a huge male polar bear, pressing his vocal cords to make this low, slow sound is considered very gentle and accommodating.

  If Oddis were to find out that he wanted to go over and rub the mother bear’s cubs, would Oddis beat him up and kick him to the curb?

  No, such a complex and contrary to instinct is something that Oddis is not destined to know and yet this big guy comforts him like an emotionally disturbed bear.

  The language barrier between them leaves Qiao Qixi with no way to express that he just feels uncomfortable because he can’t touch other polar bear cubs.

  But this kind of emotion, come and go quickly.
After all, the number of polar bears is quite small and missing it once is nothing, there is no need to put yourself at risk.

  The thick snow and the rare sight of evergreen pine leaf forest rendered Qiao Qixi speechless.

  It looks like Christmas trees in winter.
It would be more like it if there were stars and presents hanging on the tree.

  Tree by tree, dotted among the snow, is a romantic and beautiful landscape for humans, and a natural shelter for animals.

  No wonder there are mother bears with cubs digging holes to live in here.

  Possibly, the mother bear dug the hole she used to give birth in the early spring of this year, and it was only in the summer, when the cubs were growing up healthy and active, that the mother bear made her first appearance with her babies.

  Odysseus liked the snow, and having filled their stomachs, they lay down on a patch of snow away from the mother bear.  

  Looking like he wants to take a lunch break.

  On the contrary, the cool weather makes it less likely for Qiao Qixi to get sleepy.

  He put down the small yellow bucket and fumbled around on his own, but he did not have the courage to go far.

  There are wolves in the forest, even if he has this tonnage that seven wolves together can’t take him away, he can’t help but still be afraid.

  He heard somewhere that there would be mountain treasures under the snow-covered trees so Qiao Qixi, who was idle and juiced up, arched his big butt and used his bear claws to pick apart the snow under the trees for nothing.

  He only got his paws dirty.

   Qiao Qixi cleaned his paws and ran back to Oddis.
Suddenly, he quickened his pace and pounced on Oddis from afar.

  “Why did I do that, you ask? Well, I hope that Oddis, who was taking a nap, would get up and accompany me to practice hunting skills.”  

  Oddis did not even lift his eyelids, just straight out stretched his paws to gather the polar bear cub into his arms, suppressing him with his handsome big head.

  At this point, his body is covered with the words: “Bear child, go to sleep or else, Lao Zi will whip you.”

  Qiao Qixi does not want to sleep, and only blame Oddis’s arms were too warm and totally different from the temperature outside.

  This comfortable warmth is hard for him to resist.

  Before falling into dreamland, Qiao Qixi suddenly thought of a problem.
Since Oddis is so afraid of heat, this time cuddling himself should be even hotter, right?

  So why cuddle up and sleep?

  Why can’t humans understand the heart of a bear?

  Wait, can we call this sleeping together?

  But Qiao Qixi fell asleep before he could think straight.  

  In the snowy coniferous forest, there are real wolves where you can hear from time to time, howling in the distance.  

  That’s the Arctic wolf, a hardy and tough animal.

  After enduring up to six months of darkness, the few mammals that could live in this inhospitable land came out frequently to feed.

  Unlike polar bears, they have the ability to go up and down the mountain while having no natural enemies that threaten their lives.

  Arctic wolves, which can only live on land, have even tougher survival conditions for they are not strong and fast enough either.

  Qiao Qixi slept a little restlessly amidst several wolf howls.

  It sounded as if there was a conflict nearby.

  He tried to poke his head out to take a look, but Oddis had him surrounded and seemed to be calming him down so he could go back to sleep.

  But how can Qiao Qixi sleep? It’s too boring to be among the boring bears, and it’s rare to have a wolf to get things going, so he wants to see what’s going on.

  Having a small bear whose size can no longer be called a cub arched around in his arms caused Oddis to have no peace of mind and sleep.

  He lifted one eyelid, a skill unique to polar bears, and guessed Qiao Qixi’s thoughts.

  Getting crazy?

  This is something that Oddis has only recently become aware of.
Since he met Qiao Qixi, a polar bear that doesn’t follow the usual rules, it has stimulated him to develop the habit of guessing.

  Occasionally Oddis can guess what Qiao Qixi wants to do, but will not spoil Qiao Qixi, depending on his mood and will not always obey.

  Now, for example, when a pack of wolves hunts in the forest and make noises that disturbs this bear’s clear dream.

  Other polar bear cubs would hide cautiously, while Oddis’s picked-up cub was full of interest in the wolves.

  The same way, the other side likes to eat oysters that taste strange.

  Qiao Qixi: ???

  Qiao Qixi: No, it’s not the same!

  Oddis bites the back of the cub’s neck skin and pulls him back in the opposite direction.

  Qiao Qixi: Wait! My yellow…

  He took his own small yellow bucket in his mouth as Oddis whisked him away.

  His nap was disturbed and Oddis, who hadn’t slept enough, was covered with a slight depression.

  If not for his dislike of wolves—which are not good to eat, have little meat that needs lots of work and taste average, yes, he would have eaten them.

  Quite vindictive Oddis, will probably go over and f*ck over the Arctic wolves who are making so much noise in the woods.

  Eh? Are we going to see the action?

  Qiao Qixi happily followed Oddis with what is called “excitement” and “anticipation”. 

  Only later did he learn that Oddis was not taking him to see the action, but to hunt.

  Damn it! Qiao Qixi thought to himself.
The life in the North Pole is nothing but eating or ways of finding something to eat!

The author has something to say

Wait until summer and Qiao Qiao will say, “AwOooohhh! I’m starving! Food! Please give me something eat!”

Mei has something to say

Imagine seeing a polar bear cub in person—you’ll definitely want to touch it, right? I mean just imagine how cute they are!

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