Mo Yan didn’t have any appetite for lunch, so she went back inside to lay down and rest.
Mo Ling thought it was just because she was upset at Mrs.
Liang and didn’t think much about it.

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It had just rained, so the ground was muddy and they couldn’t gather any medicinal herbs.
Mo Ling was sewing inside.

Mo Yan slept til the evening then went to the pond.
Lu Junming saw her from a distance but didn’t come over.
He sat down opposite her and started reading.

His big white horse was grazing on grass next to him.
Mo Yan remembered there was a mandrake nearby and was afraid it’d be in danger if the horse ate it.
As she saw it go closer and closer to the mandrake while Lu Junming was still reading, she couldn’t help herself but ran towards them.

“There’s a mandrake nearby, don’t let your horse eat it!”

Lu Junming seemingly ignored her cry, but his horse appeared to understand.
It looked at her and snorted.

She ran right in front of Lu Junming and grabbed his book, “Did you turn deaf? Didn’t you hear me call you?”

He looked at her dumbly, “Did you call me? Why didn’t I hear the words ‘Lu Junming’?”

“Check on your horse.
There’s a mandrake nearby, and they’re poisonous.
It might get sick if it eats the mandrake.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Lu Junming replied as he took his book back to put it behind his back.
Mo Yan repeated, “Check on your horse!”

Lu Junming couldn’t help but let out a smile, “It’s fine.
My horse is intelligent and knows what it can and can’t eat.”

“Is it really that smart?”

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Mo Yan didn’t believe him and went over to the horse anyways.
She saw it approach the mandrake and felt palpable fear in her heart, but it just sniffed at it and went away.

“Does it really recognise poisonous plants?” Mo Yan still didn’t believe him.
When she turned back, she saw Lu Junming had stood up with a faint smile on her face.

She went closer to him and asked, “Wait, what were you reading And why were you reading?”

“What, can’t I read? Did you think I was illiterate? Trust me, I should be about as knowledgeable as that Cao Zhang.”

“You’re lying.
Cao Zhang’s the best student in our entire village, and he’s going to become an official one day!”

Lu Junming smirked, “He wants to be an official? Does he have anyone to recommend him?”

Mo Yan thought for a bit before replying, “Probably! I think his parents have already made preparations.”

“Has he even been to a major city before?”

“Just show me what book you were reading.”

Lu Junming handed her the book he was reading, which was titled ‘Tales of the Mountains and Seas’.

“Why were you reading this?”

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“I was helping you think of stories! One day, you’ll run out of stories to tell, so you have to think of some new ones.”

“Aren’t you curious about how I know all of these stories?”

Lu Junming shook his head, “No, because I know you came from the heavens.
It’s not surprising that you know so many stories!” [1]

He really had a silver tongue.

Mo Yan thought about the xianxia stories she had written in her previous life.
They weren’t from any specific era, so she could definitely tell them.

It was about to turn dark, so Mo Yan returned home.
She saw Mrs.
Liang working with the medicinal herbs in the courtyard, but she didn’t acknowledge her.
Liang didn’t greet either and just raised her head to look at her daughter.

Mo Ling finished making dinner and called them over to eat.
Mo Feng ran over from his study, and Mo Yan almost came over after washing her hands.

Aside from the usual shredded pickled vegetables and sauce, there were also some salted eggs which hadn’t been sold in the morning.
For the rations, there were the usual biscuits as well as soggy flatbread from the morning.

Mo Ling served herself dinner before giving a salted egg to her sister, saying, “Here, have one,” before she grabbed one for herself.

Mo Yan carefully peeled and ate her salted egg before reaching for a biscuit.
Mo Ling reached for a biscuit too, and added shredded pickled vegetables for it.

Mo Feng had never seen them eat so much and thought he was hallucinating.
He saw the last biscuit and quickly grabbed it.
Mo Ling quietly reprimanded him, “Put that down, that’s for mum.
You’ve already eaten all the meat we have for lunch.
Why are you the one who eats the most when there are people older and younger than you in this household?”

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Mo Feng usually spoke without restraint, but there was a fear of Mo Ling in his bones.
This was because he knew she’d hit him if he stepped out of line.

When Mrs.
Liang came in, Mo Feng handed her the last biscuit, “Mum, here!”

She was on cloud nine.
“Feng’er, you’ve grown up and you’ve finally learnt to show me respect.

She wanted to say he was better than both of her daughters, but she saw Mo Ling glare at her and retracted the latter half of that statement.

Mo Ling kept on eating as she said, “Who else will show you respect in the future? After all, we’re both going to be married off in the future, but you’ll have to rely on him for the rest of your life!”

There was an old saying that stated married daughters were like split water, so mothers had to rely on their sons in the future.
But how could she rely on this waste of a son?

“Feng’er, don’t go to school from now on and just help out at home.
Next year, your dad will bring you to the city to work.”

“There’s still half a year before he comes back, why can’t I continue going to school until then?”

“It’s not like you’re going to become an official anyways, so why bother? You just need to know your numbers so you can become a banker in the future, like your dad.”

Mo Ling supported her mother’s decision from the side, “Yes! Yan’er and I are also waiting for you to help us marry out in the future!”

Mo Yan didn’t know what her sister was thinking.
She quickly ate dinner, then went to the threshing field as always.

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Summer weather is ever-changing.
There was a lot of rain in the morning, and then the sky cleared in the afternoon.
And now, at night, there was no sign it even rained at all.

The sky was splendid with stars, and Mo Yan got some inspiration as she looked up, “Today, how about I talk about the saints that live in the heavens?”

These were fan favourites in the village, and a crowd of children clapped their hands in approval.

As she was telling stories, Mo Yan would even interact with the villagers and let them speak, so the atmosphere was very engaging.

Maybe it was because she was speaking a lot, but she occasionally coughed as she spoke.
However, she forgot her worries as she spoke.

When the story was halfway over with, Mo Yan suddenly had a coughing fit and couldn’t continue speaking.

Cao Zhang took her place and finished the story as she sat down on one side.
She felt light-headed and the world was spinning under her.

When he finished his story, Mo Yan was in a haze and seemed floaty.

And when he walked over to her, Mo Yan’s body felt light and fell towards Cao Zhang.

Post-edit notes: Wow Mo Yan’s getting a harem by the end of this.
[1] You have no idea how close to the truth that was, Lu Junming.
[2] Finally! Mo Yan using her transmigrator knowledge!

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