Eldest Grandson

Early the next morning, the housekeeper's wife brought two young servants to serve him.
In the end, Xu Ziqing's identity was still the former master's eldest and legitimate son.
Within the estate, although he had no real power, they still have to follow the rules on the surface.
In addition, Xu Ziqing was a member of the Xu family.
In the past, when direct descendants were sent over, there were many who were discovered to have an immortal's fate.
If they neglected Xu Ziqing today, and he was found out to have spiritual roots in the future, it would be trivial for him to get rid of a few subordinates.

Xu Ziqing was accustomed to doing things by himself after so many years, nor was he ever served in his former life.
Therefore, when the servant came to help him dress and put on socks, he was calm and unpretentious.
Seeing his generous appearance, the servants were even less likely to belittle him, and respectfully helped him wash before bowing their heads out.

The housekeeper's wife said: “The master has prepared meals in the front hall, and invites young master Ziqing to have breakfast.”

Xu Ziqing smiled mildly.
“Troubling you to bring me over.”

There was a round table in the front hall.
The main seat was naturally filled by the master, Xu Mengqian, and next to him were his legitimate and illegitimate children.
The other children in the branch family sat at another square table.

Xu Ziqing's seat was after the legitimate children and before the illegitimate ones.
He followed his usual low-key approach and listened to Xu Mengqian's words, then bowed his head to eat, and did not talk to others.
Regarding his appearance, someone had explained his identity to his cousins ​a long time ago, so no one took the initiative to approach him either.

The dining table was not completely silent.
In the main family, if one wanted to have a better life, having companions was important, so they can have some backing and support when speaking up later on.
Therefore, the legitimate children on the left of Xu Ziqing naturally tried to probe one another very politely, and the illegitimate ones on his right did the same, though their manners were worse.

The mealtime atmosphere was warm.
Near the end, Xu Mengqian coughed gently, and everyone stopped their chopsticks.
Their eyes fell on him to hear his advice on how to behave when they're with the main family.

Sure enough, Xu Mengqian opened his mouth.
“Everyone is the foundation of my Xu family.
After three days, when everyone comes together, they will enter the main family and their spiritual roots will be tested.
Once you are found to have one, you stay with the main family.
There are countless spiritual herbs and medicines, immortal techniques and arrays, and so on, for you to experience.” His voice deepened at this point.
“If your cultivation is successful, immortals will descend from the upper world.
Then when you go up to the upper realm, you can be immortal or a saint.
This kind of good fortune and chance is rare.
So don't make a small mistake and lose your opportunity, and let someone else take advantage to benefit from it!”

Hearing this, everyone was excited and sat up a little straighter.

Xu Mengqian shook his long beard and bowed his head slightly: “You must keep in mind there are many rules on this trip to the main family.
Those who have the fate to stay in the main family must exercise caution.
They must not offend the main family's young masters or ladies.
Or else, even as a branch family master, I cannot save you.”

Most of what he said here was to his own children.
Although the children from side branches of the branch family were also “young masters” or “young ladies” at home, in fact, they were of low temperament.
Within the branch family, they could be considered as sensitive to the rules, and could be expected to do the same in the main family.
But his own children were different.
Although they have also been taught the rules, they have been respected by many people for many years.
It will be harder for them to adapt at the main family, and they might be more impulsive and ill-tempered.
If they accidentally committed a crime or offended someone, he wouldn't be able to help.
Furthermore, there are hundreds of family members of equal status to him who are rarely talked about in the main family.

Xu Mengqian thought for a while, and then said: “In the main family, you must forget who you are, and respect the nobles of the main family.
Even more are the stewards who have face, and must not be offended.
Then there are those who had a chance of being immortals, while their status are not as high as the nobles, they are much higher than normal people.
I have prepared a few such people who are well-versed in the rules and practices of the family.
In the future, if there are some with the good fortunate to become disciples of clan elders or the family head, they will be given to avoid you doing something wrong, which would be regrettable.”

As for those who have spiritual roots but shallow affinities, naturally they can only work hard in the main family.

Then he mentioned a few names, said some key points, and even shared some individuals in the family who had some relationship with them.

Xu Ziqing listened silently, trying to remember as much as he could.
He didn't know if he had a spiritual root, but if he stayed and didn't remember these words, it would be just himself who was unlucky.

Xu Mengqian's teaching lasted for a full shichen1.
After the servants brought tea and everyone drank it, they returned to their own courtyards.
Some thoughtful ones also went on to extend the “friendship” on the table without explicitly saying it.

Xu Ziqing also returned to his courtyard.
It was just a small courtyard, but because he has the status of a direct descendent of the former master, he could be assigned his own.
Don't know how many other children in the mansion from side branches were assigned to live in the same courtyard and divided into different rooms.

There was a fence in the courtyard surrounded by a small flower bed, in which a few banana plants were planted.
The large fan-like leaves hung down, enveloping one side in tranquility, created a scene of elegance.
Under the large leaves were a bamboo chair, a footrest, and a round table with long legs.

Xu Ziqing's heart was moved, as he walked over to sit on the chair, straightened his long legs, and stepped on the footrest.
He half-squinted his eyes, enjoying the shade.
Although it was spring, the sun was still a bit too hot in the afternoon.

A small servant walked over lightly and asked softly, “Young master Ziqing, can I get you a small pot of tea?”

Xu Ziqing smiled at him: “I've troubled you.”

The servant hastily replied: “This lowly one doesn't dare.” He then bowed and retreated.
After a while, the sound of footsteps came, and a cup of tea was poured by Xu Ziqing's hand.

Xu Ziqing took a sip, enjoying the lasting fragrance on his lips and mouth.
When he saw the servant holding a teapot at his side, he waved his hand.
“Leave the pot, you can go.
You don't have to wait.”

The servant put the teapot down on the round table and quietly backed down.

Xu Ziqing was relieved.
He didn't like to be stared at while he was resting.

After drinking two more sips of tea, Xu Ziqing felt that the neck seemed to be strangled by some rope.
He leaned to his side and pulled out a black thing from his neck with his hands.

The object was dark in color, and he didn't know what long strip of thing had its head and tail connected, circling into a ring shape.
Only the head was raised slightly, and a bead was hidden under the horn on the top of the head.

The thing was really worn out, but the weight was still substantial.
Xu Ziqing somehow recognized that it was a long dragon.
At first glance, the appearance was not very good, but when he looked closely, it seemed very powerful.

Xu Ziqing originally found this thing while sleeping in the wild.
Later, he felt that it was simple in shape and was a totem of the country in his previous life, so he looped it around a string and tied it to his neck.
It was a small momentum of his past life.

After playing for a while, Xu Ziqing tucked it under his clothes and closed his eyes to rest.

Just when his eyelids were feeling heavy, footsteps sounded outside the door, making a noise that woke him up.

He heard someone say, “Just who lives here? They even get a separate courtyard!”

Another person chimed: “Exactly, Sister Zishu, we have met the other brothers and sisters here, so which one is this?”

Then there was a delicate voice with some arrogance: “My siblings certainly don't live here.”

Someone else wondered, “Then who is it?”

Finally, he heard that Xu Zishu hummed and say: “Originally my uncle passed away, leaving this lone seedling.
He used to live alone in the village.
My father was very kind, so when going to the main family, wanted to pick him up and let him live alone in such a good place! “

Listening to her say this, others quickly complimented: “Master Xu is kind-hearted and different from others!”

“Exactly! Master Xu is compassionate, and treat's his older brother's son kindly!”

Others went further: “If so, the guest staying inside should be grateful for such compassionate treatment!”

Others yelled, “This person's personality is definitely bad.
Otherwise, he clearly received such a big gift, but hasn't even come out to thank this group of brothers and sisters!”

These sounds were not small, so Xu Ziqing heard clearly.
He frowned slightly before releasing it.

At the beginning, when he was at the dinner table, he only felt that the Xu family was a big family, and even the branch family children were brought up properly.
He didn't expect that it was just in front of Xu Mengqian, and their behavior of gossiping in private was no different from those side branches.

In fact, if it was an ordinary family, when the eldest son dies and his grandson remains, the family business should be inherited by his grandson.
Xu Ziqing was the grandson.
It was only because he was too young to control the family that Xu Mengqian was able to get it for cheap.
In this cultivation family, Xu Mengqian naturally cannot kill the descendants of his family, so it was reasonable to raise him.
There is no such thing as being kind to Xu Ziqing.
Xu Ziqing himself had no dislike for Xu Mengqian, and he also felt that he was good to him.
But to let Xu Ziqing graciously thank him for his compassion…
didn't make any sense.

These words are a little too much, but it was just that.
There was nothing wrong with Xu Mengqian inheriting the branch family or raising him, or his children playing tricks behind his back.
Xu Ziqing has lived for two lifetimes – did he have to quibble with them? However, once people with such temperament are provoked, they will always make trouble.
Staying away from them in the future will be better.

After not hearing any movements inside, the people outside also got bored.
After they finished speaking those sentences, their footsteps slowly moved away.
Xu Ziqing yawned loudly, and simply took a nap.

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