In the first round, Bian Yi’s group did not win the first place.

Bian Yi couldn’t remember whether he had been to this island before or not.
In addition, he had not been exposed to such things for more than ten years.
So even if the program team gave them multiple-choice questions, he still made several mistakes.

To say why he knew about this, it would have to go back to high school.
In the second year of high school, he and Kou Li went on adventures together which instilled all this knowledge.

During that period, he was obsessed with survival shows.
During one summer vacation, he made various preparations and set off with Kou Li.

However, as a pampered eldest young master, no matter how much theoretical knowledge he had, without the slightest practical experience, he still fell flat.
In the end, it was all because of Kou Li that he didn’t lose his life.

That island, Bian Yi remembered, was the place where he and Kou Li established their relationship.

Bian Yi ate a wild fruit by mistake and vomited.
He felt like he was about to die.
It was Kou Li who walked into the forest where wild beasts roamed all by himself to find an antidote for him.
When Kou Li left, he was terrified.
For a while, he was afraid that Kou Li would encounter danger outside, and at the same time, he was afraid that Kou Li would leave him and run away.

He waited and waited, until Kou Li, with his arm bleeding incessantly, appeared holding the medicinal herb he had found for him tightly.

At that moment, Bian Yi looked at him, and his whole mind exploded.
He thought that no matter what Kou Li asked him for in the future, he would definitely give it to him.

Bian Yi looked at the signal device in his hand and laughed at himself.
But didn’t he really give away everything in the end?

His love, his life, including himself, were they not all given to him? But, in one way or another, did he not lose everything because of Kou Li?

There’s no point in thinking about it any more.

Bian Yi let out a sigh of relief, lowered his head and carefully repaired the signal device.

The signal device, which looked like a customs clearance item, was found by Jiang Shi’s luck.

When Bian Yi was repairing the signal device, he heard Jiang Shi proudly say that he had a nickname called “Lucky Koi”.

Hearing the young man’s happy voice, Bian Yi couldn’t help but look up at him.

The young man’s face was flushed red because he had run for a long while, and his eyebrows and eyes curved with laughter.
Pure happiness from winning the game, he couldn’t contain the joy on his face.

Bian Yi’s eyelids trembled and looked at him in a trance.
He got a feeling he was seeing himself at eighteen.
But it was only a little because they didn’t look alike at all.

Bian Yi lowered his head again and praised, “You are awesome.”

Jiang Shi got the compliment and was even happier, so he gathered some more beside Bian Yi.

It can be seen that he has no bad intentions, so Bian Yi did not stop him from approaching.

Over time, Jiang Shi and Bian Yi became familiar with each other.
It may also be because there was still a camera shooting them.
He wanted to find some shots and started chatting with Bian Yi on why Bian Yi repaired the device.

Bian Yi thought, young man, you are very good at stepping on landmines.

He didn’t want to think about it again, but when he looked up, he glanced at his new assistant at the side.

Bian Yi stared at him, but his new assistant just stared at the signal device in his hand with horror on his face.

Bian Yi paid attention to him, tilted his head and briefly talked about his glorious deeds with Jiang Shi.

Jiang Shi listened with relish and exclaimed from time to time.
His emotions were natural and not contrived.

Bian Yi didn’t look at Jiang Shi, and only observed the new assistant from the corner of his eye, and then the corner of his lips curled as he reached the perfect ending to his story: “That island is where my husband and I fell in love.”

Jiang Shi’s envious exclamation sounded beside him, but Bian Yi didn’t hear.

He saw his new assistant panicked like a drowning person entangled by countless aquatic plants.
His eyeballs bulged in terror and disbelief.

He was completely on the verge of collapse.

His figure kept receding.

He was going to run away.

Bian Yi immediately stopped the movement in his hand, raised his hand to interrupt Jiang Shi’s speech.
He stood up, and shouted abruptly in the direction of the new assistant who had already sprinted away.
“Catch him!”

The people present were still stunned, while the team of bodyguards who responded faster and more professionally rushed towards Guan Xi immediately.

But the amazing thing is that although he obviously looked so thin, he was very slippery, and couldn’t be caught at all.

What’s even more amazing is that with such a small body, his speed was almost comparable to athletes in international competitions.

Soon, the engines of cars parked near the venue roared to life, one by one.

Everyone on the show team, including Nie Fang, was dumbfounded.

Bian Yi went out of the shooting area, furrowed his eyebrows and stared at the direction in which Guan Xi escaped.

Because he was in a hurry, and Guan Xi still had his points, it was hard to catch him.

However, what Bian Yi didn’t understand was why Guan Xi reacted so strongly? His system forced him to come back, but it’s only been awhile.
Today was only the first day by his side, and nothing had been done yet.
What made him dare not even listen to the system? What was he so afraid of that he had to run away immediately?

Signal devices? island? What was he afraid of?



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