Is that why you don’t give in?

Because of the character set, there is an unconscious resistance to marriage.

Then, when the female lead appears, old stereotypes are shattered.

“Even if you don’t have a position, you’ve been walking around the mansion all day.
I don’t know why you need it.
Do you have a different mind…”

He broke the silence and opened his mouth.
At that word, I was blown away.

“Could it be?”

“Usually, the reason people insist on getting married is that they like the power, for the benefit of the family, or to live a stable life… You always bounce in the wrong direction, so I don’t think you’re even there.”

“Do you like me, duke?”

He paused at my sudden words.

“Like you”

He snorted.

“Don’t go around saying that, Leonie.
No matter who sees it, you are not in love.”

It was so slow, but she prepared to leave the duchy step by step.

Scraping the fallen straw from the woods and hiding the branches.

After stopping at the graveside as usual, I felt something strange when I crept open the door on tiptoe.

It was the day I came in with more straw than usual.
The room was bizarrely tidy.

I came back later than usual, but I heard a strange chuckle from the room that hadn’t been there before.

I carefully looked around the room.

The curtain, which had always been closed, was wide open.

It was chilly.

There is an intruder.
Who entered the room?

“Who is it?”

The woman who had been lying on her stomach behind the bed canopy rose to her feet, a maid whom she had not seen before.

The wind blew on the open window and silver hair flashed.
It was an exotic appearance that I couldn’t see here.

She looked my age.
She had freckles under her eyes.

“I was cleaning… I’m sorry.
The young lady went out, and I’ve already done it, so you can rest.”

“… I told everyone not to clean.”

“I heard it, too.
But today is my last day on duty, so I begged to clean all the mansions with my own hands.
I’m about to get fired soon.
I was originally waiting to join the blood task force…”

My heart beat fast.
Did you check under the bed?

“Did you see it?”

“… what?”

You didn’t see it.

She took a deep breath.
She rolled her big eyes and then answered.

“I didn’t see anything.
A piece of snow under the bed, a scarecrow, and beef jerky.”

You saw it.

“But it is a little strange.
You just have to ask the soldiers to do it.
Beef jerky to the chef.
But you hid them all under the bed… you don’t even let the maids in… and scarecrow.”

She swallowed her saliva as she waited for her next words.

“Young lady! Are you thinking of running away? Really?”

“Lower your voice.”

I hurriedly closed the door I had left open.

The Duke has softened a lot these days.

“Everyone in the mansion knows how to treat a young Lady.

What should I say?

The Duke wants to kill me?

I mean, not now, but he’s going to kill me in two years?

“You don’t know anything.
So, if you want to safely leave the castle…”

“Please hire me, young lady.”

She got down on her knees

I’m from a minority ethnic group, so I’m from far away.
Even if I go back, there are no jobs and the people are scattered because of the conquest of the empire.
I have nowhere to go.”


“I’m useful, too.
My hometown is a mountainous area with a lot of herbs, so I’m very smart about herbs.
If the young lady is sick, I can make it for you.
You’re not feeling well because you’re already bleeding.
It’s much better, but when I first came, I saw the young lady’s hair become dry!”

It certainly did.
But she knows too much.

“If you let me stay here, I will shut up everything I see.
And I’ll make a preservative so that the jerky can dry properly without mold.”

It was tempting.
At first, the beef jerky looked like it was going to dry out, but I threw away half of it without even eating it.

It was because there was mold on the way.
I have to prepare plenty of food to go hiking for a week in a place where there is a snowstorm…

Jerky was not made in the north, so he had to be careful when throwing it away.

“Unless the lady will hire me.”

She stood up and said.

“I have no choice but to show the Duke this scarecrow.”


Are you going to come out that cheap?

But it wasn’t a bad offer either.



Since she’s a maid, wouldn’t she be able to locate the key to the warehouse?

“All right.
What’s your name?”

“It’s Suren.”

“Suren, you have to keep everything you’ve seen so far.
Do you understand?”

“Yes! As long as I’m under Young Lady, I’m not the Duke’s maid, but Young Lady’s maid.”

Her voice rang clearly in the small room.

It was the first maid I saw a few minutes ago, and she looked funny and reliable.

“You have to help me from now on.
If my hair falls off, don’t throw it away, collect it and put it next to that scarecrow.”

“Sure! I’ll keep that in mind.
Should I just leave it? I’ll put them together and put them on it.
Just give me an order.”

She got up and bowed.
Then I put the tilted pillow back in place and opened the curtain.

Now that I see it, the room is cleaner than when I cleaned it up.

“But Young Lady, why are you running away? No matter how cold the Duke may be, he is considerate.”

Consideration? He put me on the 2nd basement floor to relieve my boredom and consideration…?

Since when was it considered to be thrown into prison? Does consideration here have a different meaning?

I had nothing to say, so I muttered something.

“Duke… I’m scared of him.”

Suren nodded her head broadly as if she agreed with her.

“I once followed him because they said they needed a hand during the last trip.
The Duke is very different from here.”

“How was it?”

“As an employee, it was okay… but enemies he cuts it relentlessly.
His face is always bloody… Ugh…”

Suren shuddered as if she remembered the moment.

“Are you that scared?”

Blood splattered on my clothes, but the smell didn’t go away after washing for a few days.”

Suren shook the carpet and said quietly.

“Young lady, be careful, too.
If he feels like you’re an enemy, you might get killed relentlessly.
I got caught, but don’t be caught by anyone else.”

I’m afraid I’m destined to die if I don’t do anything.

I’m meant to run away.

I think you’re on the wrong line.

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