m, “You are Lu Junming.
It doesn’t matter who your parents are, you’re still Lu Junming in my eyes!”

When Mrs.
Liang noticed that Mo Yan had gone to the pond again, she went to the point of the home closest to the pond and shouted, “Mo Yan, where did you go? Why are you running around when you’re sick! Come back immediately!”

Mo Yan stood up and walked back.
Lu Junming asked from behind, “Are you sick?”

“No, I just got heat stroke.
I’m all better now,” she replied as she ran back.

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When she arrived, Mrs.
Liang was looking at her aggressively with her arms crossed, “Why were you running around for no reason!”

“I went to check on the ducks.”

“The ducks already know how to go back home on their own, so there’s no need to check on them.
Don’t go to the pond again anytime soon.”

Mo Yan didn’t dare talk back to her and went into the courtyard.
Her sister had gone to the fields again.
Liang sat down under the shade of the acacia tree in the courtyard, still working on the shoe soles.

“I’ve troubled young Mr.
Cao today.
I want to go and thank him,” Mo Yan said.

When she heard that Mo Yan was going to the Cao’s, Mrs.
Liang agreed readily, “Sure, but change into clean clothes before you go.”

Mo Yan went to change her clothes.
Although they were still simple linen clothes, they had fewer folds and she looked much sharper.

She was about to leave the house when she was stopped by Mrs.
Liang, “When you want to thank someone, you have to give them a gift.”

After saying that, she put down the soles she was working on and went to the kitchen to grab a clay jar.
Inside the clay jar were the salted eggs she had made.

Instead of using a handkerchief, she grabbed a small wicker basket and put the salted eggs into it.
Then she put two more in there, and after a moment’s hesitation, two more after that.

Mo Yan was so shocked that her eyes widened, “So many?”

“The Cao family is very wealthy and they won’t care about these insignificant things, but you still have to show your appreciation!”

She handed the small wicker basket to Mo Yan, “Be careful, they’re still raw and might break.
Tell Madam Cao that they should be steamed before eating!”

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Mo Yan carefully went to the Cao family.
She saw a few people on the way, who smiled and said nothing when they saw her going there.

The Cao family’s house was much grander than the Mo’s.
Their gates were painted black and the road from the gate to the north house was made of azure bricks.
To the north were five brick houses with wide stairs at the entrance, all painted azure.

To the west were two barns without doors, one had a work horse and an ox inside, while the other had a large cart and some farm equipment.

And to the east are two rooms.
One was the kitchen and the other was the grainery.

The main gate was open, so Mo Yan walked in.
Li, the Cao family’s servant, was drying the clothes in the courtyard.
When she saw Mo Yan carefully carrying a small wicker basket inside, she asked, “Yan’er, why are you being so careful?”

“I have salted eggs with me.
I came to thank young Mr.
Cao for his help this morning.”

Cao had already returned from his clinic.
When he heard her speak, he came out of his consultation room and said, “I’ve talked to Zhang’er and his mother.
I’ll take your pulse again to see if anything’s wrong.”

Mo Yan handed the small basket to Ms.
Li, “These salted eggs are still raw, so you should steam them first.
They taste really good!”

She followed Mr.
Cao into the consultation room, where he took her pulse.

Cao was a refined man who was extremely kind and never raised his voice.
It was no wonder that he had raised a child like Cao Zhang.

After taking her pulse, Mr.
Cao smiled faintly, “You’re all right.
However, your body’s too weak and you need long term care to be healthy.”

The problem was, how could they afford long-term care?

Post-edit notes: Money.
The problem is always money.
I really hope Mo Yan thinks of more ways to get rich soon.
[1] More romantic development.
This is going to be good.

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