ief as she covered the sack with an oilcloth and used a brick to hold it down before coming down from the rooftop.

Sitting in front of the stove in the kitchen, Mo Ling finally got to take a well-deserved break.
As she saw that her mother hadn’t come back yet, she grabbed something from a basket suspended in mind-air.

There were eggs inside that basket, laid by the few chickens that they had.
As they were afraid rats would get to them and eat them, they’d suspended the basket in mid-air.
Next to it was another basket with leftovers inside.

Mo Ling took a little water from the well to wash an egg.
Then, she secretly shoved it into a pot of porridge to cook.

When it was dark, it finally started raining.
Mo Feng had gotten home from school and started asking when he could eat.

Liang had also joined them and asked, “Feng’er, you’re back.
Are you tired from studying?”

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Mo Feng ignored her and hollered at the kitchen again, “Is dinner ready yet!”

Mo Ling quenched the rage in her heart and replied, “Almost.
We can eat soon.”

She knew that she’d be scolded by her mother again if she spoke rudely towards Mo Feng, and she didn’t want to risk Mrs.
Liang getting another coughing fit.
Even since Mo Yan was born, she had developed a persistent cough.
It wasn’t too bad during the summer, but during the winter she’d cough so much she’d practically be unable to catch her breath.

There wasn’t any need to add more kindling to the cooking fire, so Mo Ling wanted to check on Mo Yan.
It was dark inside the room, and she wanted to light a lamp.
But then, she heard Mo Yan, who was still on the kang, say, “Let’s just go out!”

Mo Yan got down from the kang and walked towards her sister.
Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of furniture in the room, so she didn’t fall over anything.

Suddenly, Mo Ling remembered the egg she had left with the porridge.
She left her sister behind and rushed towards the kitchen.

On the kitchen table, Mrs.
Liang had put down a bowl of salted vegetables, a small bowl of soy sauce and a plate of green beans, fried without any salt or much oil.
This was all the family had aside from the porridge.
It was pretty good, but they were currently in the harvest season.
Come winter, they’d be lucky to have the salted vegetables.

Mo Feng had already flipped open the pot lid where she had placed the egg and was about to help himself to some porridge when Mo Ling hurriedly tried to stop him, “Let me do it.”

But she was a bit too late, and Mo Feng had already started scooping the porridge into his bowl.
He felt there was something hard in the pot, so he scooped that up too and grinned, “There’s even an egg for me! Not bad, you know I’m hungry.”

Mo Ling grabbed the ladle he was holding and said, “Put it down, that’s not for you.”

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“If it’s not for me, who’s it for? Mum? She’ll definitely let me have it.” After saying that, he raised up the egg into the air and yelled, “Mum, I’m eating this egg ok?”

Liang was confused, “What egg?”

It wasn’t for Mum! Mo Feng glared at Mo Ling, “So you were going to eat it in secret!”

That triggered Mo Ling and she smacked the hand Mo Feng was using to hold his bowl, “Scram! This egg is for Yan’er, her body’s weak and she needs it to make her body stronger!”

Once he heard the egg was for Mo Yan, Mo Feng was full of shock and confusion, “Her? She doesn’t need it.
She doesn’t do anything and just eats and sleeps all day.
Does she think she’s the daughter of a noble?” [4]

Liang slapped the table and roared, “Those eggs are meant to be sold! You unfilial child! Are you trying to make us go bankrupt?”

Mo Yan had just entered the kitchen at this point, and thought to herself, It would’ve been fine if her life was a little harder, but coupled with this fiery mother of mine, this might not be good.

Post editing notes: Some of the locations might be wonky for a while, but I’ll try to draw a map as soon as I wrap my head around the house.
[1] By Chinese web novel standards, that’s practically nothing.
[2] Yan’er is an endearing term.
[3] Yes, Mrs.
Liang is what she’s called in the story.
No, I didn’t make that up.
[4] I think this brother will be a real piece of work.

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