He lifted his head and sniffed the air hard, and because of the wind direction, Qiao Qixi caught more of the strange male polar bear’s scent.

  But there was also a whiff of something familiar… it was from Oddis in his memory.

  Is it really you, Oddis?

  Qiao Qixi wanted to trust his own judgment but wasn’t quite brave enough to do so, mainly because, how could Oddis be here?

  Or were they originally placed very close together?

  In just two minutes, Qiao Qixi experienced despair and resurrection.
If it was really Oddis, he was relieved!

  Soon after, Oddis came up to the polar bear cub.
Because he had been running before, he was panting with exhaustion.

  However, despite everything, he was still staring at Qiao Qixi intently.
His gaze was deep and strongly focused as if he had a keen interest in Qiao Qixi.

  But Qiao Qixi is not afraid.
After confirming that it was really Oddis who came to him, he was too happy for words.
Even if his limbs were still weak, he couldn’t control himself and pounced on the other side.

  Oddis! I miss you so much!!!  

  Qiao Qixi shouted excitedly in his heart.
Oh by the way, since he became a polar bear, he found out that he has thick skin and thick flesh and when he hit an obstacle, he would not feel any pain at all.

  Not to mention the furry body of Oddis, hitting it only feels comfortable and it only hurts when his nose hits the ground.

  Looking at the polar bear cub whose face was on the ground; Oddis lowered his head and arched the other side over.

  Thank you— Qiao Qixi was about to say, “Thank you for helping me turn over!”

  However, in the next second, Oddis arched him again, with force this time that caused him to roll far out on the ice.

  No way!

  Qiao Qixi: Oddis?

  While he was rolling dizzy, Qiao Qixi prayed and begged God: “Dear God, please tell me that this was Oddis’ way of expressing his happiness!”

  Although it’s rare for Oddis to be so animated but seriously, no one likes this kind of celebration!

  Dazed and confused on the ice, unable to tell the southeast from the northwest for a while, Qiao Qixi climbed up by himself, and despite resisting Oddis’s way of celebrating, he jovially trotted back to the other side.

  Yoo-hoo! Oddis!  

  Ha ha! Oddis!

  Qiao Qixi was so happy that he rubbed himself on Oddis.
With this exciting reunion, he actually wanted to have a hug!

  Given the lack of conditions and the probability that Oddis would not cooperate, he retreated and used his own paw to hold one of Oddis’s paws.

  Oddis’s front paws are thick enough for Qiao Qixi to hug very happily.

  Looking down at the ball of fur hanging on his forearm, Oddis stared deep and perhaps also a bit helpless, who knows?

  Perhaps the lack of repulsion is his attitude towards Qiao Qixi.

  After a brief emotional contact, Oddis resumed a wary look and raised his head to sniff above the wind.

  Its action caught Qiao Qixi’s attention. Was it worried about the invading polar bear?

  Indeed, the smell in the wind is getting stronger and stronger.
That polar bear was perhaps like Qiao Qixi just now.
He was above the wind and was unable to smell that there was another unfamiliar polar bear in the vicinity.

  The joy of reunion almost made Qiao Qixi forget that he was still in a state of being hunted.

  But he really can’t run anymore.
Looking at Oddis again, he seems to have no intention of running away with him.

  Since this is the case, Qiao Qixi did not move around.

  He knew that Oddis, who is more experienced in wild life, has a better idea of what to do next than he does.

  Running in the sunlight for long periods of time can cause a polar bear’s body temperature to soar so high that it needs to lie down on the snow to cool down.

  Thus Qiao Qixi saw the famous scene of a polar bear on the glacier.
Oddis however rested his head on the snow slope, watching around vigilantly while his body sank into the snow pile, revealing only a big round butt.

  Blinded by the wind, Qiao Qixi yawned next to him, and then he found himself not only tired and sleepy, but also hungry.

  The polar bear cub who was so young that he still needed to be fed by his mother barked.
At over a year old, he still had the tender voice of a cub.

  Oddis’s ears twitched, and remained focused on regaining his strength.

  At this time, the unknown polar bear that had been tracking Qiao Qixi appeared in Oddis’s view.

  The snowy slope blocked Qiao Qixi’s figure, and the unknown polar bear only saw Oddis, an adult male polar bear which made him stop in his tracks, his eyes a bit confused.

  He was tracking a polar bear cub, after all.

  Besides, even if there is an adult bear with the cub, it should be a female bear, right?!

  “This unfamiliar polar bear may be messing around”, it thought.

  It stood watching the wind for a moment and, unsurprisingly, chose to turn its head away.

  Hunting a single polar bear cub is effortless and most polar bears do it, but with an adult protecting it, they might as well go hunt for seals.

  Therefore, it is said that polar bears have high intelligence in survival skills and understand the advantages and disadvantages of power balance.
It seems that all the intelligence is played here.

  Oddis seemed to regain his strength, got up and shook off the snowflakes on his body, then took Qiao Qixi away from the spot.

  Qiao Qixi didn’t even know that a bear had come.

  He was hungry and trotted to catch up with Oddis and conveyed a cry for help, which attracted Oddis’s attention.

  However it is impractical to find food on the ice for a while.

  So it is still unknown when their next meal will be available at the earliest.

Translator’s Note:

HAHAHA! MC is such a cutie!

Qiao Qixi after rolling in the snow


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