I Shall Enjoy These Wonderful Consecutive Days Off

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By Antoinette Vanessa December 24, 2021

—31 days remaining.

The fun, consecutive days off, break will start tomorrow!

For three nights and four days, I was ready to stay at Baron Alban’s house.
In preparation of teaching a certain someone from the time she woke up to the time she slept, I postponed the after-school tutoring session.
To keep her from getting bored, I introduced about five recommended books to her.

Still, recently, Lumiere had become less disliked.
I kept hearing, “Lumiere has become more beautiful,” from the surroundings recently.
I also heard that His Highness Sazanjill had directly praised her.
Her score quiz seems to have been far higher than before.
Those visible changes seemed to be accompanied by her aspirations.

I was glad—

—this way, even after I’m gone, everything will be alright?

That day, for the first time in a long time, I had no plans for after school.
I wouldn’t be practicing swordsmanship for three days, and I was about to go home thinking that I could just do some self-study.

“Lady Lelouche.”

It had been a long time ever since someone referred to me like that.

I was surprised.

I was reluctant to say it, but my appearance had devolved even more recently.
Not only was I covered in dirt, my uniform was also torn.
As expected, people started to suspect I was being abused.
I began to wonder if I was about to be involved in some unnecessary chit-chat.

“I’ve heard a rumor.”

The people speaking to me were Duchess Lala Fable and Countess Media Remel.
They weren’t sisters, but they were close friends.
The two tied their hair using the same ribbons and in the same style.

“You’re going to spend your break with a daughter from a baron family? If I’m not mistaken, she’s from the Trois class, isn’t she?”

“She’s been getting along rather nicely with Prince Sazanjill, right?”

At least refer to her by name, and not her class.

How can you not know it?

My eyes narrowed.
Regardless, I didn’t care enough to point that out.
Therefore, I answered with a smile.

“They are, indeed.
I’m really looking forward to staying with her so we can deepen our friendship as women during our consecutive days off.”

Then, Lala whispered, “Well, pardon me…”

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I had no choice but to listen.

“…Shall we cooperate?”


As I stared at them, their lips, which were covered in lipstick, distorted.

“…Isn’t doing everything yourself difficult? For your consecutive days off, shall I help you prepare some flowers for her? I’ve been doing business with a trader lately.
I heard that pure white chrysanthemums are preferred in the Eastern part of the continent.
It’s a flower that symbolizes the end of life!”

“Isn’t it wonderful?! I wonder if that Trois student has that kind of knowledge, though? Should I send her a dictionary of flowers?”

Oh, I see.

The two of them were truly excited, as if they were blooming.

…How silly.

What was worse was that they never used malicious words—such as bullying or harassment.

If this went well, then I, the future princess, would be indebted to them?

However, if anything were to happen, wouldn’t I be blamed? In the end, they were just planning to impose everything on me.

How convenient for you.

I’m sorry.

I wasn’t one to make use of wild cards.
I was about to reach my end soon—so I alone was enough.

“I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry.
Excuse me, ladies.”

Although my dress was shabbier than theirs, I showed off my perfect curtsey.

…But, I heard something interesting.
A flower that symbolizes the end of life?

Maybe I should think about that for a moment, and—

“—Rumors, hmm?”

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I hadn’t been all that concerned about rumors lately.
I didn’t have any plans that day.
It might be a good idea to look into it.

“Then, what’s the result of your investigation?”

After investigating, I felt like reporting to someone.

God was the right person to complain to.

“Merely looking at it give me a stomachache…”

If I were to list them in bullet points:

I burned Lumiere’s textbooks. I tried to tamper with Lumiere’s test. I mixed insects into Lumiere’s lunch I swatted Lumiere’s head with textbook. I ridiculed Lumiere every day until she cried I ignored the greetings of Lumiere—etc.

Those were all petty forms of harassments.
Based on the etiquette of the royal castle, it could be concluded that the perpetrator was high-ranking.
Few people were so thorough at the academy.
What was more, I was impressed at the cunningness—there were a few clauses that actually did happen.

I sighed, “Good grief… I also heard that due to my pent-up rage, I finally decided to assassinate her.
It is said that Lumiere ran to the toilet during class the other day because I had poisoned her lunch.”

“…Let me ask you this, do you remember doing any of that?”

“I obviously don’t? I’ve been busy training with His Highness Zafield every day during our lunch break.”

As for the other times, I’d be ambushed by His Highness Sazanjill in the morning and be with Lumiere after school.
Far from having no time to carry out such tricks, I had a solid alibi.

God asked with an unabashed face.

“Is Lumiere doing fine physically?”

“I think it was just diarrhea? She should have been feeling refreshed after release it all.”

“…Why do you know that much?”

“I recall the appearance of Lumiere from that date and time.
Her lower abdomen had become a bit smaller.”

“You’re a bit gross.”

How disrespectful.

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As her educator, managing her body shape was also part of my job.
I felt annoyed.

When I turned away, god then said, “You love doing that, don’t you?”

I pretended to not hear him, just like what he did back then.

After shrugging, god asked me.

“But, why would they do such a thing? No one is watching.”

“However, the evidence is always there.”


“By that, I mean this.”

It was a bet whether or not I could bring it into my dream.
Turns out, as long as I placed it on my bedside, it seemed possible.
In that case, I’ll prepare a tea set and go to bed tomorrow.
After all, having a conversation without tea felt dull.

While entertaining such a thought, I handed him a letter pressed with flowers.
On the letter, words seemingly penned by a lady, stated as follows—

“—An amiable relationship that is also self-explanatory.”

At the end, my name and the initials of my family were added.

God spoke after alternating his gaze between me and the letter.

“Is this your handwriting?”

“It’s completely different.
For one, talking with such vain similes isn’t my habit.”

I planned to write a number of letters with royal seal in the future, so I had concentrated on my penmanship.
I had reached the level of handwriting as organized as those in my textbooks with both my eyes closing.


“…As long as the context, ‘A jealous woman whose fiancé is being stolen from her’ still stands, such evidence is enough to paint me as the culprit.”

“Although, the fact remains that you’re tutoring that thieving cat despite the possibility of losing your fiancé to her.”

“Oh, my! You say some excellent things!”

After I praised god, he seemed hesitant. “I’m finally being treated like a god?”

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It couldn’t be helped, after all, I was told such a thing?

“Being honest with you, god—you aren’t very god-like.”

“Why!? For me to appear inside your dream, isn’t that celestial enough!?”

“I mean, there’s that, but if you truly are a god, then you should have already known the results of my investigation?”

After all, he knew of my future.

God seemed reluctant once again.

“…I just thought that you’d want me to ask you.”

“I don’t remember ever asking that of you?”

“But, you said, ‘It’s really interesting, you know!?’ with a pair of glittering eyes!? It’d be impolite for me not to ask!?”

“Oh, you’re good at imitating my voice!”

“Listen to what I’m saying for once!?”

Fufu, I mean—isn’t that embarrassing?

Did I talk that much?

True, I was happy at being able to talk to god a lot that day.
More so because we had been fighting for the past few days… I still missed those arguments.

But, I shouldn’t tell him that, yet.
When I laughed, one full of implications, god only sighed.
These days, I was happy to be able to communicate with him.

God, who guessed, also switched the topic.

“—Here’s the real question.”

“What is it?”

“How were you able to figure everything out in just those few hours after school?”

“That’s all being a lady is about.”

***T/N: …Hot damn, then Lelouche should’ve solved the bullying sooner!

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