ally a bad thing, don you think?

Hajec: ah… I guess… anyways, what brings the friend of the Twilight Champion in front of my house!?!?

Raydin (in his mind): ”oh dang it not again… think of something come on me!!!! ”

Hajec: also I never heard that twilight champion had any friends…

Raydin: oh ah Im not sure… he always told me that Im his only friend

Hajec: really!?

Raydin: well I find it hard to believe too because I never seen anyone having an easier time with meeting strangers than him

Hajec: wow… well its getting dark, would like to continue inside?

Raydin: really… is that…ok!?

Hajec: yea

Raydin: then absolutely, thank you!

Hajec: my pleasure, come on in!

Raydin follows Hajec inside. Hajec then pulls two chairs:

Hajec: please have a seat!

Raydin: such a great guy, thank you.

Hajec: Sorry the house is old and Im constantly fixing it, but as you can see… Im not that good at it

Raydin: no worries, its cool!

Hajec: so is this your first day in this town

Raydin: yea

Hajec: you have a place in mind to spend the night?

Raydin: nope

Hajec: you can stay here then

Raydin: really?!?!

Hajec: you can stay as long as you want… I live alone here

Raydin: thanks a lot!

Hajec: so what makes an important person such as yourself come to this town

Raydin: oh Im here to …. (think think think) …. Protect it ….and chill … (I guess that was ok)

Hajec: I see

Raydin: so actually do you mind if I live with you, I might stay here for a while (dang hopefully I wasn too straight forward)

Hajec: absolutely!

Raydin: thanks man you
e awesome, But don worry I will travel every few months.

Hajec: The house is all yours!

Raydin: much appreciated!

Hajec: hey tell me, do you travel a lot

Raydin: yea to some extent

Hajec: can you please tell me about any cool places you been to?

Raydin: sure but before that I would like to know first if you don mind. Do you guys get attacked by other creatures?

Hajec: not often no…

Raydin: I see so things are cool and chill here huh

Hajec: yea pretty much

Raydin: hey you possess or have any special powers?

Hajec: ah no…Im just a regular human as far as I know… do you?

Raydin: yup

Hajec (excited): REALLY?!? WHAT IS IT?!!?

Raydin: the power of sound

Hajec (excited): WOW SOUND?!?! CAN YOU EXPLAIN FURTHER?!?!

Raydin: I can control and manipulate sound and use it to do many things, like fighting and healing! I can even see sounds!

Hajec (excited): WOW THATS AWESOME!

Raydin: but yea… about cool places I have been to… where should I start…

Raydin starts telling Hajec about cool places he has been to.

And thats how Hajec and Raydin met. Time passes and Hajec and Raydin become close friends. They live and fix the house together. They also help other people in the town. Raydin travels every other time for a few months then returns. And their lives continued like this for three years.

At this time, Raydin left the town out for more than six month. Hajec is alone at home and making his lunch.

Hajec: its been a while since Raydin left, I think this is the longest time hes been out… Hopefully hes doing well…

Hajec finds out that he needs some more Ingredients.

Hajec: oh looks like Im missing some ingredients…

The houses door opens slowly.

Hajec: what? Thats the sound of the door, whos there!?!

Raydin: oh! you are making some good food I see, it smells nice.

Hajec: oh! Its you Raydin! You
e back!

Raydin: yup, how are you Hajec?

Hajec: Not bad, how is your life going Raydin? Its been a while since you left..

Raydin: it indeed was… but yea my life been ok I guess, what are you making?

Raydin gets closer and checks what is inside the bowl

Raydin: all I see in the bowl is just dough! wait I see I see, looks like you are making something interesting, and I could make some good guesses.

Hajec: Yeah, I am making pizza.

Raydin then sits on a chair

Raydin: well that was one of my guesses…but not gonna lie, the chances of it being pizza was like a one out of five, since you make a lot of things with dough, but regardless, all that you make is delicious.

Hajec: nah the candy that you make is the best.

Raydin: hmmm, it seems that you are missing some ingredients.

Hajec: yea sadly ….. but I am still going to try to find them in the forest next to our house.

Raydin: you mind if I join you bud?

Hajec: you sure? You just came back from a long travel?

Raydin: yea Im not tired

Hajec: thanks man!

Raydin: alright…

Raydin gets up from the chair.

Raydin: lets go!

Hajec and Raydin left the house.

They walk to the forest and started looking and searching for ingredients.

Hajec: I found some mushrooms! Nice they
e in good condition! … did you find anything Raydin?

Raydin: only tomatoes for now…

Hajec: Nice!!!!… I already got olives from the tree next to our house. So what we are missing now is cheese and onions which we can probably get from our neighbor.

Raydin: you mean the old guy that has a farm?

Hajec: yup!

Raydin: awesome.

While going back from the forest, Hajec and Raydin heard a noise of things breaking, as well as some screaming and yelling. Then they hear a woman screaming and saying: ”no take anything but my child PLEASE!!!!! ”

Hajec: you heard that right? what was that?!?!?

Raydin: looks like somethings bad going on… it looks like the Zellions are attacking again!

Hajec: we gotta hurry!

Hajec and Raydin started running back to the town.

Note: the Zellions are one of those very powerful and intelligent creatures that have formed an empire called the Zellion empire.

Hajec and Raydin got back to the town. They then find the Zellions are attacking the town. destroying it and prisoning people, including children, and killing whoever resists them.

Women: NO! not my child! .

Zellion: if you keep doing this I am going to kill you!

Raydin: well, looks like we got some work here bud

Raydin manipulates and compresses sound under his feet.

Raydin: sound steps!

Using his sound steps skill, Raydin dashes with extremely high speed to the Zellion.

Hajec: Yeah!

Hajec starts running to another area of the town.

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