Once, Xu Zitang took the spirit grass, she left.
Tian Liang seeing the beauty leave, naturally kept up, but not without sending a sharp eye knife at Xu Ziqing.
But Xu Ziqing's head was bowed and did not react to the glance.

The next few days, Xu Ziqing continued memorizing the texts as usual.
He planned to finish memorizing after dinner, when he was called aside by the old man.

Xu Ziqing was puzzled.
Typically, this was the time for them to rest, and he had no idea why he was called over.

Instead, he saw Old Man He smoking on his pipe to ask, “Why have you not come to ask me?”

Xu Ziqing didn't quite understand: “In recent days, Manager He has given this junior many pointers, and this junior is naturally very grateful…”

Old Man He waved his hand: “It's not this.
You were troubled by that Tian family kid the other day, and I'm afraid he'll still find you to make trouble.
You do not have a drop of cultivation; don't you worry about your life? You should understand, this old man can't protect you all the time.

Xu Ziqing quickly understood what he meant.
He thought about it and said, “The junior is really worried about his own life, and wants to practice cultivation earlier and learn some skills for self-protection.
But this junior has already promised to first read through and memorize the medicine texts first.
Some of the texts have not even been read yet.
How can this junior come to senior and ask for exercises?”

Old Man He stared at his face: “Don't have your life, and still talk about keeping a promise?”

Xu Ziqing said positively: “To speak bluntly, this junior is just a vacillating person.
Although this junior has not practiced, this junior understands it is a difficult path.
If one cannot persist on such a task, this junior is afraid that cultivating will be the same – unable to achieve anything, let alone save my life.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” He said three “good” words in succession, and Old Man He also rarely brought a smile on his face.
“You have this kind of heart.
I really did not misread you.” He finished, He asked again, “How many medicine books have are there left?”

Xu Ziqing replied: “Only is left.”

The old man groaned for a moment and said: “You first learn this book, and then come to me whenever you are done.
I will pass on your exercises.” He snorted again.
“You don't need to worry about Tian Liang.
Continue doing your day job and he will not be able to bother you.”

Xu Ziqing was overjoyed and immediately made a big bow: “Thank you, Manager He.”

Xu Ziqing has not been harassed these days.
Naturally, it was not Tian Liang who let him go, but it was because Tian Liang did not have helpers in the Xu family.
He could not get a lingpai for Baicaoyuan, and just yesterday, the Tian family finally sent someone to pick him up, so Tian Liang had no choice but to go back.

After arriving at the Tian family, Tian Liang walked straight into the main house, “Father, why are you so anxious to have me return? Xu Zitang is kind to me over the past few days, so isn't it fine for stay a few days?”

It turned out that Xu Zitang had given his old man face, and did not let him trouble Xu Ziqing.
His attitude was neither lukewarm nor warm, but Tian Liang thinks that he likes him and is complacent.

Tian Zhu, the master of the house, was overjoyed: “Liang'er, are you serious?”

Tian Liang was very proud and said, “Father, who is your child? If I am not sure, why would this son say this to father?”

Tian Yan gave a hearty laugh: “The Xu Zitang is the most outstanding woman in Xu's family for nearly a century.
Liang'er can marry her and will give birth to a talented child for my son!” He couldn't help but stand up and clap.
After tapping Tian Liang's shoulder, “prepare a gift for the father, and let the elders go to the Xu family to propose marriage!”

Tian Liang was very pleased to hear it, and immediately saluted: “Thank you, father! Thank you, father!”


Xu Ziqing had extraordinary memory, and after a few days, he was able to finish memorizing the last medicine book and went to find the old man.
The old man asked him to recite the texts back to back without any omissions as he smoked his smoking pipe.
Xu Ziqing also admired the old man.
If he only memorized the contents of the book, then with the old man's depth of knowledge, it would be difficult to pass.
He had to think carefully before he can answer.

After some answers, Old Man He's look eased a lot: “It seems that you really worked hard.

Xu Ziqing loosened and laughed, “Thank you very much for your careful teaching.”

The old man was satisfied with Xu Ziqing's homework, so he spread his palms, and a yellowish book appeared on the palm of his hand: “This is an introduction to the exercises, you should first understand  a bit.”

Xu Ziqing took it over, but still couldn't help asking: “Thank you, where did this book …”

Old Man He laughed, he saw that his newly received laborer who was always calm, finally show a trace of youthfulness.
His attitude became more kind, patting on his waist.
“I have a storage bag here, connected to my mind.
This book was originally put inside and with a few thoughts, it can naturally be taken out.

Xu Ziqing smiled, suppressing the shock in his heart.
The so-called “technology” in his previously life was compressing items and loading more things into an equal volume of space at best.
It was nothing compared to the the small bag hanging from Old Man He's waist.
Who would have imagined such a small, exquisite bag could hold so much?

Thinking about his encounter a few days ago, Xu Ziqing sighed.
He originally wanted to live this life by the mountains and rivers, but after knowing the size of the world and coming in contact with the mysteries of cultivation, a hint of ambition grew in his heart. I want to see mountains and waters, to be walk across flowers and plants, to live a healthy, long life… Without strength, he's afraid, he would not life long in this world.

Xu Ziqing was reluctant to cause trouble, but someone else would always provoke him.
He used to think that everyone in the world was like that, and if he meets more unresonable people, he must have the strength to protect himself.

Holding the book, he nodded to the old man, excited to dive in.

The book explained common knowledge in the cultivation world, which made Xu Ziqing finally know how ignorant he was after living here for over ten years.

The universe is vast and infinity.
There are nine thousand worlds, divided into three, three thousands.
Each big world is surrounded by countless small worlds, communicating with each other, and being involved in each other.
The area of ​​each small world is ninety-nine times, and the area of ​​the large world is ninety-nine times the size of the small world.

Xu Ziqing's world is a small Haotian world, and only a subsidiary of one of the 3,000-thousand world.
Within the eastern continents, there were four families – Tian, Luo, Meng, and Wei – that were much more famous than the Xu family.
There were also many factions and schools outside, only a dozen which were noteworthy.

In these countless worlds, mortals want to become immortals, but only those with spiritual roots can do so.
If they can cultivate well into immortality, they can live forever.
But that depends on luck and talent.
The single spiritual root had the highest chance of reaching immortality, and the mixed five spiritual root has the thinnest chance.

After entering the road of cultivation, one's achievement depends on the quality of their cultivation exercise and their own talent.
Each cultivation method also had its attributes, and when one's attributes and cultivation method are complementary, their cultivation will skyrocket.
But when they contradict, getting strong will be slow.

There are six levels of cultivation techniques: heaven, earth, mystery, yellow, human, and unranked1.
Each class is divided into three grades: upper, middle, and lower.
In such a small Haotian world, there are no master practitioners, and having a human-level technique was already very rare.
Those less talented would not even have a chance to look at it.
When a mystery level technique came out, cultivators in the entire small world would rush and fight endlessly for it.
As for heaven and earth grade…
no one has even heard about them since ancient times…

In addition, the spirit stones and crystals used by cultivators also have grades, magic arrays had grades, and so too did cultivators…

Fascinated by the contents, Xu Ziqing forgot to sleep or eat, eyes bloodshot as he spent the next three days finishing the book.

Closing the book, Xu Ziqing took a deep breath and was in awe and yearning.

No wonder everyone wanted to cultivate to immortality, and is envious and admires those that succeed.
It is a vast and immortal road.
People stand on it and look up at the sky, which is inevitable.
Therefore, seeking, asking, and cultivating immortality… 

After reading, Xu Ziqing was also filled with longing knowing how large the world was and how small he was.
Even if he used to live alone in the mountains for a lifetime, he was still full of pride.
If you want to accompany landscapes, flowers and plants, why not travel all over the nine realms to see the landscape of the nine heavens and appreciate the flowers and plants of the world? It was so easy to get a healthy body, and now he could only live to a hundred.
He hoped to live forever – how could he want to die?

“Want to understand?” At this moment, a voice rang in his eardrum, striking his spirit and shaking his heart.

Xu Zizhong was startled: “Manager He?”

It turned out that when he didn’t know when he came and went.

Old Man He smiled: “Boy, you look fascinated.
Do you understand?”

Xu Ziqing slowly shook his head, and then nodded slowly: “Although I haven't found my own way yet, my determination has been made.”

Old Man He smoked with satisfaction: “I haven't taught you exercises after a long time.
Have you ever blamed me?”

“Manager He took great pains for this younger generation to be able to work in the garden.
This junior is not ungracious and naturally thankful.”

The old man spit out his smoke and said, “Yes, those who can't even recognize spirit grass want to work in Baicaoyuan, what's the use!” Then his words turned sharply, “However, just recognizing is useless.
One must not only understand the nature of the spirit grass, but also have an aura to serve the spirit grass, so as not to hurt the grasses when you are working.

After speaking, he spread his palm again.
This time it was still a book with only a few pages.
On the surface of the book, three small words were written.

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