe that started drifting them away even more as he continued to sleep with his head in his arms, looking like a fierce bear about to do great things.

    But then again, if he does, then they have only one choice next—wait for the ice floe to melt and immediately set out on the road to the south.

    The polar bear cub, which followed Oddis around for a living, had no concept of moving south and therefore did not know that there was a two to three hundred kilometer swimming marathon waiting for his chubby self next.

    The happy-go-lucky cub takes his small yellow bucket back to avoid rolling into the sea.

    In mid-June, the Arctic ice, which is about to melt completely, was filled with the eyes of a large number of polar researchers.

    Well-made drones that take aerial photographs over the Polar Regions twenty-four hours a day are used to capture the scenes.

    By chance, a drone has captured an aerial shot that is very interesting to people.

    In the vast ocean, a huge ice floe ten meters wide carries two polar bears, as well as a half-eaten seal and, er… to be precise, a yellow plastic bucket.

    Those people felt a little bit overwhelmed by this image, no reason whatsoever, they just felt it was somehow amusing!

    “These two polar bears are quite white and fat?” The researcher giggled, “Didn’t they say that polar bears are having a particularly tough time this summer? I saw the previous pictures taken, and each one was gray.”

    “Yeah, they’re pretty chubby and white.” A younger voice said, “These two are the best looking polar bears I’ve seen this year, show them to the professor.”

    When the professor saw the picture, he pushed his glasses and laughed: “Which one of you guys made this photoshopped picture, come and bluff me.”

    The young man said, “It’s not photoshopped, professor.
It’s real.”

    The professor froze, pointed to the big one and said, “This is a male polar bear, look at its weight.
It must be at least six or seven hundred kilograms to start with.”

    The young man nodded, “I can see that.”

    “Is that the only thing you can see? A male polar bear? What an idiot.” The professor criticized, pointing to another small one: “Look closely.
This is a cub, about two years old ah.
By definition, it’s still at an age where the mother bear won’t leave it to live independently……”

    “But that one is so big, it should be more than two years old, right?” The young man interjected.

    “It’s still a cub, anyway.” The professor said, “He shouldn’t have stayed with an adult male polar bear, and since when have you ever seen a male polar bear with cubs?”

    That’s why he suspected that the photo was the result of the young man’s PSD skill.

    “That’s true.” The young man scratched his head: “But this photo, Professor, is definitely not faked.
It’s really from our aerial photography, and if you’re interested, we can continue to track these two polar bears.”

    “Well, they’re floating on the sea, and it looks like they’re preparing to move south.” The professor speculated.

    “I suppose so.” The young man nodded.

    After a serious discussion, the young man posted this picture to the circle’s forum, which immediately inspired many messages.

    : Hahahaha! These two polar bears are awesome, they also travel with food.

    : It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s important to bring food with you.

    : Ouch! This looks like a good life! Just look at those chubby white bodies, hahaha!

    : What’s with the small plastic yellow bucket?

    : Marine litter is a serious matter for consideration.

    : Although the picture is full of joy, I cannot help but think deeply about my generation.

    : It’s already too hard for polar bears to stay in the Arctic and now, they also have to live with human garbage.

    Humans never thought in their wildest dreams that the small yellow bucket was the private property of the polar bear cub.

    He picked it up and it’s his.

    Qiao Qixi also never dreamed that suddenly he would be forced to make his debut, and the beautiful photos spread in the circle of polar researchers.

    And also forced to participate in a “live” polar bear show.

    As an extraordinary bear, he wanted to keep a low profile, but his strength did not allow it.

    It is said that when people see a polar bear alone, helplessly staying on the ice floe looking out over the boundless ocean, they will feel lonely, isolated, helpless, and have a melancholy and sad feeling from the heart.

    So put another way, when one sees two chubby white polar bears, snuggled up on a solid ice floe, enjoying a little breeze, sunbathing and eating seal meat……

    Melancholy? Sadness?

    Does not exist.

    Because they have each other’s company, they have food, and they are fat and white.

    Their existence is the proof that there are some people who are not as good as bears.

    How could they (researchers) prove that, you ask?

    According to the latest feedback from aerial footage, the adult polar bear and the polar bear cub are indeed companions, rather than predator and reserve food.

    At first people were quite worried if the small one was a reserve food that the big one had found for itself.

    Then it turns out, no.

    The adult polar bear is very good to the cub.

    That’s right, after floating on the ice for more than ten hours, Qiao Qixi woke up from a hazy sleep and felt that, lying on the drifting ice and sleeping was quite comfortable.

    After waking up, a hungry feeling came from his stomach.

    Qiao Qixi rubbed Oddis lying beside him.
He wondered, is Oddis hungry too?

    “Morning! Would you like to join me for a meal?”

    Oddis narrowed his eyes and licked the bear that was arching in his arms, then pressed his head back against the other and continued to sleep soundly.

    Qiao Qixi is convinced that Oddis is not hungry but that doesn’t mean he is also not hungry ah!

    And so, the cub, which is strong enough to want a good meal, struggles to crawl out from under the thousand pounds of pressure and crawls next to the seal to eat some meat.

    Oddis looked at Qiao Qixi for a moment, rested his head on his paws and continued to sleep—not because Oddis was sleepy.

    He is just recuperating and reducing unnecessary physical exertion because there is a tough battle to be played next and he must maintain his physical condition.

    When polar bears fall into a partial deep sleep, they may not eat or drink, and they do not defecate.

    Oddis is in this state.

    But Qiao Qixi didn’t know that, so he stopped eating when he was 70% full and wanted to leave the rest of the food for Oddis.

    After eating, the polar bear cub licked his mouth and looked at the view and immediately jumped in surprise!

    They were surrounded by the sea on all sides!

    “It’s over, it’s over!” Qiao Qixi is starting to feel cramps in his legs.

    “OMG! When the ice floes melt under our feet, can we make it to shore?”

    Qiao Qixi immediately measured the area of the ice floe, and then continued to jump up and down, it seems to be half less than when they set out.

    In other words, in another ten hours at most, the ice floe beneath their feet will completely melt away.

    Accordingly, if the ice floe were any smaller, it would not be able to bear their weight, and even if it did not melt away completely, they would not be able to stay on it for long.

    Qiao Qixi looked at the ice floe that were getting smaller and smaller, and hurriedly bit the seal to drag it towards the center point, which is an important property, as well as the small yellow bucket.

    Oddis! Wake up now!

    “The first thing you need to do is to get up and eat the seal, otherwise it will fall into the sea.”

    At this point, aerial footage shows the round polar bear cub, busy on the ice floe.

    He was seen dragging food for a while, then going to pick up his own small bucket, then running to the adult polar bear…… to pamper him?

    Qiao Qixi: tui! I’m sending an alert!

Translator’s Note:

Just imagine this little cutie here to be Qiao Qixi :3

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