Chapter 23: Teacher Tian


“I have one small motorbike, never mounted…”


Shen Tang rode on a motorbike and acted quite uncontrollable.
She would occasionally stretch her neck and sing loudly, sometimes she would also pick leaves and nearby flowers.
Accompanied by the sound of bells “Dingling, dingling”, the out-of-the-ordinary tune echoed.
The singer would periodically forget the words and hum twice instead.


“One day I rode to the market on a whim…”


Qi Shan finally couldn’t endure it anymore: “Young master Shen, from whom did you learn the ‘joy’ from the six arts of a gentleman?”


Simply an incompetent teacher.


“Does it sound bad?”


Shen Tang asked honestly. 


Despite the fact that she couldn’t recall much, she vaguely remembered that she should be a singer before.
The kind of singer who could overwhelm everyone when she picked up the microphone and sang.
She could sing and draw.
She was a high-quality woman representative. 



Qi Shan looked at Shen Tang with a complicated expression. 


The latter expression was magnanimous and confident.
Obviously, not only did she not think there was a problem with her singing, but she also had a problem with her aesthetics.
Qi Shan couldn't figure out where her self-confidence came from, and said: “There is a saying that is very appropriate for the occasion—how could it lack the folk song and village flute”.


Shen Tang was puzzled: “What?”


Qi Shan held back a smile: “A hoarse voice is hard to listen to”.


Shen Tang “….” 


She clenched her fists.

“It was because of his luck, that Yuanliang was able to grow up safely, right?”


Certain someone grew up his mouth!


“Naturally, it’s because of my strength”.


Shen Tang “…”


After noticing that her facial expression went out of control, and her facial features became distorted and shifted, Qi Shan laughed heartily: “Young master Shen, don't worry, you are still young, you can still be saved if you learn slowly”.


About half a day later, Qi Shan looked up at the sun.
It was the time when the sun was at its worst.
Not to mention escorting prisoners on their way, even if they did nothing but stand dryly, their sweat would overflow uncontrollably and wet their underwear.


“Do you want to speed up?”


Shen Tang said: “I’m afraid we’ll get discovered if we get too close”. 


Qi Shan said: “With the laziness of those soldiers, how could they be willing to continue to hurry under this scorching weather? Most of them will find a shady place to rest their feet and drink tea to relieve the heat.
Young master Shen poured so much stuff into the tea, I'm afraid we won't be able to see the good show if we go too late”.


“Yuanliang, your words are reasonable.
Then, I will go first to see the fun.
Since you don’t want to take a ride, just go slowly on your feet”. 


Shen Tang whipped the back of the motorcycle with a whip.


The motorcycle suffered from the pain and started to run wildly.


A moment later, only the dot remained.
Facing Shen Tang’s childish “provocation”, Qi Shan only smiled as if he didn’t care.
However, he immediately started chanting: “Chasing the wind”. 


With wings that are fierce and mysterious, while you move you can chase the wind and observe the scenery.


His silhouette swayed slightly, and only the afterimages remained.
As if stepping on the wind, with his every step he was more than 3 feet away.
He looked calm and relaxed.


Shen Tang: “???”


Qi Shan passed by her, only leaving a slight breeze.
In the blink of an eye, his figure had already appeared dozens of feet away.


Shen Tang “!!!”


Call for a referee, there is a cheater, a fraud!!!

In the end, she lost because of her insufficient experience in magic.
She rode a four-legged motorcycle, and still couldn't run past the two-legged Qi Shan.


The sun was scorching, the escorting soldiers couldn’t take it.
They took a rest in a small but dense forest.
They gathered in the shade in twos and threes, while a few prison cars were exposed to the sun at will.
The prisoners were either sunburned and suffered from heat exhaustion, pale and powerless, or had grave injuries from the whip.


The imperial censor’s deputy’s injury was the most serious. 


Tired, sleepy, hungry, with a thirsty throat discharging smoke.
The imperial censor’s deputy even felt his vitality quickly leaving his body.


In order to torment prisoners, soldiers were completely unscrupulous.
The prison vehicles were specially customized according to their height.
Some were especially high, so prisoners could only slightly tiptoe to make their necks and wrists more comfortable.
Some were low, where prisoners already couldn’t stand straight, but they also couldn’t sit down, so they could only maintain a half-kneeling position. 


No matter which one, no one could calmly fall asleep.
After a few days, even the people without whip injuries were barely alive. 


The imperial censor’s deputy vehicle was especially tall. 


He could only strive hard to tiptoe to take a good breath, but he was unable to maintain this position for long and kept falling down. 


The grave injury, emotional exhaustion, lack of water, starvation, not enough sleep…many kinds of factors gave rise to severe hallucinations.
His chapped lips were slightly moving, he muttered: “water, water… water…” 


When he was about to faint, his prison car was shaken, and it made him wake up.


“Dad, wake up!” The imperial censor’s deputy with difficulty found a bit of reason and turned his head to look at his son in the next vehicle – his son's vehicle was low and had room to stretch legs – he looked at him full of worry and surprise.
He said: “Dad, look at them”. 





The imperial censor’s deputy reacted a few beats later.


He followed his son's line of sight and saw the soldiers that just hid under the shades of trees, one after another falling down.
They were rolling while holding their heads, falling to the ground while twitching all over, having difficulties with breathing, rolling their eyes while spitting foam or clenching teeth while having facial spasms.
The minority didn’t have such a big reaction, but they also knelt on the ground clutching their stomachs, while others lost control of their anus, showing all kinds of ugly appearances. 


Highly experienced imperial censor’s deputy in an instant understood.


His first thought: the soldiers were poisoned!

The second thought was: someone wants to break a prisoner out of jail!

This thought raised his spirits.
His intense will to live burst forth from the depths of his body and prompted him to barely pull himself together.


These soldiers were in a mess.


“There is poison in the water!”


“It, it’s poison!”


“Meet the enemy, be careful, take precautions!”


Most of the soldiers were poisoned, only the ten or so that didn’t have time to drink water escaped.
They drew out knives and surrounded the prisoners.
They appeared panicked and guarded themselves against the attacks from all directions.
They appeared to be just like birds startled by the mere twang of a bow.


A few breaths later, the surroundings were still quiet.


Dingling – 




The thought appeared in many soldiers' minds. 


However, the weird thing, they only heard the sound but couldn’t see the person.


“People? Where?”


“Filial sons, are you looking for me?”


An unfamiliar voice sounded from the back of the crowd.
They turned around, frightened, but saw no one.
There was only one puerile and delicate young boy holding a double-edged sword.
His swiped his sword, and the sharp edge of the weapon naturally presented itself before their eyes.
Their eyes suddenly started hurting.


Blood stained their entire field of vision.


“Splitting the wanderer!”   


Shen Tang's expression was as cold as frost as she jumped down with a sword in hand.


She lifted the caring mother sword to teach this filial son a lesson.
A few criminals lost ground under their feet and tumbled down to the ground.
The prison carriage was sent several tens of feet away. 


The imperial censor’s deputy pupils contracted. 


“We didn’t see each other for a long time, teacher Tian”. 


The imperial censor’s deputy turned his head and saw the tall youth standing not too far away.
He tucked his hands in his sleeves.
The wind slightly brushed against his hair, there was a unique beauty to it.
The youth smiled and nodded, but his smile looked false no matter how you looked at it. 


Teacher Tian?


The imperial censor’s deputy was startled by this call. 


Qi Shan saw this and naturally added: “The eminent person has a short memory, teacher Tian”. 


The man’s son lent an arm to his old father.
He looked at Qi Shan with precaution: “This young master, do you know my father?”


And to address him as “teacher Tian”?


The imperial censor’s deputy was also puzzled.


Did they know each other?


According to his experience, he naturally saw through the methods that this youth used to rescue him.
It was nothing more but building a battlefield with “spread all over the place” magic sentence, and then using the “substitute” magic sentence or other magic words meant to mobilize troops.


It's simple to say, but looking at the distance between the youth and the prison car, the scope of the “spread all over the place” magic sentence was about a hundred feet—How could a scholar who has achieved this level by his own strength before being connected to any prince be an unknown and simple character?


If they knew each other, he would definitely have an impression of him. 

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