Finding food on dry ice, as easy as it is to say, is actually far less easy than one might think on the vast Polar Regions.

  Qiao Qixi was hungry—Just like now, they spent a long time walking through the coniferous forest on their way to the last snow and ice-covered sea.  

  Here they encountered more and more polar bears, busily hunting for food.

  The ice itself is not so thick and solid anymore so the polar bears can just stand up and slap the ice down to make a hole in the ice and then grab the prey underneath it.

  But even Oddis couldn’t catch prey here easily.

  He smashed a piece of ice, but the prey ran away.
He chased it all the way up until it swam into the deep sea and took off.

  Qiao Qixi stretched his head.
This white ice, raging seawater is something he simply has no way to navigate.

  Oddis stared blankly in the direction of his prey and gasped slightly, but he quickly redirected himself and continued to search for another one.

  The waters that will soon flood the place criss-cross the ice as two hungry polar bears advance on their wet limbs.

  Qiao Qixi found a black shadow on a floating ice floe quite far away, it was a seal alright.

  But it’s a bit far.

  If you take the trouble to swim over and the other side runs away, it’s really not worth the loss.

  Obviously Oddis and he thought the same and although he stopped to look away at the opposite seal, he did not take the next step.

  Perhaps the seal on the opposite side also found them, but because of the distance, the two could only look at each other across the sky as they each spat in their hearts.

  Seal: Little guy, I dare you to come over and let you run for nothing.

  Polar bears: ……

  Generally, polar bears will not force themselves to do anything, and if they find that they cannot do it, then they will turn around and go away since there is not only one seal in the Arctic.


  Qiao Qixi held the little yellow bucket with a great backbone and kept up with Oddis’ dashing footsteps, continuing to search for other prey on the ice.

  As he walked, he found that the two of them had made an almost complete circle with the seal as the center.

  This side is easier to get close to that seal and is less likely to startle the other side.

  Oddis dived into the water while Qiao Qixi waited obediently on the shore, not making a sound.

  In the deep blue sea, a polar bear swims silently to the opposite shore.

  The seal, basking in the sun, didn’t notice the danger creeping in.

  The polar bear, cunning and calm when hunting, disembarked from the snowbank behind it and then poked out a large part of his body.

  The waters were not calm which gave the polar bear the opportunity to hide himself.
He had enough patience to wait for the opportunity to move.

  The bear cub in the distance—at this critical moment, does not even dare to move his ears.

  He held his breath, like a sculpted bear, and watched the battle from afar.

  Dinner or hunger, it all depends at this point.

  If Oddis could catch that male seal of considerable weight, Qiao Qixi swore that he would eat two more bites of the greasy fat.

  Yes, it was a male seal, weighing almost twice as much as a female seal.

  A polar bear would have to eat at least 40 seals to make it through the year.

  If Oddis can catch it in the short last period before the glacier melts, Oddis and Qiao Qixi will be relieved.

  By relying on the energy brought by this seal, they can endure until winter comes around. 

  Oddis has always been patient when it comes to hunting, and by the looks of it, it’s still not the right time.
However, something happened in the middle, and he caught the scent of another polar bear.

  It was an uninvited guest, and before its arrival, Oddis ended his observation period early and finally attacked the sunbathing seal.

  Hearing the movement, the other side immediately flicked his tail to the seawater, Oddis followed it and dived into the water together.

  On swimming, of course, the seal is more flexible and Oddis can easily lose the opportunity if they fight underwater.

  Still, he bit the seal and as he tossed his head, the fur all over his body created a pendulum swing in the water.

  Due to the resistance of the water, the polar bear’s strength will be affected underwater, so Oddis desperately tries to bring his prey to shore.

  This is when his sturdy limbs play a big role, as long as the seal body is bitten, it is difficult to swim past him.

  On the shore, Qiao Qixi waited anxiously.

  As Oddis went down to the water, it was difficult to peer at the situation there and it only made him more uneasy.

  Suddenly, the uninvited guest, who had been predicted by Oddis, came in late.

  Its appearance disturbs the polar bear cub on the shore and at this moment, the distance between the two of them is perhaps less than 50 meters.

  Which is a rather dangerous distance.

  So Qiao Qixi, after a short consideration, chose to spread his legs and jump into the sea and swim towards Oddis.

  Oddis, who was hunting, emerged from the water with a clatter, holding in his mouth the prey that was not yet dead.

  Immediately after coming ashore, the huge, wet polar bear bites its prey to death!

  Then he pressed it under his bear paw, and only then did he look up to look at the child.

  However, instead of the familiar figure he found on the shore, he saw an unfamiliar polar bear.

  Oddis was not surprised, he quickly swept his eyes from the other side and then stared intently at the cub that was swimming in the sea.

  The yellow plastic bucket on Qiao Qixi’s head is particularly eye-catching on the dark blue sea, resembling spectacular scenery.

  He swore that he had never seen the other swam so fast.


  The reason Qiao Qixi swam so fast was not because there was food in front of him—although he was indeed quite hungry.

  It was because if he didn’t swim faster he would become a meal for that unfamiliar polar bear!

  Oddis shrugged off the seawater on his body, and after making sure Qiao Qixi could swim over by himself, he put his eyes back on the other polar bear.

  At this point, his aura is distinctly domineering.

  As if saying across the air to the invading polar bear, there is already a master here, get away from here, and I will not bite and kill you.

  Animals with a keen sense of smell are able to distinguish between the enemy and friend through scent, and it can also distinguish the strength and weakness from each other.

  The other polar bear knew that Oddis was young and strong, so he didn’t dare to make a move and yet the smell of blood made the hungry polar bear salivate.

  It did not leave—perhaps it was hoping for a meal that would be abandoned by the other side.

  But it never occurred to him that the male seal was enough to feed the Oddis’s family for a few meals.

  In this season of food scarcity, it was impossible for Oddis to leave the seal after just one meal.


  As the saying goes, “The mountain of hope is dead” can be used to describe Qiao Qixi’s current situation.

  Seeing how easy Oddis swam, he thought he could do it.

  Turns out he can’t.

  It’s not that he couldn’t hold on, it’s just that he was tired.

  Qiao Qixi raised both paws without pressure and put the small bucket on his head down with the bottom facing down that serves as a natural buoyancy artifact to hold his chin.

  Although this seems insignificant for his weight, at least it takes some of the burden off.

  Anyway, it’s better than wearing it on his head without any use, so it’s a little better.

  Oddis would probably be anxious to see such a fussy child.

  He hated the fact that he couldn’t jump into the water to drag the cub over.

  In order to cater Qiao Qixi’s needs, Oddis and him do some things slowly while others are done in a breezy manner, just so they can get along with each other purely because of the language barrier.

  Otherwise, Oddis will educate him every day and it will only bring discomfort to their small family.


  On this side, Oddis waited patiently for some time. 

  The grumbling polar bear cub and his plastic bucket slowly make their way to the shore.

  Qiao Qixi threw the bucket up first, then lifted his legs and climbed up the bank.

  Before going to sea, he was a white handsome bear cub, but after he went to sea, he was now just a ball of gasping white rags, looking woefully out of shape.

  Tired Qiao Qixi sits down on the ice to rest while Oddis, who is worried about him, comes over to sniff him.

  The huge bear paw that can knock out a seal in one slap, presses lightly in a measured manner on the bear cub.

  Lying on the ice floe, Qiao Qixi couldn’t help but make a grunting sound of enjoyment.

  He knew that Oddis was not giving himself a massage, after all, how would a simple polar bear know anything about massage.

  But letting him do health care or something like that happens every time he’s tired, so why stop the other, right? And although the muscles that are sore after swimming are being held down right now, it’s really quite comfortable for Qiao Qixi to be honest…

  As for Oddis’ true intentions, perhaps it was to see if he was dead?  

  In order not to worry the other side, Qiao Qixi climbed up and brushed off the water.

  It’s actually not very tiring.

  It’s just human indolence.

  Before coming here, they had been fasting for a long time and their bodies were in desperate need of food intake.

  Oddis waited until the cub was safe and sound before eating with him, and as always, the huge polar bear always let the cub eat first, and himself a little later.

  This allows him to be alert to his surroundings in case something special happens.

  Not to mention that on the other side of the shore stands a polar bear with bad intentions, which will swim over at any time to grab food.

  Qiao Qixi wolfed down a full meal, and it was his turn to watch over Oddis to eat.

  The cub, which is not in tune, has changed from his usual mischievousness to seriousness.

  For he is a little worried that the rest of the seal meat will attract more polar bears to fight over it. 

  But fortunately, the place where they are located is like an island in the heart of the lake, which is very easy to defend and difficult to attack, a strategic place for soldiers.

  Even if ten polar bears surround them, they can throw the prey out and let the ten bears fight in the nest, while he and Oddis take the opportunity to slip away.

  The polar bears in this icy land probably never dreamed that they would meet a polar bear who had studied Sun Tzu’s Art of War in their lifetime.

  Qiao Qixi: I’ve just read about it.  

  Oddis eats quickly and eats a lot.
He can eat 100 catties of food in one sitting because he is indeed hungry.

  Usually, this is the polar bear at its peak.

  But Oddis is far from being in peak condition and there is still plenty of room for him to reach his full potential later on.

  Eating enough food, the huge white bear licks the blood from its mouth, as well as its paws.

  Polar bears have tough paws, but they can be damaged and should be treated promptly if they are injured.

  Whenever Oddis finished hunting, Qiao Qixi would take a look at his teeth to see how he was doing as well as his mouth and some of his claws.

  There have been cases like this before.

  A polar bear’s paw was pierced across by something and was never removed, so the entire paw was swollen, filled with pus and was unable to heal.

  As a bear child with a particularly large number of stinky problems, Qiao Qixi can check Oddis’ paws at will because Oddis is used to being tossed around by him.

  And although the other party does not understand why the cub likes to toss his bear paws, he still indulges it patiently.

  But Oddis does not like to be examined in the mouth, and whenever Qiao Qixi tries to break his mouth with his claws, he will dodge it in a non-aggressive way.

  Now, for example, this well-fed, energetic cub is taking a distinct interest in his paws and mouth.

  It makes Oddis want to hide.

  Unfortunately, the ice floe was limited in size and he could not do it.

  To be honest, teeth and claws are so important to a polar bear’s life that not only do they have to be checked after each hunt, it would actually be better to brush them every day.

  If possible, Qiao Qixi hopes that Oddis can live a little longer…that even if he is too old to hunt, there is still him, his partner, who is a few years younger that will always be there beside him.

  He will try to hunt and raise Oddis, so it is important to protect the teeth.

  There is no ready-made toothbrush in the wild, but it is possible to achieve a cleaning effect by rubbing the fur on the bear’s paw.

  Seawater is also a natural mouthwash that also acts as an antiseptic.

  It only takes a few minutes a day to protect the health of one’s teeth and avoid the dilemma of not being able to bite into meat when you reach old age.

  And this is currently the case, as the thoughtful fake bear, Qiao Qixi insists on brushing Oddis’ teeth every day.

  After that, it is also essential to rub one’s butt in the snow, as well as to roll in the snow every day.

  Under the constant harassment of this energetic cub, Oddis simply lay on his side on the ice, holding his head up and burying it in his stomach.

  Qiao Qixi was helpless against him and could only wait for the next opportunity.

The author has something to say

See, some readers say that the bear cub now does nothing and only waits for the feeding, well… bear cubs are actually like this, they have to wait until they are three years old to hunt.
Their milk teeth are not even sharp yet, and when they get older, they will naturally get stronger ^ω^

Mei has something to say

Aren’t these two so cute? XD


My “expectation vs reality” on how would Oddis act to keep QQ away.



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