”Slow down, young prince! If you use too much mana too fast, you risk frying your mana circuits!

”Ahh, sorry. It seems I got a little too carried away there. ”

”Youve been like this for five days now. Do you mind telling me why you keep doing this? ”

Everett looked at me with a stern look. Huh, what a weird face for a drunkard to make. No, I shouldn think like that. He seems genuinely worried for me, so I should try and calm down.

”I just want to get stronger fast. ”

There we go, a perfectly logical excuse for why Im acting like a maniac. He should find that answer to his satisfaction.

”Hmm, okay. Just don overdo it. If the prince were to die during my training, I might get executed. ”

”I see. ”

So thats why hes acting like that. I mean, thats understandable, but he was way too honest. It kinda hurts my feelings a bit.

I adjusted my output of mana to a safer rate and continued. I need to gain more power fast. I have to save Stella.

-But what can you even do? Is preventing her death even necessary? Is it even worth it?

Dangerous thoughts crept into my head. I shake my head to clear it and continue my training.

-Its pathetic that you think you can change the storys outcome. You
e just a guy who just so happened to read a shitty novel to the end. Do you think that makes you worth something?

Oh dear, and here I thought I got rid of this guy. But like a certain man with a violet palette, he always comes back.

Most people often get intrusive thoughts. Its a normal thing to have. However, I have another personality dedicated entirely to those emotions. Hes an annoying guy. He comes around whenever he wants and starts spewing whatever he feels. He also inherits my personality traits, so hes even more annoying to argue with. Perhaps I am a crazy person?

-You were worthless in your previous life, and guess what? You
e still worthless. Snatch some harem members? What a joke. Youll stay bitchless in any life!

Ouch, that one stung. That- wait a minute, you are me. How can you say that I get no bitches when we are the same person? You are bitchless!

-…You know what, Ill give you that. Not going to lie, I didn really think that one through. Thats my bad. No hard feelings, right?

…Whatever, just leave me alone. Im trying to focus on getting stronger, and frankly, you
e not helping.

-Yeah, sorry. But real talk though, are you sure you will be able to prevent Stellas death?

I paused for a minute. Can I stop a group powerful enough to kill a second class with ease? Wait, why am I talking to this guy? Hes never been of any help besides making me depressed or annoyed.

-Hey! Rude! I am literally in your head. I can hear all of those thoughts you know.

Fuck you.

-Oh, okay.

Yeah, I don feel like dealing with him right now. Im pretty sure its not normal to have a whole conversation with yourself in your head. Then again, Im not normal anymore, am I?

I continued the training for the rest of the day without hearing anything from the asshole inside my head. I did a few light stretches before preparing to leave. The maids came to pick me up, as usual, to take me back to my room. I haven noticed it much, but those two must be my designated maids for the time being. Ive seen them whenever it was time to escort me.

-Perhaps it would be a good idea to learn their names?

Naw, I don think I need to learn the names of a couple of minor characters. They never showed up in the novel, so they will likely be switched out by my tenth birthday.

-You know… six years is a long time to go without learning someones name.

…I suppose you
e right. Ill try and find out their names. Wow! I guess this guy can make sense, sometimes.

-Oh shut up. Im only as useful to you as I want to be. I am you, so I have a bunch of your personality traits. Like how you get no bitches, I inherited that from you.

This mother-

”Young master, we are to pick you up. ”

”Ah, yes. I am on my way. ”

I began walking towards the two. I looked over to see Everett walking over to the second maid. She had short, sky blue hair and green eyes. It seems she had a medium-sized chest and looked to be in her early twenties. I wonder what hes doing.

”Hey Liara, do you want to grab a drink with me after you
e finished with work? ”

”Ugh. For the third time, no. I don want to go with you to some shady bar and get drunk. ”

”Aww, but itll be fun. ”

”No! ”

She looked away from Everett with her arms crossed. Her face seemed a little reddish as she turned, but Everett didn notice. Everett looked deeply disappointed and started to walk away.

”Alright, then if anyone needs me, Ill be at the tavern. ”

”Come, young master, we will begin taking you now. ”

Wait a minute.

-Did you notice too?

No shit. Of course, I noticed too. Everett seems abnormal. If it were Everett in the novel, he would have attempted to flirt with the other maid. Its not like she isn his type. He has gone after all kinds of women, be it a large chest or a small one. Truly a man of culture, if I do say so myself.

Not only that, but he called her by her name. When has he ever called a woman he just met by her name?

Wait, how the ** does he know her name?

-Ah yes, now we
e asking the real questions. How does some guy who arrived here six days ago know the name of one of your maids when you don even know?

I felt somewhat bad as we were walking. These are actual people that Im just writing off as characters. I should take the time to learn their names.

You know what, none of that matters right now. What matters is that I need to find a way to save Stella.

-We need to find a way to save Stella. And I think I know a way.

Oh, so you no longer think Im a useless human being and want to help Stella?

-No. You
e still a completely useless person, and you suck in every way imaginable.


-No, what I mean is, what if you got Everetts help?

”Oh! ”

”Hmm? Are you alright, young master? ”

”Yes, I am fine. ”

I quickly regained my composure and began thinking again.

e a dumbass.

I know. But lets talk about this plan. How will we convince Everett to help us? He doesn seem to care about us too much.

-For that to work, you will need to do everything I tell you from now on, okay?

Umm, I dislike the sound of that.

-Trust me. It will work.

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