Chapter 11: This Can’t Be Possible.

There was no one else in the room, apart from Bian Yi’s family.

After introducing Kou Li to other people, Bian Yi never looked at Kou Li again.
He only focused on chatting with his Xiao-Shu.

Three-year-olds tend to be quite talkative, and when it came to things that were particularly exciting for them, they would speak about it several times in a row.
But Bian Yi was never tired of hearing the sweet voice of his son.

After Kou Li looked at the father and son duo chatting with each other, he scanned the entire suite.

The suite had already been inspected by Nie Fang and Bian Yi’s Assistants, but Kou Li was much more meticulous than they were.

Ten minutes or so later, Kou Li came out of the bathroom, asking Bian Yi and Kou Sen if they wanted to go to the beach for a while.

At that moment, because it was still too early to have lunch, and Xiao-Shu was really eager to go out, Bian Yi didn’t disagree with the idea.

When the three of them left the hotel, Nie Fang was in the lobby below.
When he saw that Bian Yi and his family were going out, Nie Fang hurried to remind Bian Yi that he should pay attention to the time, since he had to record the show in the afternoon.

Bian Yi simply took the kid out, letting Kou Li reply for him.

As he watched the family of three walking away, Nie Fang muttered in his mind: ‘In the past, no matter what activities ‘Bian Yi’ did, or where he had to go, Kou Li never visited him.
Let alone bring their son over.’

‘I’m afraid that Kou Li must have long sensed that ‘Bian Yi’ was an impostor.’

After pondering over it, Nie Fang thought again: ‘If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart.
Even if his personality had changed, his appearance was exactly the same.
Ah, who would doubt the authenticity of someone solely based on how they act? At best, I would have believed that person must have a secret or a second personality.’

‘Bah! What’s the point of thinking so much about it? I wasn’t in the same circumstances as Kou Li, and I don’t need to worry about my wife being replaced.
What would they want from me?’

Nie Fang withdrew his gaze, turning to the Director and the Production Team to let them know that Kou Li might be at the recording site this afternoon, for observation.

After hearing the name Kou Li, coupled with the fact that he’s Bian Yi’s husband, the Director and Producers almost immediately agreed without any complaints.
They even thought of giving Kou Li a few shots, but Nie Fang didn’t dare to agree to this.

When Bian Yi arrived at the beach, there weren’t many people around, despite the fact that there were many tourists on the island.
However, when Bian Yi glanced at the man behind him, he could see why this was the case.

Xiao-Shu, who hasn’t been to the beach for a long time, wanted to run to the beach right away.
But because Bian Yi was holding his hand, the little kid could only walk according to his father’s pace.
After walking for a little while, the kid was finally able to play in the sand.

Bian Yi ran with him for a while, but in the end, he couldn’t keep up with the child’s excitement.
He could only sit on a recliner to watch over Kou Sen.

Not long after Bian Yi sat down, the man next to him handed over a glass of juice.
Then, Kou Li set out the toys for the kid.

Bian Yi stared at the glass for two seconds before picking it up.

Even though the sun wasn’t too strong, when Kou Li stared at the small silhouette of his son playing with the sand, he felt as if the light was too dazzling.
Especially when the little kid was laughing so wantonly.
It felt as if Kou Li’s eyes were burning.

When a gust of sea breeze passed by, a bit of sand was raised in the air.

It seemed that some sand had blown into Kou Li’s eyes, because not long after that his eyes turned red.

Probably because he hadn’t adapted to this feeling, Kou Li shook his hands slightly, took off his glasses, and wiped the lenses with a handkerchief.
While doing all this, he blinked several times.

When he put on his glasses again, Kou Li felt much better.

As Kou Li looked ahead again, he saw Bian Yi wholeheartedly playing with Xiao-Shu in the sand.
Xiao-Shu’s eyes were inherited from Bian Yi’s side.
When the two of them smiled, their eyes looked so beautiful and clear, that their dazzling light could illuminate the emptiness of Kou Li’s heart.

Although Kou Li looked away, the smile rising from the corners of his mouth deepened until a gentle smile was plastered on his face.
At that moment, Kou Li took out his cell phone and dialed a number.
When the call was connected, he turned sideways to say: “Come to E Island and bring the XH reagent.”

Jian Yi was in the middle of an experiment when he received a call and heard this.
As he immediately put the experiment down, he asked: “What do you mean?”

Kou Li didn’t say anything else, and simply repeated again: “Come to E Island, and bring that ‘stuff’ with you.”

When the call ended, the surprised expression on Jian Yi’s face had already turned into excitement.

When the family of three finally returned to the hotel suite, Bian Yi and Xiao-Shu went to the bathroom to take a shower.
Meanwhile, Kou Li ordered food.

After taking a bath, and changing into clean clothes, Bian Yi sat down at the table with a smile.

He was having such a good time, and since it was something he hadn’t experienced in more than a decade, he got a little carried away as he said to Kou Li: “Let Xiao-Shu sleep with me tonight.”

On the other hand, Kou Li didn’t hesitate to blurt out: “No.”

As soon as this word was said, Kou Li could see how Bian Yi’s smile disappeared.

At that moment, a trace of annoyance flashed in Kou Li’s eyes as he briefly pursed his lips.

Kou Sen, who was sitting between the two, was looking at his dad and daddy, in a back and forth manner.

Then, the sweet voice of the child caught the attention of the two adults: “But Xiao-Shu doesn’t want to sleep alone.
Can I sleep with you? I’ll be good.
I won’t disturb Dad and Daddy making me a sister.”

At that moment, the little kid sitting between the two successfully diverted their attention.

The child’s words were quite amusing, and Bian Yi wondered whether he heard these strange things from the youngest nanny at home.
As Bian Yi looked at the kid helplessly, he explained: “Your daddy is a man, and men can’t give birth.”

“Huh?” Xiao-Shu stared at Bian Yi completely puzzled, only to ask a classic question among kids: “Then how did I get here?”

“….” Bian Yi didn’t know how to explain this, so he had to look at the man opposite of him.

Kou Li’s eyes appeared as if he was smiling.
As he picked up food for Bian Yi and their son, he said to Kou Sen: “Eat first.
If you eat, your father will explain it to you.”

As Bian Yi stared at the food placed on his bowl, he frowned slightly.
When he saw Xiao-Shu eating the steak Kou Li had picked up for him, Bian Yi had to take a big mouthful of rice and eat it together with the steak as well.

After the short lunch break, Nie Fang came over and knocked on the door.

After all, this was the first time Bian Yi will be participating in a show after his return, and Nie Fang felt that Bian Yi still needed a bit of light makeup.
After all, any picture of a star will be magnified several times on the internet, which will be scrutinized by both fans and anti-fans.
Even a little trace of anything would make them theorize and write 100,000 words about invented events.

Of course, Bian Yi understood this very well, so he didn’t refuse.

Once they were almost done, someone from the Production Team had arrived.

Since Nie Fang had already spoken with the Director of the show, Kou Li was free to take Kou Sen with him and follow Bian Yi’s team.

Nie Fang did more than was necessary, because he already knew that Kou Li would come.
In fact, the Production Team, as well as the Director of the show, were extremely attentive to Bian Yi because Kou Li was a sponsor.

Well, to say he was the sponsor was not enough.
It wasn’t about the money invested, but because E Island belonged to Kou Li.

When Bian Yi arrived at the shooting scene, it had already been cleaned up.
Since there were no tourists around, Bian Yi could tell from a single glance who the guests of the show were, as well as who the participants, like him, were.

Bian Yi didn’t bother to pay attention to the list of guests, but when he looked at their faces, he couldn’t remember their names.

Luckily, because he was a participant, the guests greeted him warmly and introduced themselves one by one.

Bian Yi made sure to remember their names, so when playing the games, he wouldn’t mispronounce them and be made fun of on the internet.

Guan Xi has mispronounced names before, and some fans helped save his honor by praising him for acting cute.
However, from Bian Yi’s point of view, Guan Xi was simply making a fool of himself.
In the past, Guan Xi would not only mispronounce the names of well known stars from films and television, as well as veteran actors and actresses, but he would also brag to everyone that he grew up watching their work.

 If it was him, Bian Yi wouldn’t have made such a vulgar mistake.

The theme for today’s game was ‘Escape from the Deserted Island’.
In the morning, the games were similar to physical training, while in the afternoon, they would start to ‘escape’ using what they had learned.

The first round of the game was a riddle, which was related to the animals, plants and the environment of the island.
After the participants formed pairs, they will have to answer the riddles.
The group that answered the most riddles will have more chances to obtain some of the survival tools hidden in the Island.

Of course, these survival tools didn’t require the participants to be able to use them.
As long as they got them, the tools could increase their life value.
For example, if someone got a fishing net, the participant will live a few more days on the island by catching fish; while gaining direct food and water will add less life value.

The show’s team also revealed that there were hidden props on the island that could be used to pass the game directly, but the clues to these props could only be obtained by the group with most correct answers.
However, clues were just clues, and they only added a few more possibilities.
If someone was particularly lucky, he may not need the clues to obtain the props.

Soon, the game began, and the first round consisted of pairing up.

The participants had to pick an item from a box, and the one who had the exact same one will be their teammate.
The other participants gave way to let Bian Yi go first, and the item he took out of the box was a black ball.
After he was done, the others began to pick up the items one after the other.
So far, only eight people found their teammates.

Bian Yi raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw Xu Rui, who was the last one in selecting an item from the box, holding a black ball in his hand.
Xu Rui’s lips were pursed tightly, and his whole body looked tense.

Even though everyone else noticed Xu Rui’s weird pose, no one asked him what was wrong with him.
After all, they were recording the show.

At that moment, when a young man beside Xu Rui saw the black ball in his hand, he said: “Congratulations Mr.
Xu! You are paired up with Mr.

The expression on Xu Rui’s face became even more weird.
As he hurried to glance at Bian Yi, who was smiling, Xu Rui opened his mouth to tell something to the Director, but before he could say anything, he heard another man’s voice.

“Replace him.” Kou Li didn’t say this to the Director.
He said it to the Assistant that brought him to the island.
Kou Li’s voice wasn’t very loud, but because no one was talking at the moment, almost everyone could hear him loud and clear.

At that moment, Xu Rui felt as if he was no longer on the beach, but in a hotel room.
Inside that hotel room stood Kou Li, with his deep black eyes calmly looking at him.
Looking at Xu Rui with a naked ‘Bian Yi’ on the bed, their bodies entangled together.

Xu Rui had such an ugly expression on his face, he didn’t even dare to look up at Kou Li.
He could only squeeze the small ball in his hand.

For a short while, the atmosphere on the beach felt extremely awkward.

Those who knew a bit, could guess what was actually going on.
Even the young man standing beside Xu Rui, who didn’t seem to know much, could sense that something wasn’t right and hurried to shut up.

“Ahem.” The Director coughed and shouted through the loudspeaker: “The box malfunctioned just now, so this game doesn’t count ha.
Come on, let’s start again.”

Of course, everyone knew that there was nothing wrong with the box.
After all, it was just a glass box covered with a cloth, how could it malfunction? But everyone could tell this was merely an excuse to restart the game.

This time, Bian Yi was still the first one to pick an item, and as he did so, he raised his eyes to look at Kou Li, who was behind the scenes.
At that moment, Bian Yi smiled at Kou Li with an unknown meaning.

In the end, Bian Yi paired up with the young man who had congratulated Xu Rui.
He looked quite young, as if he had just reached adulthood.
Bian Yi had heard that he was good at singing, dancing and acting.
His name was Jiang Shi, but everyone called him Xiao-Shi.

Bian Yi also decided to call him ‘Xiao-Shi’, since everyone already did.
Bian Yi also found it interesting that this Xiao-Shi looked similar to him.

Since Bian Yi had been watching Guan Xi using his face for a long time, Bian Yi was already familiar with how he looked, and thus, he could tell when someone looked like him.

Jiang Shi was also aware of this fact.
Even though Jiang Shi hadn’t interacted much with Bian Yi, he respected him.
In the game, Bian Yi was responsible for analyzing the clues, while Jiang Shi was responsible for finding them, so Jiang Shi was happy to cooperate like this.

Due to Bian Yi’s accurate analysis, their group’s progress was very smooth.
Only half an hour after the game started, their life value had stacked for 15 days.

Compared to them, the other groups were in a variety of situations.

Guan Xi, who was waiting behind the scenes, had a strange feeling surging inside him.
One he couldn’t quite explain ever since the game started.

The more he looked, the stranger it felt.

He saw a group finding mattock and seeds, another group finding hunting tools, another group finding fishing nets and food, followed by an abandoned fishing boat and a yacht without oil.
Finally, when he saw Jiang Shi happily find a damaged signal device from a pile of stones, Guan Xi felt like his body was being struck by lightning.

However, this wasn’t the most terrifying thing.

The most terrifying thing was…

“This signal device seems to be really broken.” Bian Yi checked it once and then commanded Jiang Shi: “Xiao-Shi, hand me over the tools we found before.
I’ll fix it.”

Jiang Shi already admired Bian Yi, and when he heard Bian Yi say this, he looked at Bian Yi with surprise: “Mr.
Bian, do you know how to repair a signal?”

Bian Yi nodded and said with a smile: “Yes, when I was still in school, I loved to mess with these things.”

At that instant, Guan Xi’s heart stopped beating.
His eyes were opened so wide, it looked as if they would pop out of its sockets.
After taking several steps backwards, he shook his head in denial.

‘No, no, this can’t be.
It’s impossible!’

On the other side of the Island, as soon as Jian Yi got off the plane, he got into a car and told the driver to go towards the port.

The Assistant that came with him wondered: “Professor, aren’t we already here? Why do you want to go to the port?”

‘Moreover….’ The Assistant’s eyes were filled with doubts.
‘The Professor is wearing nice clothes today ah.
He looks so different from his usual lazy appearance, as if he were trying to seduce someone.’

Jian Yi simply laughed and said somewhat flirtatiously: “I’m going to meet the person I’ve longed to meet for a long time.”

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