saw it, he didn't say much and he directly informed him the directions.
After Xu Ziqing thanked him and left, an interesting expression appeared.

Baicaoyuan might sound good, but it is the site of the old man.
The old man had a strange temperament, and many children who previously chose this seemingly good job were kicked out by him within a few days.
He doesn't know how long this person can last?

The yellow-faced youth was not optimistic, and Xu Ziqing knew nothing.
He just followed the youth's instructions and walked half an hour along the way before finally going outside a garden.

The door was unlocked, but Xu Ziqing was blocked by an invisible barrier as he walked forward.
Suddenly he was scolded loudly by someone inside.
“Which idiot here touched my barrier? Don't even know to use a lingpai2!”

Xu Ziqing froze, realizing his mistake.
He was accustomed to living in the ordinary world, and had not gained the consciousness of the cultivation world, so he forgot that such a seemingly unlocked door could be actually extremely tightly guarded.

Holding up the wooden sign that the young man with yellow face had given him, he carefully sent it to the void in front.
There was a flash of white light, and when he tried to walk in again, there was no hindrance.

After only three or five steps, he saw an old man walking forward.
There was smoking pipe in his mouth, straw shoes on his feet, and his clothes were very worn.
He has never seen such a strange figure since coming to the main house.
Was he the steward?

When the old man saw Xu Ziqing, he sucked in the pipe and spat out: “Newly arrived laborer?”

As someone newly arrived to do chores, the old man's greeting was not too bad.
Seeing that the man was older, he was naturally more respectful and bowed slightly.
“Xu Ziqing has seen the manager.”

There was a strange color flashing in the old man's eyes as he swept up and down across Xu Ziqing.
“Don't except things to be easy here.
If you can't tolerate hardship, be prepared to be kicked out.”

He didn't deny the title, so he was likely the manager.
Xu Ziqing picked up his pace.
Since he wanted to work here, he should put forth his best effort.
Furthermore, even if it is most difficult, as long as he is accompanied by flowers and plants, the work will naturally be just as rewarding.

The more he walked into the garden, the more more refreshing the air become.
Xu Ziqing couldn't help sucking a deep breath, taking in the subtle fragrance, and feeling his whole lungs were relaxed.

He certainly didn't know that in the world of his second life was filled with something called “spiritual qi” which was lighter than oxygen and once breathed in, can even refresh the body and mind.
Its because of this spiritual qi that cultivators can cultivate.

Baicaoyuan was actually a medicine garden, which is specially cultivated by the Xu family for spiritual grasses, so the spiritual aura inside was extraordinarily abundant.
After coming in from the outside, one could naturally feel the difference.

The arrangement in the garden was not as exquisite or precise as the outside, but was instead very natural.
There were no signs of being clipped or pruned across the flowers and plants, or of the stones and soil being polished and smoothed.

After strolling across the dirt road, there was a stream of clear water flowing into the distance.
On both sides of the stream were small flower fields like small flower fields surrounded by small stone fences.
And in each field were green hazy shadows and slim grass.

There was also a row of thatched houses along the road.
The ones in the front had traces of dwelling judging from the agricultural products, tools, or dustpans were hanging.
The ones further out were smaller and completely empty.

When he walked to the row of thatched houses, the old man raised his pipe, pointed to the smallest one, and said, “You live there, and the mattresses are there.”

Xu Ziqing nodded.

When the old man saw him so obedient, he turned around and said: “The spirit grasses here are not something you can randomly touch.” He returned to his room leisurely and there were several thick manuals in his hands when he came out, which he tossed over to Xu Ziqing.
“Read and memorize them first.”

Xu Ziqing took it over with difficulty.
His body was a lot better than in his first life, and his strength was not bad, but the books were unexpectedly heavy.
“Yes, manager.”

When he looked down, he saw the title of the first book was , which presumably taught how to recognize different plants.
It is really necessary to have this knowledge in Baicaoyuan.
The old man's request was demanding, but thinking deeper, it also benefited him, so Xu Ziqing was naturally grateful.

Seeing his compliance, the old man scrutinized Xu Ziqing.
Although he is recognized to have a weird temperament, he is not unreasonable.
The children who came before were also treated highly within their respective families.
When they saw he was dressed poorly, they naturally showed contempt.
Their attitude was already poor.
So when he instructed them to memorize the various spirit grasses first, they were reluctant and unwilling.
They only wanted him to teach how to cultivate.
How could not be angry with such a poor tempered and lazy person!

The new boy looked thin and weak, and couldn't even properly hold a few medicine books, but he was not arrogant and impatient, and he was willing to do things seriously.
In his eyes, even if the youth has poor qualifications, if he continues being sincere in the future, he will naturally pass down cultivation techniques.
At that time, the new kid would truly become the permanent “miscellaneous laborer” of Baicaoyuan.

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