Royal Lapis Lazuli School.

This is a learning ground attended by royalty, nobility and some civilians with magic aged between 12 and 16.

Studying academia and socialization, after graduation, for a year, each becomes an apprentice on the road ahead.
What makes you a knight, what makes you a samurai, each begs your senior to teach you to be alone.
A bridesmaid who is to be married will go to her wedding home for a year to train as a bridesmaid.

– It was now during the afternoon class, but a girl, one of the students, made a noise and rose out of her chair.

She is Tiara Rose Lapis Clamentir.
She is the daughter of the Marquis family in this country and the fiancée of Prince Wang.

Something comes to the attention of the students, but Tiara Rose silently roughened her breath and distorted her face painfully.

”What ’s the matter, Tiara? ”

ugh ”

Halt Knights, the same class and fiancé of Tiara Rose, rises first and heads under Tiara Rose.
This is followed by a friendly warrant with her, who looks worried.

But Halt Knights ’ call is also vain, and Tiara Rose flutters on the spot.

Honey pink fluffy hair dances and beautiful eyes are tightly closed.
Which warrant was the scream that soared up?

”Oh no…
Me, villain… ”

Leaving a grunt that no one could understand, Tiara Rose let go of consciousness – ….

◇ ◇ ◇

’Yay, new stills! Now the Halt Knights route is a complete offense!! ’

With a groaning voice, the sight of a girl playing a maiden game floats in Tiara Rose ’s brain.

And the stage of that game was here, The Kingdom of Lapis Lazuli.

I didn ’t mean to say, ”Huh?, ” she shouts.
But the question is solved in an instant.
Because a ton of information came into Tiara Rose ’s brain.

– This is information from my previous life.

It was reincarnated into the world of the popular maiden game Lapis Lazuli ’s Ring.

A magical fantasy maiden game reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

Attackees are princes, brother-in-law, knights, mages, and school healers.

I could instantly understand that, Tiara Rose, but soon I also understood my position.

She stands in the way of heroine in this game -…
that she ’s a villain ’s warrant.

The heroine of this maiden game is the adopted daughter of Count Borderline.
She had a powerful magic power, from a civilian to an aristocratic adoptive daughter…
to this school in Wangdu, comes as an integrator.

Heroin incorporated it two years ago.
Tiara Rose remembered her past life memories, but of course she also remembers firmly the present life she lives as Tiara Rose.

Calculate the date and count to the end of the game.
And soon enough, I know it ’s too late.

Because today is the day before the graduation party, which is the ending.
Tomorrow at the party, Tiara Rose is forced to break her engagement to her fiancé, Halt Knights.

Haltnights Lapis Lazuli Lactomut.

He is the main offensive character of this maiden game and the first prince of the Lapis Lazuli kingdom.

Until he was tied to heroine, he was the fiancée of Tiara Rose, a villain ’s warrant.

sucks ”

Tiara Rose ’s voice, slowly opening her eyes and squeaking, was supposed to disappear into the air.
But there was a response to that voice.

”Are you awake?…
yet, it ’s good to sleep.
I ’m arranging a carriage right now. ”

Master Halt Knights? Me, uh. ”

”It ’s the first time you ’ve fallen….
because I ’m all about the clams, did you even think about pulling it off?


Tiara Rose swallows much more endurance that she is about to raise her voice to the words of Halt Knights.
I think they said something rude, but even if Haltnights is the king prince of this country.

Tiara Rose was anxious to see what he was up to as he was firmly attacked by heroines.
If you say something that bothers you, they ’ll tell you it ’s disrespectful.

I ’m sorry for the inconvenience because I don ’t seem to be feeling very well. ”

”For once, I ’m Tiara ’s fiancée. ”

– Once (…).

To the words, Tiara Rose leans down.
I have no choice.
Anyway, Haltnights is obsessed with Akali, the heroine.

– It ’s like a Japanese name.

”Lapis Lazuli ’s Ring ” is where the player enters his name.
That ’s why heroines don ’t have officially set names.
Tiara Rose decided to think it must be that name because it ’s a game for the Japanese.

I ’m having a graduation party tomorrow, but I need a little help.
I ’m sorry, but I ’m not going to be able to escort you in. ”

Don ’t seem sorry at all and tell Tiara Rose that Haltnights stays asleep in bed.

Blonde hair, blue eyes.
I admire that look even when someone sees it, but now I ’m looking terribly cold.
Look at Tiara Rose, who doesn ’t respond to anything, but Halt Knights says nothing.

”……… I understand.
Tomorrow, I ’m going to the venue by myself. ”

After a while of silence, it was Tiara Rose who opened her mouth.

How humiliating is a party where your fiancée doesn ’t escort you?

but she knows that Halt Nights and Heroine are waiting for her at the party venue where she enters by herself and starts her own culpability event.

I ’ve played the game many times.
Of course Tiara Rose knows what the development will be.

The playroute is Haltnights of the King Prince, the first prince of the Lapis Lazuli kingdom.

He was the most popular, it ’s already, even…
drowning heroin.
Whisper sweet dialogue with a gentle smile and a

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