Chapter 3

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2nd Zellion: everyone! kill him!

All the Zellions rush to Hajec to attack him, but Hajec swiftly moves through them, slaying and killing every single one of them. Hajec starts thinking:

Hajec (in his mind): ”wow this sword is amazing! but whats more impressive is me… there is no way I could have been able to move that fast. Did this sword enhance my speed and strength? No, I doubt it. because I can feel something inside… something that has been sleeping within me all this time, and after I touched this sword, it awakened. Does this sword have the ability to grant others power? No thats impossible, if that was the case, then that Zellion that tried to get the sword earlier wouldn have turned to dust and died. So why … I shouldn be thinking about that now…saving the people and the town should be the first priority ”.

After finishing the Zellions, Hajec starts running to leave his house as fast possible heading to the Zellions in the town to defeat them. While running on the stairs. Hajec remembers:

Hajec: Oh! I totally forgot! I should have kept one of them alive so I can force him to tell me about the positions of the rest and their amount… did I forget!?!?!? Well… I have no time to waste, I have to hurry!

Hajec finds the hole that he fell from.

Hajec: Oh thats the hole! Its impossible for a regular person to jump that high, but after my powers awakened, I should be able to reach it!

Hajec jumps but due to him not knowing the new limits of his improved physical strength, he ends up jumping so high that half of his body got stuck through the roof.

Hajec: oh… I forgot…Im not used to this.

During this time, Raydin is fighting one of the three giant Zellions and is winning against it.

Giant Zellion: augh…how…how could a mere human like you be this strong?????

Raydin: yeah yeah whatever,

Raydins left hand is getting charged with his sound powers.

Raydin: any last words?

Giant Zellion: No…. I won let you kill me!

The giant Zellion looks around him and he finds a family thats running nearby that are trying to escape which Raydin notices too. The giant Zellion smiles, picks up a small building near him and says:

Giant Zellion: you either surrender or I crush them with this.

Raydin: tseh…..

Raydin cancels the sound power on his left hand.

The Zellion gets closer to Raydin and then says:

Giant Zellion: even though you surrendered just so that they survive….. THEY WONT HAHAHAHA!!

The giant Zellion throws the building on the family. the family screams. But because they screamed, Raydin uses the sound of their screams to push them away from danger. The building then hits the ground and the family is saved. Raydin then says:

Raydin (smiling): who said I surrendered?

Giant Zellion: damn you…..I am still going to crush you, you filthy human!

The Zellion tries to crush Raydin by stepping on him with his right foot.

Raydin: sound steps

Raydin uses sound steps to jump horizontally to the Giant Zellions left leg.

Raydin: sound kick

With a sound kick, Raydin blasts the giant Zellions leg, knocking him down.

Raydin then uses his sound steps to fly to the center of the Zellions body.

Raydin: sound blast

Raydin attacks the giant Zellion with a sound blast blasting his heart and leaving a huge hole in the giant Zellions body. The giant Zellion falls dead on the ground.

Earlier before that, Hajec got himself out of the roof that he got stuck in. Hajec rushes to get out of his house. After getting outside, Hajec looks around and finds the three giant Zellions:

Hajec: There are giant Zellions!?!? I must hurry and defeat them as fast as possible.

Hajec runs to the nearest Giant Zellion to him. Hajec then notices that the giant Zellion is about to crush some people (that are trying to escape) with his fist.

Hajec: I won let you…..iiiiiyaaaahhhhhhh

The Giant Zellion attacks and the people scream out of fear:

Giant Zellion 2: Die you insects!

The wind from the giant Zellions fist was strong enough to cause dust to spread and cover the area.

Giant Zellion 2: hahahaha its never boring to crush tiny insects…what…wait I didn feel my fist connected or crushed anything…. It sort of just… stopped….

The Giant Zellion then starts screaming from pain.

The giant Zellion immediately raises his hand and finds Hajec standing on it and is stabbed by his sword.

Giant Zellion 2: you …. How dare you?

Hajec (smiling): looks like I made it in time

Hajec pulls out his sword from the Zellions fist. Hajec then points his sword at the Zellions head and says:

Hajec: its time for you to go down!

Giant Zellion 2: you will pay for this!

Hajec starts making his way to the Zellions head by running on the Zellions arm.

With his other hand, the Zellion sends a punch at Hajec (whos still running on his arm).

Hajec reaches the Zellions forearm. Then, just right before the Zellions punch reaches Hajec, Hajec cuts off the arm that hes standing on.

Because the amputated arm started falling, The Zellions punch misses Hajec.

The giant Zellion screams from pain.

Giant Zellion 2: MY ARM!!!!!!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!

Hajec then jumps to the other Zellions arm and stabs it so that he hangs into it and not fall. Hajec then lifts himself up, stands, pulls outs his sword, and jumps to the Zellions head. Hajec then reaches the Zellions head and stabs him with his sword in the forehead. the giant Zellion dies and falls on the ground.

Hajec then notices the third and last Giant Zellion ahead. But also he notices that the giant Zellions target is the refuge. The refuge is the place where people that are unable to fight go and hide in when the town gets attacked such as children and old people. Hajec is very worried and immediately starts running to the giant Zellion.

Hajec (in his mind): ”Dang it…. any place but that you….there is no way I can get there in time… ”

As Hes running, Hajec hears the sound of something massive thats falling.

Hajec (in his mind): ”wait what was that? ”

Hajec looks and finds Raydin standing next to a dead giant Zellion:

Hajec (in his mind): ”Thats Raydin! He must be the one who just defeated that Giant Zellion, what a great timing! ”

Hajec then screams:

Hajec (screaming): RAYDIN!!!!!! GET ME UP THERE!!!!!

Raydin (shocked): What the!? Hajec!?a sword !? up there?!

Hajec points his sword to the last Giant Zellion remaining.

Raydin: oh that Giant Zellion is heading to the refuge!!!

Hajec then jumps on top of few destroyed buildings and then from the highest of those buildings, Hajec jumps.

Raydin: theres no time for questions now, our priority should be stopping that thing!

Raydin sends a strong sound blast that boosted Hajec in the air, making him fly. Air pressure is hitting Hajec in the face.

Hajec: Raydin… that might …be a little… too much… but it should still… work

With a very high speed, Hajec reaches the Zellions head. Hajec then with his sword slays the giant Zellion.

The last giant Zellion falls dead on the ground. After few minutes, Raydin reaches the area and starts looking for Hajec:

Raydin : Hajec! Where are you?

Hajec: ….Not again….

Raydin looks up and finds that half of Hajecs body got stuck inside a high building. Raydin then smiles.

Raydin (smiling): sorry bud looks like I used too much power.

Hajec: its fine…

Hajec pulls himself out of the building and then starts falling.

Hajec: oh no that will hurt….

Just right before Hajec hits the ground, Raydin hits Hajec with a small sound blast which changed the direction that Hajecs falling in, making him land on a tree. Hajec breaks few branches of the tree before one branch stopped him from reaching the ground.

Hajec: Thanks man…

The branch that Hajec landed on breaks. Hajec then hits ground.

Hajec: augh…

Raydin: haha my pleasure

Hajec then tells Raydin about his story with the sword as well as about his intentions to leave the town and travel the world to help anyone in need:

Raydin: so thats what you want to do?!

Hajec: yea

Raydin: you really remind me with him… literally…

Hajec: him!?!??! Who!??!?!?!!

Raydin: twilight …

Hajec: WHAT!?!? REALLY?!?!!??

Raydin: yea… I mean… thats pretty much all what he did when I was with him

Hajec: Im going to become like him… Im going to be the next twilight champion

Raydin: are you sure you won become the next twilight calamity by the end of it though?

Hajec: Raydin…

Raydin: haha Im just messing with ya

Hajec: but yea… by the way, I believe the rumors aren true.

Raydin: so you don believe that he wiped nations?

Hajec: I don know…but if he did, Im sure that he just didn have a choice. Because after all, a person that saved so many lives wouldn harm the innocent ones.

Raydin: that hes a person who saved many lives and that he wouldn harm innocent ones is true… I know that for a fact about him. However, saying that he had no choice I disagree on…

Hajec (confused): what you mean? Can you explain further?

Raydin: everything is a choice, and all choices come with consequences.

Hajec (sad): … wait… so you mean he…

Raydin: who knows, just like how I told you before, I haven met him for a very long time. He certainly was powerful enough to do that… whether he did it or not… is that I don know.

Hajec: no Im sure he didn do it!

Raydin: alright, I hope its true.

Hajec: so Raydin will you go with me?

Raydin: ah sure why not…

Hajec (happy): really?!?

Raydin: yea! after all I have nothing better to do, and I think if we stay here it will be bad. Because that might cause the town to get attacked more…especially after you got that sword

Hajec: thank you Raydin!

Raydin: but just one favor.

Hajec: sure what is it????

Raydin: lets not walk too much

Hajec: hahaha alright got it!

Hajec and Raydin left the town and now are standing on an edge of a small mountain thats near the town. Hajec and Raydin are taking a final look at the whole town before they leave.

Hajec: so… here we go… sorry for dragging you along with me Raydin

Raydin: no worries.

Hajec (excited): alright lets go! A whole massive world is waiting for us!

Raydin (depressed): and a lot of walking too…

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