d, but it turned out to only be Cao Zhang and the Mo sisters .

“It’s you two? Are you here to see a doctor?”

Mo Ling hurriedly stood up and bowed low, “Madam, my sister was suffering from heatstroke.
Young Mr.
Cao administered some medicine to make her better.”

Cao looked at her son, “Zhang’er, you don’t know anything about medicine.
What if you gave someone the wrong type of medicine?”

Cao Zhang said disgruntledly, “I just gave her a couple of cooling pills.”

“It’s fine as long as no one is hurt.
Don’t touch your father’s stuff in future.”

Mo Ling asked what many people in the village wanted to ask, “Madam, why isn’t young Mr.
Cao studying medicine?”

Cao fanned herself with a paper fan as she replied, “There’s no future in being a doctor.
I want my son to pass the imperial examination and become a scholar.”

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After resting for a few moments, Mo Yan felt less uncomfortable, so went home with her sister.
Mo Ling asked how much the pills cost, but Cao Zhang declined her offer.

“There’s no need.
My father makes these pills himself.”

“The herbs cost money too! I have to pay for the cost.”

“I really don’t know how much they cost.
We can talk about it when my father returns.”

Cao urged Cao Zhang to return to school, implying that the Mo sisters shouldn’t affect his studies.

The two sisters excused themselves and left.
When they left, they could hear Mrs.
Cao scolding Cao Zhang, but they didn’t hear what was being said.

When they returned home so early, Mrs.
Liang knew without asking that they weren’t done with their work yet.
When she saw how listless Mo Yan looked, she also knew that she wasn’t feeling well again.

“Why do you get sick so often? You don’t look like Xi Shi, but your body is so delicate!”

Mo Ling put her sister to rest in bed, then opened a jar of white flour and poured the contents into a bowl.
Then, she started to knead the dough.

Liang followed her in and asked sullenly, “What are you doing with white flour now?”

Mo Ling replied while still kneading the dough, “I’m making some dough soup for Yan’er.” [1]

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Liang kicked the broom which laid behind the door with her foot as she scolded Mo Ling “Are you trying to bankrupt us! She does nothing all day, and now you want to give her an extra meal!”

Mo Ling ignored her and continued kneading the dough.
Liang became even angrier and pushed the bowl with the dough to the ground, “She won’t be able to eat this now!”

The bowl broke in half, but the dough did not fall to the ground and landed perfectly in a half of the bowl.
Mo Ling bent down to pick up the dough, put it on the counter and kneaded it, saying slowly, “If Yan’er can’t eat this today, then no one can!”

“If Mo Yan can’t eat the dough soup, no one can? Just who do you think she is!”

With that, she tried to grab the dough.
Mo Ling dodged and glared angrily at her, “She’s your own daughter! If you can’t raise her properly, why did you give birth to her at all? Aren’t you afraid of suffering retribution in your next life!”

“We’re poor! I can’t afford to raise a sick child!”

“Then why doesn’t your son work in the fields? Who is he more valuable than?”

“He’s the only one who’s holding this family together! If it’s not for him ……”

She didn’t finish the sentence, but Mo Ling could fill in the gaps.
If it wasn’t for Mo Feng, her son, Mo Zhenian would’ve retired or divorced her a long time ago, and their family wouldn’t exist in the first place.

Post-edit notes: So Mrs.
Liang isn’t the current antagonist, but rather her husband…this is shaping up to be very interesting.I also just realised I mischaptered Chapter 8 as Chapter 9, so there are two Chapter 9s…oops.
[1]: Dough soup is just a soup with hand-torn pieces of dough and various pieces of vegetables.
It’s also a traditional Korean soup called Sujebi.

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