Their Positions Have Changed

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By Antoinette Vanessa March 22, 2022

—20 days remaining.

“Are you truly returning to the academy starting tomorrow?”

“Of course!”

I had fully recovered from my cold.
Rather, I felt tired from sleeping too much.

As I was healthy, taking a break from the academy would be outrageous.

At my immediate response, god furrowed his eyebrows.

“…Why don’t you just stop meeting everyone?”

“Oh my, do you want to monopolize me?”

While holding the special tea that I had brought into my dream that night, I smirked at god.
In response, he slammed his own cup on the table. Oh, no… The special tea spilled onto the tablecloth.
Of course, there was no maid within my dream.
When I thought of bringing a handkerchief next time, I noticed that god was trembling.

“What’s wrong? God, are you perhaps sick?”

“N, no.
A god doesn’t get sick.
You don’t have to worry about that.”

“That’s right.
To be healthy all the time—I envy you!”

Oh, dear.

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Despite me smiling throughout the entire conversation, god was sighing deeply.
He was a very beautiful person, to the point that he appeared picturesque.
Still, I wanted to see the other sides of him.
By the way, I felt like I rarely saw him smile.

Hmm… how do I make him laugh?

Despite my worries, god poured himself more tea and drank it all at once.

“—You missed the point! Shouldn’t it be obvious? I don’t know what will happen to you if you do as you please! What’s with you!? Why did you offer to annul your engagement now?! You also aren’t flirting with the second prince! What is it that you want!? What is it that you are trying to do?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

I also drank my tea all at once and smiled gracefully.

“Everything is for the sake of my beautiful death.”

—19 days remaining.

Life was unpredictable.

“—Lelouche Elcage! Please marry me!”

Amongst all the students, was there anyone who could have predicted His Highness Sazanjill’s new morning greeting? Even I was caught off guard.

Of course, His Highness was donning a uniform.
However, within his hand was a bouquet of bright red roses that didn’t at all belong at the academy.
As expected of the ‘Golden Prince.’ His kneeling appearance was so beautiful, no one could help but be fascinated by it—

—Although, there were some bluish-black marks on his face.
Seeing that they hadn’t heal in a week, that must had been painful.

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Anyway, we were at the academy.
It was the middle of the main street, a few steps away from the academy’s gate.
Moreover, it was a few minutes before the morning homeroom would start.
He was attracting a lot of attention from both outside and inside the academy buildings.
No matter how much I thought about it, that wasn’t the time for a proposal.

—Let’s not inquire any further about this.

When I passed by next to him, there was a lady waiting for me.

Instead of laughing at the scene before her, she gave an excellent curtsey with a perfect smile.

While curtsying, I also gave a smile to the lovely lady with fluffy, coral-colored, hair.

“Good morning, Lumiere.
It’s a fine day today.”

“Good morning, Lady Lelouche.
I’m very happy to see you in good health.”

“Thank you very much for your polite greeting.
Shall we go to the classroom?”

At my modest invitation, her eyes widened for a moment.

Yes, her curtsey was fine, indeed.
It didn’t pale in comparison to mine, someone who was an ‘Un’ grade student.
My compliment must had been conveyed as her expression became brilliant.

…That smile—

—Surely, she’d be able to bring happiness to many in the future.

“Are you telling the truth?! Thank you for accompanying me!”

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“Fufu, what an exaggeration.”

I patted Lumiere’s shoulder.
She was half a step behind me.


I ignored the voice that was calling for me.

I was satisfied.
I could go to the academy with a friend.

Thus, that night—

“—I see, you prefer those of the same sex!”

“I won’t deny that kind of orientation.
But sexually, I prefer men.”

That day, I tried to brew an herbal tea with an elaborate taste.
I chose tea leaves with a relaxing effect.

But… the god didn’t calm down at all.

“Then, why did you ignore the proposals of both princes and instead make friends with a noble lady?”

“Oh, my.
I did that merely because in my absence, she studied hard and showed me quite the gracious figure.
Do I need any other reason to be nice to her?”

“That may be the case, but… what will you do now? What about those siblings?”

“If you read my heart, you’ll understand it right away.”

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I teasingly winked at god.

“…You said you didn’t like any of them.”

So please watch until the end.”

After smiling so much, I drank the herbal tea and suddenly asked—

“—By the way, is god alright as a man?”

“…What do you think?”

“Maybe, just to confirm, I should peel off your clothes right here and now.”

“Don’t do that!? That’ll be especially bad!!”

I laughed a little when I saw god mumbling in concern.
I wondered which aspect of him was manly.

…Ah, this is good.

Thanks to the herbal tea, the inside of my chest felt warm.

***T/N: Oh man, we are down to 19 days?

Also, disclaimer, some of you may notice that we aren’t updating regularly this month.
The reason is because the proofreader/ uploader is preparing for a big move.
I’m still translating as usual, just you wait sweet babiez, the chapterz are comingzzz

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