The clothes of the men and women fluttered and fell down.
The magic weapons in their hands were flowing with colorful light, which was very impressive.
The woman at the front had a beautiful and tender face and her expression was like snow.
She held two red silks on her arms, flying up and down, extremely beautiful.


 This is another expert of the Foundation Establishment Stage, her name is Meng Wanqin.
She is also several decades old, but because of her advanced cultivation, she has good looks and skills, and she is still beautiful.


 Over there, Tian Tao and Xu Zifeng also swept their gazes.
The three of them made contact with each other and then backed away.


 These people have the same imposing manner, and none of them have the ability to overwhelm the crowd.


 Now, the Xu, Meng, and Tian families each have a Foundation-Building expert.
The highest cultivation level of the other two families is only the ninth level of Qi Condensation.
In terms of strength, they will be overwhelmed by them. 


 Xu Ziqing also glanced at those people, only to feel that all of them were full of spiritual aura, which was many times stronger than that of himself, and he felt a little sad for a while.
But in the blink of an eye, he was able to figure it out.
It was less than a year since he stepped into the path of immortal cultivation, so why was he in a hurry? The practice was a smooth road before, and he also heard Steward He say that his aptitude and natural talent is quite good.
And there is always a day when his meritorious deeds will be rewarded.


 He just thought about it for a while and put the thought aside. 


 The three experts of Foundation Building were already negotiating.


 Xu Zifeng and Meng Wanqin both came a step late, and Tian Tao took the decisive opportunity.
At this time, they were naturally united, and they had to let their own families interfere.


 Of course Tian Tao refused, but it was not good to shed all pretense of cordiality.
He forced himself to suppress his dissatisfaction and said, “The two Fellow Daoists are too unreasonable.
Since this place was discovered by my Tian family, it should be owned by the Tian family.
What is the reason for the two of you coming here trying to take advantage and benefit? ” 


 Xu Zifeng didn't like to talk too much, but Meng Wanqin was smooth and slick in establishing social relations, so she smiled and said, “According to what Fellow Daoist Tian said, anyone who is destined can take heavenly materials and earth treasures in the  Immortal Cave Mansion by himself.
Although Daoist Friend Xu and I came a step late, but we also saw this Immortal Cave, and it can be said that we also have fate with it.”


 After she finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Xu Zifeng and with a smile on her face she said: “Daoist Friend Xu, what do you think is more reasonable?” She glanced at the people from Luo and Wei families, who were not accompanied by experts of Foundation Building Stage, “What do you all think?”


 Xu Zifeng nodded, naturally affirming Meng Wanqin's words.
The people from Luo and Wei families and the rest of the Xu and Meng family all agreed in unison: “Exactly, exactly, we are all destined!”


 There was a whole crowd of Tian Family scolding, but how could they compare to those four families? Tian Tao's knew that's it difficult to achieve anything without support, and he had to suppress his anger and fury.
Although he knew that the little girl of the Meng family also had the Foundation-Building Stage cultivation, he wanted to defeat them one by one, so he had to deal with the Xu family boy first.
He never thought that she would come so quickly, and after arriving here she would gang up with the Xu family boy! It really pissed him off!


 Tian Tao's face turned purple-red, and he said, “You are really twisting words and forcing logic!” (1)


 Meng Wanqin smiled: “Fellow Daoist Tian don't need to get angry, Daoist Friend Xu and I are not unreasonable people.
Is Fellow Daoist Tian breaking the Immortal Cave guarding array?Since you have spent a lot of time, it can be seen that this array is very unusual.
Why don't we all work together and use each others' strengths? It's faster, right? As for the treasures in the cave, it will depend on our own abilities.” 


 As soon as she said this, everyone except the Tian Family of course, said: “Senior Meng's words are reasonable, it's ought to be done this way.”


 Tian Tao couldn't flare up, so without any better option he had to shake his robe sleeves fiercely: “It's up to you to see what you can do! Humph!” 


 A trace of satisfaction flashed in Meng Wanqin's eyes, and she waved to Xu Zifeng: “Daoist Friend Xu, please.”


 Xu Zifeng's eyes flashed: “Please.”


 The two of them each gave orders, and the five array experts from two families walked out and joined those who were trying to broke the array.
After the array experts from two families have chosen their positions, the other two families selected their own clan members and joined them. 


 So twenty or thirty people took the array flags, established an array circle (2)and started breaking the barrier outside the Immortal Cave.
When the Tian family first came here, someone was hit by a move and almost died, so they knew that there was an array.
However, it is still unclear what the level of the array is and how much danger is there. 


 The confrontation between the three cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Stage wasn't in a state od mutual hostility,(3) but the atmosphere was stiff.
When others saw this, they also understood that as fast as the array was broken, the three of them would be the first to take the lead, break through and enter the Immortal Cave.
And whoever went faster would have the upper hand and opportunities. 


 Standing beside Old Man He, Xu Ziqing felt a little restless in his heart.


 This moment was the most nervous and tense time he had ever encountered in his life.
Those three people's cultivation was also the most powerful and profound he had ever seen.
Whatever the case, he wouldn't get involved in such things, but just looking at it like this, he was quite anxious. 


 An array expert shoot a white light from the array circle, and it entered straight to the Immortal Cave.
There was a ripple at the opening of the cavern, and it seemed to react to the white light.


 There were several array masters around, and they all started to operate in the array circle and used the method of detection and breaking .
However, apart from this white light, the other people's techniques are useless.
Those disappeared with no hope of returning just like a clay ox entering the sea (4).
There were no news at all.


 The array expert who used the white light was a member of the Tian family.
Seeing this, he couldn't help showing a bit of pride.
He let out another white light.
Sure enough, some ripples appeared at the entrance of the cave.


 The three Foundation-Building cultivators also kept an eye on it.
Tian Tao was naturally very happy when he saw that his clansmen had come out on top.
He couldn't help laughing and shouting three words: “Good, good, good! You broke the array with your heart, This old man will naturally reward you! “


 The array expert from Tian family was overjoyed, and quickly said: “Thank you senior! This junior will definitely live up to the expectations of the senior!” After he finished speaking, he didn't even mention his full enthusiasm .


 Xu Zifeng's expression did not change, but his eyebrows were slightly raised.
And Meng Wanqin's smile froze slightly, as if she was unhappy.
The two looked at each other and felt a little uncomfortable.


 Sure enough, the array expert who broke the array was full of energy, and he began to use spiritual power more and more attentively.After a short while, the transparent ripples at the entrance of the cave fluctuated even more, gradually showing the shape of boiling and rolling water.
Then suddenly there was a loud bang – “Crack!” It was like a small cup from colored glass breaking into pieces, sharp and clear but intense.


 It was unknown who screamed loudly: “The array is broken! The array is broken!”


 Immediately, someone from the Tian family shouted: “It is true that my Tian family's array expert is the most powerful, do you refuse to accept it?”


 Another person showed greed: “It took effort of so many people to crack this cave guarding array.
I don't know what kind of precious treasures are hidden in it, it really cause people's envy .”


 Some people also agreed with him: “But as long as a few things would leak from the fingers of those talented seniors, it is enough for us to wait and enjoy the benefits!”


 Everyone was discussing spiritedly, and they were all happy from breaking the array.
But it's all just talking, those experts who have the Foundation Building Stage have not spoken yet, so who would dare to move?


 But when they spoke, it was also the moment when the great array was broken.
The three confronting figures flew up, turned into three shadows, and flew straight into the cave! When the rest of the people saw that the Foundation-Building cultivators made they move, they stopped talking about it.
They all used up their magic weapons and rushed to the cave.
If there was someone in front, they would raise their hands and hit, push the person down, and then jump up first.
If the person who fell wasn't seriously injured, they would find a pill and take it, and then step on the magic weapon again.
For a while, there were those who wailed, there were those who cursed, and there were also those who played tricks and mocked..


 Seeing that countless cultivators have gathered at the entrance of the cave in a hurry Xu Ziqing stood outside, stupefied.
There are treasures in the cavern.
These people are clearly immortal cultivators and people with extraordinary cultivation, but how can they show such an ugly state, like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey? 


 Seeing him like this, Old Man He also said that he was envious of those who went into the cave to hunt for treasures.
He was very serious and said to him: “Boy, what is here is not something you and I can covet.
You see that many people are fighting for it.
I may be able to protect myself, but after all, my life span is short and my energy will be exhausted.
If we talk about fighting, I will not be the opponent of those people.
Your cultivation base is even more insignificant, so remember not to be too ambitious.
What you need to know is that if you have good luck and the treasures in the cave fall into your hands, you will not be able to keep them, instead it will easily lead to your death or misfortune.


 Xu Ziqing was stunned for a moment, and then realized that he was misunderstood by the old man.
But the advice in the end was so ironic that he couldn't help but smile:”Thank you for the suggestion, the junior will remember it.” He added, “This junior has no greed for the treasures in the cave.
It's just that it's rare to see such hidden cave dwellings, so I'm quite interested.


 Seeing that his expression was magnanimous, and there was no greed, Old Man He smiled slightly: “It's okay for young people to be a little curious.
Now that I'm by your side, it's even more okay.
But you have to remember, if you are alone, you have to look at the situation and go only as far as you can.


 Xu Ziqing hurriedly said again: “Yes.”


 After a while, everyone outside the cave has already entered.
There was no one at the entrance of the cavern. 


 Old Man He glanced at it and said, “Now you and I are the last.
Since you have never seen it before, I will take you there to gain knowledge and experience.
You stand on my left and gather your energy, and I, old man will naturally be able to protect you.


 Xu Ziqing originally wanted to see and experience, so he was naturally overjoyed when he heard the words: “Thank you, senior!”


 The old man He released the giant smoke again, lifted Xu Ziqing up, and the two swayed and entered the cave together.




 The walls in this cavern are incomparably smooth, and the light can almost reflect people's shadows like a mirror.
The top of the cave is extremely high, more than ten feet long, and the smoke floating in the air was considered stable.


 There was no wind around, so it could be seen that this cave is a dead cave.
Xu Ziqing was standing beside Old Man He, but he didn't dare to look around.


 The cavern was rather strange.
It was too quiet and noiseless.
The cultivators who came in first moved too fast.
The two of them were the last to come in, so it seems that none of them could perceive it. 


 Even Xu Ziqing could sense the weirdness of this place, but Old Man He had far more experience than him, so how could he not realize it?


 He stopped the smoke from the pipe for a while and said, “It's not right.”


 Xu Ziqing frowned and thought about it.
After probing for a moment he asked, “But…
Is that an illusion array?”







• to twist words and force logic 

• sophistry

• loud rhetoric making up for fallacious argument

• shoving false arguments down people's throats


(2) it is called 'array plate' (because of circular shape) 

*Google 阵盘 and 阵



•with swords drawn and bows bent

– a state of mutual hostility

• at daggers drawn



• a clay ox enters the sea

– to disappear with no hope of returning



• to discuss spiritedly 

• tongues are wagging


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