Let’s Have Fun Together (4)

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By Antoinette Vanessa May 6, 2022

When asked whether or not I remembered, I examined my memory.

I made such a clumsy thing?

No, I couldn’t deny the possibility.
After all, the queen was particularly dissatisfied at my embroidery and sewing.
To the extent that she once said, “It’s already a miracle you haven’t stab your finger.” Well, even without sewing skill, I could still become a queen!

Anyway, did I give such a stuffed doll to His Highness?

As I pondered that, God let out a sigh.

“No way, you truly don’t remember?”

“Not at all.”

“It might be because you actually wanted to throw it away.”

What does that mean?

The god answered when I appealed with my eyes.

“I think you said it about five times back then.
You asked the first prince to abandon the idea.”

“To His Highness!? Me, such a thing—!?”

After all, the other party was still a crown prince.
For a mere duke’s daughter to insist on such a thing…

“…Maybe I did.”

You threw a tantrum.
Cute, don’t you think?”

…Again, I couldn’t deny the possibility.
I could only laugh.

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As of the present, I was a patient person.
When I was little, though, I seemed to have thrown tantrums as according to my age.
My saying, “Please throw it away—!” back then might not be all that strange.

“…‘A patient person’? You?”

“Reading my mind is shameless.”

“The timing couldn’t be more accurate.”

Perhaps, the god thought he had grasped my weakness? In that case, I had an idea, too.


“I, it’s not like I see you when you’re naked?!”

God’s face immediately turned red.
It was a hundred years too early for him to make fun of me.
After all, if it was only that much, I wouldn’t be swayed.

Well, that concluded my punishment towards the god.

I should return to the main topic.

“But why, even though I should’ve disposed of it.”

“Why are you asking me? You should’ve asked him directly?”

However, god suddenly turned away.

…I didn’t want him to suddenly clam up.

“Can you suddenly not get in a bad mood just because I recalled it?”

“I’m not in a bad mood.
I just thought that I mustn’t spoil you too much.”

“Oh, dear.
Since when did god become so amazing?”

“I’ve already been amazing since the beginning—for I am god!”

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…Speaking of which, that was the case.
It was easy to forget that fact, considering how casually we treated each other.

Still, regardless of how he acted, he was still a god—

—wait, that wasn’t important as of the present.

Before that, there was something more pressing.

I toyed with the stuffed animal.

“Should I just throw it away?”

“I think you should cherish it.”

“Are you still in a bad mood?”

However, the god seemed serious.

“Considering that you’re going to die in a few days, you just don’t want to leave any traces of yourself behind, right? At least, that’s what people usually say…”

“…I merely wanted to be rid of the reminder to my shameful past.”

“Well, either way is fine.”

Afterwards, god stood up while saying, “It’s about time.”

That was all for today.

I had more work to do in reality.

“Do your best on the exam.”

“Of course!”

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Light shone in the white world.

Someone was calling me—

“—Lelouche! Lelouche!”

How many times was that…?

—5 days remaining.

“Lelouche! Lelouche…!”

As I hazily opened my eyes, dazzling light was pouring through the door that should’ve been closed.

The ‘Gold Prince’ who wore the radiance of the morning sun as a halo was just too dazzling.

“Ah, good morning, Your Highness Sazanjill.”

“That isn’t what you’re supposed to say at such a time!?”

“Fufu, but greetings are the basis of everything.”

His Highness Sazanjill supported my back.
I gently corrected my posture and asked him.

“Thank you for your assistance.
What time is it now? Have I missed the exam?”

“If it’s the follow-up exam, there’s still time.
Before that, let’s get you examined.”

“There’s no need to worry.
I won’t die, yet.”

“What kind of joke is that…!?”

It wasn’t a joke, but a fact.

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I got up quickly and attempted to move my body… I had slept in a cold and hard place.
Therefore, I was sore.
Still, I had a good night’s sleep.
My head was clear.
There was nothing wrong with it.

“Then, I shall take the follow-up exam.
Let me thank you later.”

No matter how much I studied, there’d be no point if I didn’t take the exam.

I tried to rush out, but my arm was pulled.

“W, wait, why does Lelouche have this?”

He showed me the pink rabbit, the friend I had spent the night with.
 It truly was disproportionate to the beauty of the crown prince, yet His Highness Sazanjill firmly held the ugly doll.

I involuntarily diverted my gaze.

“You dropped it on the day you came to visit me.
I’m sorry that I didn’t return it as soon as possible.
Then, can you please throw it away?”

“I won’t! Lelouche did her best to make it!”

“But, it’s as ugly as a garbage—”

“It’s my treasure! No matter what Lelouche said, I won’t abandon it!”

…Why was he getting angry?

The person who made it said it was garbage.
Thus, it was decided that it was garbage.
Even so, the opening bell rang.
I couldn’t wait any longer.

I combed my slightly damp black hair that had been left unkept overnight.

“If you say that, then have it your way.
I need to go.”

“T, the exam, do your best.”

The corners of my mouth rose.

“I won’t smear Your Highness’ face with mud.

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