Chapter 1: The Impostor And The One Who Got Replaced.

He was surrounded by pure white, in a small room.

Guan Xi, who stayed up late, died all of a sudden.
When he woke up after his death, he found himself in this small white room.

As soon as he woke up, a guy who called himself an ‘Antagonist Self-Saving System’, gave him a book with the title ‘Plot’.
After Guan Xi understands the plot, he will be sent to the world in the book with the role of the Antagonist.

As for Guan Xi’s task, he was to rewrite the life of this Antagonist to become a good and promising young man.

Guan Xi, who had a lot of experience in reading web novels, soon became aware of his current situation.

After transmigrating, he should get ready to take over the Antagonist’s place in the novel, and complete the tasks given by the System.

Guan Xi was quite excited about it.
Even though, like in many other transmigration novels, if the mission were to fail, he would be wiped out from existence, he felt that he was given a life for free.
That fact alone made him feel like he had already won.
Besides, after completing each stage of the mission, he’ll be given points that can be exchanged in the System Store for Golden Fingers.

Guan Xi has read the book to the end, and after the initial apprehension had passed, he began to think about what he’ll do next.
However, after reading the last chapter, his expression suddenly stagnated.

After skimming through the last chapter, Guan Xi’s voice trembled in the empty room: “System, did you say that my identity will be this ‘Bian Yi’?”

The cold mechanical voice sounded somewhat impatient: “Is there a problem?”

Right when Guan Xi was about to open his mouth to speak, the System added the next sentence without any emotion in its voice: “If you don’t want to, you can go back to wherever you came from.”

Guan Xi quickly shut up.
No one wanted to become a corpse after getting the opportunity of a second life.

It’s just…..

As he stared at the content of the last chapter, his excitement and thrill disappeared once he witnessed the speed those words cooled down, until finally, they fell into a creepy level.

The plot the System gave Guan Xi, wasn’t the whole content of the novel.
Instead, it was about the final plot about the Antagonist, Bian Yi, whom he was about to replace.
This plot was also the final ending for Bian Yi.

Bian Yi and Kou Li, the Protagonist, were a couple of husbands.
When the Protagonist’s business declined, Bian Yi abandoned and betrayed him, but after the Protagonist rose again, he came back with a shy face.
Of course, the vengeful Protagonist didn’t forgive him, and eventually imprisoned Bian Yi on an isolated island.

The environment of that island wasn’t bad, and there was even a spacious villa on it.
Apart from the internet, there was no shortage of daily necessities thanks to the villa, but Bian Yi didn’t know how to cook.
His cooking abilities were quite bad, but if he didn’t eat those disgusting recipes, he would starve; but if he ate it, he could even die of food poisoning. 

There were boats on the island, but he didn’t know how to sail nor did he know how to swim.
The forest had a fertile land, filled with edible plants and animals, but he didn’t know how to farm nor hunt.
Besides, he was afraid to step into the forest alone.
The island was also equipped with solar and wind power, but when the power supply was insufficient, he wouldn’t use the tools to repair it.
Even when there were abandoned signal towers, and damaged signal devices….
he couldn’t do anything about it.

That island was obviously filled with opportunities to survive, but for Bian Yi, it was a dead end.

That island was Kou Li’s prison for Bian Yi.
His incompetence and cowardice would let him die slowly in fear, loneliness and despair; no one will ever know about it.

Guan Xi is gay, and he had also read countless of Danmei books.
Scum gongs, such as Kou Li, used to be the main characteristic of MLs in these kinds of novels.
He even got aroused, from time to time, as he read them.
However, reading a novel wasn’t the same as having actual human contact.

In particular, he discovered, to his horror, that Bian Yi wouldn’t ‘do it’ at all.
If he followed this bad ending, he might end up exactly the same as Bian Yi.

After thinking about it, the creepy and negative conditions were stacked one after the other.
At that moment, the System began the teleportation countdown.


After a few seconds of dizziness, Guan Xi opened his eyes.
When he looked around, he found that he was inside a car, alone.

Inside a new body, the first thing Guan Xi did was to find a mirror to see what he looked like.

After a single glance, he froze.

Because he was as beautiful as a flower in full bloom.

What popped into Guan Xi’s head at that moment, was an old-fashioned mobile game he played before his sudden death.
In this game, the beauty of the first villain was described like the beauty of flowers in full bloom.
Compared with virtual animation, the impact of a real person was obviously much greater.

“So good-looking, no wonder Kou Li had the courage to imprison him alone on an isolated island, am I right?” Guan Xi touched his face in a trance as he ‘tsk-ed’ a few times.
His skin was in such a good condition that it was too good to be true.

He smiled at the mirror, feeling as if he were instantly exposed to a sea of poppies.
He even felt that he could smell an intoxicating fragrance, and if he took one more sniff, he wouldn’t be able to free himself.

This was simply a great lethal weapon!

If it weren’t because this new life’s time and place weren’t quite right, Guan Xi would like to be happy with his own face.

After exploring his neck, collarbone, waist and abdomen, Guan Xi couldn’t help but think: ‘This body is a real treasure.’ But he immediately thought that this was his body now, so he finally stopped pondering over these things and began to analyze the current situation.

He was sent to the moment the original body had just abandoned his husband and son.
After Bian Yi left home, he went to the shopping mall to vent his anger using Kou Li’s card.

Ah yes, in this world, same-sex marriage is common.
At present, Bian Yi and Kou Li still had a legal relationship as husband and husband, but Kou Li didn’t know that the original Bian Yi was gone, never to come back.

Bian Yi had just run away, and Kou Li didn’t know that he had abandoned him yet….

So, as long as Guan Xi goes back, everything should be alright, right? As long as Bian Yi doesn’t abandon his husband and son, the bad ending of getting locked up on an isolated island shouldn’t appear, right?

The more he thought about it, Guan Xi noticed a pile of shopping bags in the back seat.
When he stretched out his hand to grab two bags, his eyes lit up once he saw what was inside.

Half an hour later, Guan Xi went to Kou Li’s house, with Bian Yi’s face, and knocked on the door.

Nor long after, the door opened from the inside.

The man at the other side of the door, after seeing Guan Xi, had a storm brewing in the depths of his eyes.
However, that reaction was hidden behind his pair of glasses, as if it had never appeared.

His voice was hoarse and cold: “Are you back?”

! ! !

It was like being hit head-on, so Guan Xi was shocked for several seconds.

‘Could it be said that this man is worthy of being the Protagonist gong? This face, these legs, this voice.
He’s the supreme epitome of a gay man!’

‘In particular with that pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose, such a good aesthetic taste.
It’s not that difficult to imagine what it’ll be like being pressed under his body with such a pair of glaring eyes.’

‘Was the original Bian Yi blind?! How were you willing to abandon such an excellent specimen? No wonder you could only become cannon fodder.’

Originally, Guan Xi intended to let the Gong Protagonist and the Shou Protagonist to be with each other, because he didn’t want to end up on the isolated island plot.
However, after seeing the gong, he changed his mind.

An available husband who’s handsome, elegant and extremely rich, it was more than what Guan Xi has ever dreamt of.
Only a moron would give up such a good husband to a Shou Protagonist!

Seeing that Kou Li was frowning, Guan Xi came back to reality and hurried to raise the bags in his hands towards Kou Li.
With a crooked smile, he said: “What is it? You know how hard is it to raise a kid, right? Don’t be angry, I bought you a gift.”

Kou Li’s eyes moved from the man’s face to the bag in his hand.
His fingers curled up and loosened.
Until finally, he took the gift, turned sideways and let Guan Xi enter through the door.

Bian Yi looked fixedly at the only source of light in the room.
It was a huge screen showing the picture of a man that looked exactly like him, standing at the door of his house.
Right after, that man was brought into the house by his husband, Kou Li.

‘What’s this?’

‘And what is this place?’

Bian Yi clutched the paper bag in his hand, which was the delivery he had received in his car ten minutes ago.

Yes, he was sure that he was in his car ten minutes ago.

The picture on the screen continued, and Bian Yi pursed his lips.
As he ignored the contents of the screen, he observed the surroundings through the light.

It was a single room, the furnishings weren’t simple, but they could also be described as humble.
There was a single bed, a table, a toilet and a shower.
In addition to this, the walls weren’t decorated, and there wasn’t even a single air vent.

The paper bag in his hand was squeezed out of shape, and Bian Y

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