Chapter 32

Bian Yi didn’t know what Jian Yi’s specific plan was, but after observing Guan Xi for so many years, he had some understanding of the system.

Guan Xi’s system required him to seduce men, and once the favorability level reached a certain height, the system could absorb certain things from those men that served as its nutrients.

Jian Yi, according to the system’s screening standards, was undoubtedly an S-level target for seduction.

If it weren’t for the incident where they had captured Guan Xi, Bian Yi had no doubt that Jian Yi would have become the system’s locked-in target as soon as he appeared in front of it.

And now, after Jian Yi met Jiang Shi, and Jiang Shi continued to contact him, it was highly likely that the system had indeed listed Jian Yi as a target.

If that was the case, Bian Yi didn’t know whether to say that Jian Yi was crazy or that he was very alluring to the system.

Of course, the system was also very arrogant.

Although it had already suffered a setback at the hands of Kou Li and Jian Yi, it still seemed to firmly believe that mere humans could not deal with it.

Upon closer inspection, Jian Yi’s identity was also very good.

He was Kou Li’s only friend and had been involved deeply in the matter of the system.

Assuming that Jiang Shi had really seduced him, the system could use Jiang Shi as a bridge to control Jian Yi, and thus get even closer to him and Kou Li.
This was certainly a convenient and the most likely successful route at the moment.

After all, its existence had been exposed to Kou Li, and if it had to find someone like Guan Xi, then it would have no effect at all.

Therefore, Bian Yi thought Jian Yi was crazy.

He was completely using himself as bait, not only without any fear but also with great enthusiasm.

Bian Yi was almost biased against Kou Li and Jian Yi, wondering: were all people like them, who were involved in research, have to be a bit crazy?

In the afternoon, Bian Yi went to school to pick up Xiao Shu.
Holding him and pinching his little face, he thought to himself, “No, Xiao Shu is not like them.
He is a good kid.”

After dinner, Bian Yi told Xiao Shu a story, and when he fell asleep, Bian Yi went back to his room.

After taking a shower, Bian Yi did not immediately go to sleep.
He played a simple cooking game recommended by Jian Yi to improve his concentration and hand speed.

The game had a cute style, with several different restaurants, each with different levels of difficulty.
When Bian Yi had collected all the stars in a restaurant’s levels, he noticed the time.

It was almost eleven o’clock.

Bian Yi pressed his lips together, feeling unhappy.

“He’s not back yet.”

Realizing what he was waiting for, Bian Yi’s lips pressed even tighter.

At that moment, he heard some movement downstairs.

Bian Yi went out of the room and walked to the staircase, where Kou Li had just arrived downstairs.

He looked at him and spoke softly, “Are you still awake? Did I wake you up?”

Bian Yi muffledly replied, “No.”

At that moment, Uncle Hua appeared from nowhere and said, “Sir, why don’t you have some soup before resting? It has been simmering for a while.”

He added, “It was prepared by Young Master Yi.”

Kou Li glanced at the restaurant, then looked back at Bian Yi with a slight smile in his eyes.

He took back his steps towards the stairs and went towards the dining room.

Bian Yi looked at Uncle Hua in confusion.

When did he say he prepared a midnight snack for Kou Li?

Uncle Hua didn’t say anything, just smiled at Bian Yi, and then left quietly.

Bianyi stood upstairs for a while before going down.

Halfway down the stairs, he remembered something.

It seemed that Uncle Hua had come to ask him something before, but he was in the middle of a game and didn’t pay attention to what Uncle Hua said.
He only caught the words “food” and casually mentioned the dish he was preparing for the customers in the cooking game.

Well, he had already said it, and there was no point in dwelling on it now.

Bian Yi also went to the dining room, where Kou Li was taking off his coat and rolling up his sleeves to serve soup – two bowls of it.

The auntie had made green bean soup and pork bone soup, but only the soup base was left in the pot, and the pre-made wontons were cooking in the soup.

The wontons were done in three minutes, and Bian Yi took a bowl and a spoon.
He kept an eye on Kou Li’s expression from the corner of his eye.

He watched Kou Li stir the soup with his spoon, turn off the heat, scoop out two bowls of wontons, put one in front of him, and sit across from him.

Bian Yi breathed a sigh of relief without anyone noticing and blew on his wonton to cool it down.

“Sorry,” Kou Li suddenly spoke up.
“I forgot about the time today.
I’ll come back early tomorrow.”

Bian Yi didn’t say anything, just made a sound of agreement with his mouth full of wonton.

After getting his response, Kou Li also ate with his spoon.

Bian Yi looked at the tiredness under Kou Li’s eyes that his glasses couldn’t hide and said to him, “Finish eating and go to bed early.”

Kou Li was eating at the moment and didn’t say anything, he just made a sound of agreement in response.

How annoying!

Bian Yi lowered his head and took a big sip of the green bean soup.

The green bean soup was soft and smooth, with moderate sweetness.

But it didn’t really reduce internal heat.

Bian Yi furrowed his brows and glanced at the frosted glass in the bathroom.

The sound of water and steam inside made it impossible to see who was there.

But its design concept was inherently ambiguous and provocative.

Why hasn’t this thing been replaced yet?

Bian Yi withdrew his gaze, and fell asleep on his side, still wondering.

When Kou Li came out, he saw Bian Yi lying with his back to him.

He wasn’t sure if Bian Yi was asleep or not, so he just wiped his hair with a towel and was ready to go to bed.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he lifted the corner of the blanket, he heard Bian Yi impatiently telling him from behind, “Go blow dry your hair!”

Kou Li was momentarily lost.
Nowadays, such trivial nagging was a precious thing to him.

He obediently replied, “Okay,” and dried his hair completely before getting into bed.

Tonight, Kou Li didn’t ask Bian Yi any more questions.
Instead, he leaned in close and wrapped his arms around him.

Bian Yi clicked his tongue irritably, but then turned around to face Kou Li and fell asleep.

He closed his eyes, but his frowning expression showed his dissatisfaction with Kou Li’s face.

Unlike Bian Yi, Kou Li felt that the mung bean soup tonight was especially soft and sweet, just like the person in his arms.

Kou Li knew that Bian Yi turned to face him to look at him more conveniently, but he was actually quite sober at the moment and knew exactly who he was holding.
However, Kou Li still looked at him for a while, just as he did the first time he saw Guan Xi.

Since Bian Yi returned, every time Kou Li identified him, he was just checking whether it was his illusion.
The recovered treasure was inevitably more precious and made people more afraid of losing it.

Kou Li’s hand tightened a bit, then loosened before Bian Yi could scold him, and only gently circled his waist.
He then kissed Bian Yi’s lips and sighed, “Ah Yi, goodnight.”

However, Bian Yi suddenly opened his eyes, threw off the covers, pulled off the belt on Kou Li’s sleeping robe, and sat on Kou Li in anger, glaring at him, “What goodnight? Just close your eyes and sleep, what’s the point of pretending to sleep after kissing me?”

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he got.
Bian Yi lowered his head and fiercely bit Kou Li’s lips that he had just kissed.

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