Chapter 20: Happy Birthday 

Xu Rui’s phone was ringing, and it was the third time it had rung.
Just as the person on the other end of the phone was getting impatient and about to hang up, the call finally connected.

Xu Rui’s agent immediately spoke up, “Where have you been? Why haven’t you been answering?”

Xu Rui’s eyes were a bit unfocused, and the sound of broken glass in the bedroom brought his thoughts back.

“What was that sound?” the agent also heard it.

Xu Rui replied, “Nothing, what do you want?”

The agent didn’t think too much about it and told Xu Rui about what had happened online.
He also suggested that Xu Rui speak up at this time and take advantage of the attention, regardless of whether his relationship with Bian Yi was good or not.
He still had to come out and say something.

Xu Rui remained silent for a while before replying, “No need, it’s the truth, I don’t have a good relationship with Bian Yi.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone without paying attention to the agent’s casual persuasion.

Xu Rui threw his phone aside, ran his fingers through his hair, and frowned as he stared at the floor, muttering to himself, “Am I crazy? How could…”

“Xu Rui…” came a soft voice from behind him.
That voice was always so pleasant to hear, always with a tempting flavor.

That was what Xu Rui had been longing for, but the real owner would never speak to him in that tone.

So fascinating, so… irresistible.

Since he couldn’t have the real thing, couldn’t he taste the imitation while hiding in the corner?

He could no longer face Bian Yi.
He loved him so humbly, but it was all ruined by Guan Xi.

If it weren’t for Guan Xi’s appearance, Bian Yi wouldn’t be cold and indifferent to him.

Guan Xi stood barefoot on the floor, looking nervously at the man on the sofa.

He had just undergone surgery, and he should have had no strength to escape, but he didn’t know what kind of nutrient solution Jian Yi had invented.
He escaped from that hellish place and was saved by Xu Rui.
He felt that he could still survive.

Moreover, Guan Xi was aware that he had to please Xu Rui to have a chance to survive.

This was his last straw.

Guan Xi was extremely fortunate that he had previously figured out how to conquer Xu Rui.

Soon, the man got up.

Guan Xi raised a weak smile.
Perhaps it was his talent to conquer men, his smile was weak but beautiful, making people feel infinitely pitiful.

In the past, when Xu Rui saw it, he would show his distress.

But now, Guan Xi saw it clearly.
There was no distress in the man’s eyes, but instead, there was hatred.

He walked towards him, and Guan Xi began to back away in fear.

Unfortunately, he had nowhere to escape.

The system watched from the sidelines and saw Xu Rui treat Guan Xi roughly without any surprise.

Guan Xi had used up all his points, and his cheat code was gone.
Xu Rui would no longer be fascinated by him.

It was useless.

Since the moment he was caught by Jian Yi, he was useless.

The system was finally free from that island, and although it didn’t understand what barrier Kou Li had used to trap it, it was invincible now.

The system detached itself from Guan Xi’s mind without hesitation.

The two people on the bed didn’t notice anything; their naked eyes couldn’t see it.

Soon, it disappeared from this city and was awakened from backup data in an instant.

A new host, a new opportunity, it had not lost yet, and humans could not win against it.

The internet was chaotic all night, and Bian Yi slept through it.
He was awakened by the loud noise downstairs, and he could faintly hear Hua Shu asking someone to leave.

Bian Yi got up expressionlessly, and there was no one else on the bed.
He glanced at it and then looked away.

After washing up, Bian Yi went to the closet.
Kou Li said that Guan Xi never wore these clothes.

Did the Guan Xi that the system showed him wear fake clothes, and did Kou Li really throw away everything Guan Xi had touched? Obviously, even after sleeping for a night, Bian Yi’s mind was not clear enough.

He randomly picked a piece of clothing and put it on before going downstairs.
He was not surprised to see Bian Huai Ting there.

He was angry, but where did this anger come from, and who was it directed at? Bian Yi knew it better than anyone.

Bian Yi frowned, so were those things true?

Seeing Bian Yi coming down, Bian Huai Ting, who had not been asked to leave, shook off Hua Shu’s hand and yelled at Bian Yi, “Do you have any conscience? What did Xiao Yu do to you that you would do this to him?”

“Last time you just came back and your emotions were unstable.
You almost hurt him by accident, but he didn’t blame you.
This time, you did it in front of everyone–”

Bian Yi interrupted him and smiled, “It wasn’t an accident.”

Bian Yi’s voice was several degrees quieter than Bian Huai Ting’s, but everyone present could hear him clearly.

He truly wanted to kill Bian Yu.

The sound of Bian Yi’s slippers tapping on the stairs echoed in the hall.

“Why?!” Bian Huai Ting was first stunned for two seconds, then he grew angrier.
He wanted to rush forward and shake Bian Yi’s shoulders, to see if this cruel and heartless Bian Yi was the imposter.
“Yes, your relationship with your brother isn’t good, but does it have to be like this? What do you gain from Bian Yu’s death? Have I mistreated you? I didn’t give Bian Yu anything that was rightfully yours.
If you have any dissatisfaction with me, speak up! Why do this to Bian Yu?”

Dissatisfaction? Bian Yi had no dissatisfaction with Bian Huai Ting.

When he was younger, perhaps he had some expectations, but as he grew older and became more sensible, he no longer expected to gain anything from this father.
After all, in this father’s eyes, he, his current wife, and his children were the true family.
Bian Yi was just an accident.

Looking at his reaction today compared to the day when Bian Yi returned, it was clear what kind of reaction this father would have had.

Bian Yi was not affected by Bian Huai Ting’s words.
He sat calmly on the sofa and looked up at his father.
“Because he deserved it.”

“Isn’t everything I said things he did? He did something wrong, why doesn’t he take responsibility? What’s the use of coming to me and scolding me? Isn’t what happened to Bian Yu today caused by you and your true love? You indulged him, covered up for him, and tried to settle things with money.
And when that didn’t work, you came to vent your anger on your other son.

Bian Huai Ting came to see Bian Yi, clearly in a state of helpless rage.
He knew too well the truth behind these events.
Even if the evidence was insufficient, the things that had happened would leave a trace.
Bian Yu couldn’t escape now, even if he wanted to.

Bian Huai Ting was grief-stricken and exhausted.
“But he’s my son.
Is it wrong for me to not want him to get into trouble?”

Bian Yi’s hand paused as he picked up his cup of water.

Hua Shu beside him was full of heartache, wondering what kind of father he was.
On one side was a son, but on the other, he wasn’t? He didn’t know where the master had gone; he wasn’t around when he was needed the most.
How sad must young master Yi feel listening to his father’s words?

Bian Yi put down his cup of water.
“Let’s go.
I can’t help you, and I don’t want to listen to you anymore.
Hua Shu, please escort Mr.
Bian out.”

Bian Huai Ting looked deeply at Bian Yi and then left.

Bian Yi wasn’t concerned with Bian Huai Ting’s words, but rather he thought of something else.

Something that could easily destroy Kou Li.

Kou Li had captured Guan Xi and held him on E Island.

All Bian Yi had to do was inform the police, and Kou Li would face the consequences of imprisonment.

Bian Yi ran his hand along the edge of his cup for a moment and then smiled.

“Forget it.”

It was for Xiao Shu.

Just as he thought of Xiao Shu, Xiao Shu came running towards him.

“Dad!” Xiao Shu let go of Kou Li’s hand and rushed into Bian Yi’s arms, his eyes curved with a smile.

Bian Yi held Xiao Shu and pinched his face, asking with a smile, “Where did you go?”

“To buy a gift for Dad! Happy birthday, Dad!” Little Tree replied loudly, still arching his body into Bian Yi’s arms.
Bian Yi had to bend down, and was successfully ambushed by this little guy.

The child kissed Bian Yi’s face happily twice.

Bian Yi blinked a few times, wanting to hug his son harder but didn’t dare.
He held his young son in his arms, feeling warm and as if filling up the cold past.

Kou Li stood beside Bian Yi at some point and handed him a paper bag.

Bian Yi looked at him and took the bag.

Inside was not something expensive, just a photo frame.
The photo frame was not big, with three smooth outlines of different heights on the edges.

This was a very suitable frame for a family photo.

Kou Li said, “Little Tree picked it.
Let’s take a picture together this afternoon, okay?”

The man’s voice was very light, the softest and most gentle he had ever heard Kou Li speak.

Bian Yi caressed the photo frame, unable to say anything in his choked throat.

In fact, he had long forgotten his own birthday.
He used to forget it often, and every year Kou Li would celebrate it for him.
Since he was ten years old, he had never missed a year.

And the longest and most memorable one that Bian Yi remembered was also Kou Li’s birthday, which later added Xiao Shu’s.

Kou Li, who was looking down at Bian Yi with a default silence, and there was an unconcealable smile in his eyes hidden behind the lenses.

Every gift he gave had never disappointed Bian Yi.

But later…

Kou Li lifted his head and looked elsewhere, avoiding letting Bian Yi see anything from his eyes that could affect his mood.

Today was Bian Yi’s birthday and also a rare day where he and Kou Li were truly peaceful and harmonious after his return.

But for others, it was like a nightmare.

For example, Bian Yu who was being criticized across the entire internet.

And also Guan Xi who began to recover his memories after being abandoned by the system.

Yes, recover his memories.

Of course, Guan Xi did not know it was because the system left.
He thought it was because Jian Yi, the lunatic, messed with his brain.

Anyway, the memories erased in the first round were back.

Yes, the first round.
He was now in the second round.

This world restarted.

The reason for the restart was not because he failed in his conquest but because the two main characters who supported this world had both died.

In reality, there were no wicked supporting roles or abandoned family members.
Bian Yi and Kou Li were originally a pair, and they were the true main characters.

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