On the way forward against the wind, Qiao Qixi almost fell asleep on the snow several times, especially when he tripped over the snow, he wanted to simply sleep on the ground.

  But seeing Oddis stopping and waiting for himself every time, even walking back in a serious manner and staying by his side, Qiao Qixi, no matter how sleepy he was, couldn’t bear to keep acting up.

  Perhaps it is because of the wilderness, seeing Oddis again, Qiao Qixi found that Oddis who stayed at the rescue station were far less welcoming and friendly than Oddis who were free and easy in the wild.

  Oddis, who was in the rescue station, was never so gentle and patient with him.

  The sky during the polar day period is always hanging brightly with the sun, making it hard to tell what time it is.

  Meanwhile, Qiao Qixi’s biological clock told him that it should be night time now, which is in any case the time to sleep, or else he couldn’t be so sleepy!

  Not knowing how long they walked, Oddis finally found a suitable place to sleep and he stopped.

  Qiao Qixi, who was following behind, buried his head forward, and finally he ran straight into Oddis and fell on his buttocks, and then he never had the strength to get up.

  He fell asleep in place for a second.  

  Oddis found this place leeward, easy to defend and difficult to attack, which is a good location for sleeping.

  In the past, Oddis used to slept alone in this kind of blind spot, living very much on his own, but now he has a polar bear cub that needs to be fed, which he picked up on his own initiative.

  An oil bottle to be exact.

  It is estimated that no animal in the entire polar region will understand what this independent and solitary polar bear is doing.

  Is it his food for the summer? Who knows? 

  Maybe even Oddis himself can’t explain it, and even though his ability to process information is limited, his care of Qiao Qixi does reveal unusual things everywhere.

  When Qiao Qixi curled up on the ground, part of his body could still be blown into the wind.
Oddis thoughtfully lay on his side behind him, blocking the wind blowing from behind with his hill-like back.

  It is a great way to enjoy the warmth of the sun and avoid being blown by the wind when you sleep.

  However, the wind on the ice was very dry and cold, carrying a killing force that could not be ignored.

  But Polar bears, whose rich fur is transparent and whose skin is black, are born with a sophisticated heat insulation system, so they don’t fear the cold.

  Instead, they are afraid of heat.

  For example, the current Qiao Qixi is so hot from the sun that he rolled over on all fours, rolling himself into the shade, aka Oddis’ arms with his head resting on it.

  An atypical bear, who loves the sun but is afraid of heat and fits in just right with Oddis’ belly.  

  He slept until the date advanced by one day.

  When the other polar bears woke up, they all worried about what to do with their next meal.

  But Qiao Qixi here was even more amazing!

  As soon as he woke up with a big yawn, still feeling sleepy, he chose to stay in Oddis’s arms and continue to stay in bed.  

  Because Qiao Qixi’s recent sleep quality is very poor and hardly ever sleeps well, he wants to get enough sleep now that he is in a position to do so.  

  But here, Oddis is the boss, and he seems to have his own ideas, so Qiao Qixi can only get up and follow him in a sleepy manner.

  Wait a minute… this direction?

  Qiao Qixi caught the smell of the sea in the air, which means they are moving towards the shore, could it be that Oddis has taken a fancy to those little cuties on the shore?

  This trip to the coast, in fact, should have been on the agenda for a long time, but Oddis in order to find Qiao Qixi, delayed his plans.

  After a full meal and a good night’s sleep, Oddis’ body was clearly back at its peak.

  During these days, not only Qiao Qixi but also Oddis, who had been searching for him, did not rest well.

  So Oddis fell asleep comfortably during that long rest just now. 

  Now he was hungry and took Qiao Qixi on his way to the coast to look for food, but this required luck, and apparently today’s luck was not good.

  There was no food coming crashing into their mouths.  

  Oddis gave up on hunting wild food along the way and went straight to the shore.

  From a distance, Qiao Qixi heard the sound of sea birds and the sound of the rising and ebbing tide.

  The ice has not yet completely melted in May, and a herd of walruses were sunbathing on top of the exposed volcanic rocks.

  Qiao Qixi looked at those fat guys from afar and had a bold thought in his heart, not knowing whether he should express it to Oddis or not.

  In addition, the walrus has sharp tusks.
Not knowing if it’s a good idea, Qiao Qixi felt that he should just let it go. 

  What he didn’t know was, Oddis did have his eye on the walrus on the shore except that walruses are indeed harder to catch and one needs to wait for the opportunity to do so.

  After stopping to observe the walrus, they slowly came downstream to a shallow beach, covered with reefs, on which some seabirds stood, spreading their wings and flying away after being startled by them.

  Qiao Qixi saw that the reef was covered with bird droppings.

  But that’s not the point! The point is, what are they doing here? Can’t they make it through the day?

  Are they looking for oysters and shells?

  But then again, polar bears do not usually eat these things when they are hungry, nor use stones to smash open the shells.

  Qiao Qixi, who followed Oddis toward the shallow water, finally failed to resist the temptation to hold a large oyster from the water.

  Oddis turned around when he heard movements and saw what was in Qiao Qixi’s arms.
He recognized it, of course, but this thing was hard to eat.

  It was unpalatable and difficult to eat in every sense of the word.

  He brought Qiao Qixi to the water, not to find shells, but to find seaweeds growing by the reef.

  Polar bears consume some seaweed every now and then, which is good for their health.

  When the cubs are young, the mother bear will sometimes bring them here to eat, which will slowly form a habit.

  Oddis has not come here for a long time because the taste of seaweed is not good, but his genetic memory tells him that there are some benefits from eating this.

  While pondering how to open the oysters, the next second, the oysters in Qiao Qixi’s arms were taken away by Oddis and thrown lightly into the water.

  Then he was given a handful of seaweed in his mouth.

  Qiao Qixi: “?”

  Brother Bear, can we talk first?

  Although we cannot afford to eat walrus, there are still oysters here right?

  It’s not as bad as eating seaweed ah! 

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