t since entering the side entrance, everyone has entered the Xu's outer hall.
This hall was the highest ranked “Guanling Temple”.

The entire area of the estate is difficult to calculate, and is divided into the inner and the outer hall.
The inner hall is only accessible to the Xu family children with a spiritual root.
Inside, all the servants are also from the Xu family. However, maids and those responsible for various chores are also included, and those positions are held by family members or casual cultivators who are attached to the Xu family.

The outer hall is run by the Xu family members with no immortal affiliation.
These people are in charge of running the business, and they also use martial arts to train Houtian or Xiantian masters.
In addition, the warriors who are attached to the Xu family or people with family members who are not immortal, are responsible for protecting the business and safety of everyone.

From the side door to the main hall, there was a sweet-smiling maid who specially introduced the situation of the inner and outer halls to them.
Although she did not elaborate on the details, it contained the gist that Xu Mengqian explained before.
Some children were secretly cautious, but there were also some who were dazzled by the grandeur of the main family, and didn't notice their actions.

Guanling Temple is where the spiritual root test is conducted.
Inside, there is a rank-five array once setup by the Xu family ancestors.
In this world there are up to nine grades, and the Xu family has a five-grade array.

To maintain the operation of the array, the Xu family consumes a huge amount of unknown wealth.
But once the array is running, it is no longer necessary to pay any price to test the spiritual roots for those who have Xu's blood.
If it wasn't for the Xu bloodline, the consumption of the array would be doubled.

After entering the main hall, a middle-aged man strode out.
He was responsible for inspecting the children's spiritual roots, and was quite powerful in the outer hall.

The maid who led the crowd retired, and after passing them to the middle-aged man, she disappeared.
Only then did the children realize that the maid was also a master!

At this time an elder in the temple spoke: “Children, come and test the spiritual roots!”

This person is an elder who specializes in activating the array.
He will only come out of the inner hall when operating the array, and has a high status.

The children looked up, and saw the towering view of Guanling Temple several feet high. There was a round black moon hovering above the formation, shining black light, extremely mysterious.

Everyone was dazzled, almost having their minds taken away by the array, and only until hearing the elder cough did they return to their wits.

Xu Ziqing took a step back quietly.
The world he used to live in has never seen such a magical thing, which made him curious, but also because of the subtle breath that leaked from the array.

The elder saw that the children were quiet, turned around, and a blue light shone on the black moon.
The black moon spun wildly, black light flooding all of a sudden, creating a black light curtain that separated out a square space of two meters.

At this time, the momentum of the elder seemed to weaken, and the middle-aged manager took over the follow-up work.

He first said: “Xu Zi'an, come forward to test spiritual roots.”

Among the children, a short and sturdy boy immediately walked out, with a somewhat thick face.
He stepped forward with some fear, entered the black light curtain as gestured by a middle-aged steward, and closed his eyes nervously.

Xu Ziqing knew he was a bastard son of Xu Mengqian, but he didn't have much contact with him.

The light curtain moved slightly, and then a head-sized white light spot appeared on the head of the teenager.
The light spot was pure white, very calm, and there was no subsequent reaction.

The middle-aged manager shook his head: “No spiritual root, retreat back there.” He pointed to the open space on the left.

The teenager had a slight disappointment on his face, but quickly got up and walked into the open space.
He does not have a spiritual root, but it does not matter.
After this round of screening, it is said that there are several elders in the outer hall who will come to find disciples who can practice martial arts.
If they are picked, they can stay in the main family.

Then the middle-aged manager said, “Xu Zishu, come forward and test spiritual roots.”

As soon as his voice fell, a cute girl came out of the crowd, wearing a goose yellow skirt, with two buns on her head.

This girl was Xu Zishu who gossiped with people outside Xu Ziqing's courtyard.
She appeared courageous.
Although she was shocked by the main family, she has basically recovered her liveliness and her eyes are very smart.

She walked into the light curtain with anticipation.

The response of the light curtain was different this time.
Still, a large white spot appeared first, but the next moment, the spot fluttered, and a thick colored light beam suddenly appeared on it.

Looking closely, the beam of light is divided into three colors of gold, green, and brown.
Among them, the green is the brightest, and the golden brown is slightly inferior.

Middle-aged managerial look moved: “Gold, water, soil spiritual roots.
They have similar thickness.
Medium-low qualifications.
Good, stand on the right side.”

After getting a”good”, Xu Zishu was overjoyed.
She went to the right happily, and wore a proud expression.

Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen children were tested, of which two had five spiritual roots, one had four, and were both low-low qualifications.
They also went to the circle where Xu Zishu was standing.

Then it was Xu Ziqing's turn.


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