Ch8 – Good Mood

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In the end, Ning You still obediently followed Li Mu through the wooden fence.
It was only when Chief Lin opened the wooden house door and invited the pair in did he let go of Li Mu’s sleeve. 

Contrary to Ning You’s imagination, Chief Lin doesn’t have many ethnic features apart from his skin being darker than Li Mu and distinctive red patches on his cheeks.
Just like an ordinary farmer uncle.

“Come in.” With a heavy accent Chief Lin greeted the two kindly, “Have you eaten breakfast?’’



“Ate already, don’t trouble yourself.” Li Mu crossed the threshold and walked inside the house, “Where is sister-in-law?”

“She went back to her parent’s home two days ago.” Chief Lin went to make a pot of tea and then greeted Ning You who was following behind.
“You are the one who got lost yesterday, right.
How did you get lost?” 

Ning You was afraid of doing something wrong in someone else’s house.
Even crossing the threshold, he paid attention to Li Mu’s actions.
Observing that Li Mu stepped into the house with his left foot, he’d already reached the threshold with his right foot.
So he took a small step, and then stepped in with his left foot.


Upon entering the house, Ning You was very reserved.
He carefully viewed the musical instruments and costumes hanging on the wall.
Hearing Chief Lin greet him, he subconsciously looked at Li Mu.
Seeing that Li Mu had no intention to intervene, he replied, “I came out of the bathroom and went in the wrong direction.”

“We searched for you for a long time yesterday, fortunately you ran into Li Mu.” Chief Lin said, “Now when the road is cleared, you can go home.
If there’s any inconvenience these days, just tell me.”

Ning You nodded, “Thank you.”


Li Mu sat down on the sofa, and discussed the follow-up of the fire with Chief Lin.
This fire caused considerable damage to the scenic spot.
The landslide leading to the closure of the scenic spot won’t be open to the public until potential safety hazards are completely eliminated.

The closure of scenic spots such as Hanas National Geopark can lead to huge local economic loss if they are closed even for one day.
Looking at Chief Lin’s expressions, he was also very worried.
It seems there are many reports to be written.

Ning You sat quietly beside Li Mu, pretending he didn’t exist.
He listened quietly to their conversation, when the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang.


Taking it out to have a look, it’s a call from assistant Xiao Zhao. 

At this time Xiao Zhao should be with Li Chao, staying in the hotel away from the scenic spot.
If she called, something must have happened.

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Ning You informed Li Mu.
Taking his mobile phone, he went out of the cabin.

“Chief Ning, can you hold an online conference there?”

“Yes, what?” 

“The manufacturer is very interested in our new project and has some issues that we need to clarify.
Since the conditions on your side allow it, I’ll go arrange it now.”

“Okay, I get it.”

After hanging up the phone, Ning You browsed the zhiding work group.
During National Day, there wasn’t much news in the work group.
Ning You arranged all the work properly before travelling with Li Chao.

However, the raw manufacturer they collaborated with is a Japanese company.
The other party doesn’t care if  you’re on a long vacation, a meeting still needs to be held. 

Ning You picked out several major project leaders to prepare for the meeting, then continued to scroll down WeChat.
He just saw that half an hour ago, Li Chao sent him two messages, one was of the scenery outside the hotel and the other was to ask him if he ate breakfast.

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[Ning You: Sorry, I just saw the message.]


Po la kjr j ojwliljg qfgrbc, Rlcu Tbe kbeivc’a fzqijlc atlr rfcafcmf.
Po la kjr j ragjcufg, Rlcu Tbe jujlc kbeivc’a fzqijlc atlr rfcafcmf.

Ol Jtjb, tbkfnfg, lr tlr ecojwliljg oljcmf.
Lf mjc’a yf agfjafv jr j ragjcufg, yea jirb cba sfa ojwliljg klat. 

[Ning You: I had Nang for breakfast]

Efqislcu ab atlr, Rlcu Tbe kjcafv ab qea atf wbylif qtbcf jkjs, yea mbcrlvfglcu rbmlji faldefaaf, tf asqfv bcf wbgf rfcafcmf.

[Ning You: What about you?]

Li Chao replied quickly. 

[Li Chao: The buffet in the hotel tastes good.]

[Li Chao: Going to the take a look at where the landslide is.

[Ning You: Be careful]

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[Li Chao: Okay, you too] 

Back in the house, Li Mu and Chief Lin are still discussing the fire.
It is said the firefighters thoroughly investigated the cause of the fire last night, reaching a preliminary conclusion that it was caused by cigarette butts.

Ning You didn’t listen very carefully due to his work on hand.
He switched his mobile phone to vibration mode, keeping an eye on the development in the work group.

“I don’t know who the hell smoked in the woods.” Chief Lin said.

“Could it be a tourist from the scenic area?” 

“Which tourist would go to that place? It’s very far from the scenic spot.”

“But the poachers wouldn’t go there either.
There are no wild animals or precious medicinal ingredients.”

“The location may not be accurate.
What if the cigarette butt was passed by the wind?”



Ning You intentionally or unintentionally listened.  It seemed that the place where the fire broke out wasn’t around the scenic spot, nor was it near where poachers hunted.


He was about to continue listening in regards to their analysis when his mobile phone vibrated again.
Li Chao had an update.

[Li Chao: I asked the person in charge.
This road can be reopened in four or five days at the most.] 

[Ning You: Okay, it seems it won’t be a long delay.]

[Li Chao: I’ll be here for the next few days, so feel free to contact me if you need anything.]

Ning You typed the word “thank you”.
Before he clicked send, Li Mu sitting next to him, suddenly turned his head towards Ning You asking: “Do you smoke?” ”

Ning You’s eyes grew wide suddenly and thought how could he smoke? He realised that Li Mu was suspecting him. 

This is understandable, since Ning You did wander in the woods for half a day yesterday.
Although the location may not be around where the fire started, it isn’t entirely without suspicion.

“I don’t smoke.” Ning You shook his head when an idea suddenly occurred in his mind.

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He lowered his head again, deleting the words “thank you” and entered another sentence.

[Ning You: Do you smoke?] 

Li Chao should have also wandered around the woods yesterday.
Because Ning You was missing, he should have been the most anxious.
To put it seriously, if something happened to Ning You, it’s very likely the Li family business would suffer.

Li Chao quickly replied.

[Li Chao: Don’t smoke.]

[Li Chao: What’s the matter?] 

It seems Ning You was overthinking.

[Ning You: It’s nothing, just asking.]

[Li Chao: Don’t you like men who smoke?]

As early as the first blind date, Ning You and Li Chao discussed their ideal partner. 

Li Chao was very general and didn’t mention specific preferences.
Of course, it may also be because his wealth cannot compare with Ning You’s, so he didn’t dare express his ideas.
However, Ning You made it very clear that he required the other person to have excellent working ability and good upbringing.

Anyway, it is definitely not like Li Mu.


Ning You replied with the word “en” while making a comparison in boredom.

Obviously, Li Mu’s appearance is not bad.
Like Li Chao, he is the handsome type, but he just doesn’t clean himself up.
He looks savage and rough and even asks Ning You to “display” in the woods.
He is the only one who can do such a thing. 

“Then let’s leave it like this for now.
I’ll pay more attention to it when I patrol the mountain today.”

Speaking of which, Li Mu suddenly stood up.
Ning You realised that the visit was over and quickly stood up with Li Mu.

Li Mu asked him to come in and have a look before deciding whether he wanted to stay here.
Although Chief Lin’s house is very clean and tidy, Ning You’s decision didn’t change from beginning to end – he wanted to return with Li Mu.

Li Mu took a step in the direction of the door.
At this time, as if he suddenly remembered something, he turned to Chief Lin and said, “By the way, there’s something I have to trouble you with.” 

Hearing this, Ning You instantly felt nervous and squeezed the corner of Li Mu’s clothes tightly where Chief Lin couldn’t see.

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What is it?

He’s not really going to leave him here, is he?

Li Mu tilting his head, glanced at Ning You’s hand, then asked Chief Lin: “Can you lend me a bed futon?” 

Ning You was in a good mood when he left Chief Lin’s house.

Li Mu not only continued to take him in, but he also borrowed a bed futon for him.
Although he still had to sleep on the floor, it was better than sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Human psychology is so complex.

If you want someone to mop the floor and know he won’t agree, then ask him to mop the floor and do the laundry.
If he refused, let him only mop the floor.
This way, he will be very happy – because he doesn’t have to do the laundry. 

Now Ning You has such a mentality.
Obviously, Li Mu’s house is not very comfortable, but he is very satisfied with the current situation—— because he can avoid the situation he wants to avoid the most.

Early rising villagers appeared on both sides of the road.
Ning You’s sharp eyes detected a convenience supermarket on the roadside.
He informed Li Mu, and headed straight into the supermarket.

First of all, toothbrushes and towels need to be purchased.
Ning You don’t have much choice.
He can only choose the most expensive one.

After choosing the toiletries, he inadvertently turned to the snack shelf and found strange snacks, such as coffee, yoghurt, potato chips and so on.
He took several packets of snacks he hadn’t seen before, thinking that if he wasn’t used to the food, he could satiate his hunger using snacks. 

The conditions on the mountain are rudimentary, and it would be nice to have some drinks.

Just as Ning You was choosing drinks at the entrance of the supermarket, Li Mu’s voice suddenly sounded next to his ear: “Daxiaojie, are you going to my house for a vacation?”


Ning You looked at Li Mu in astonishment, “What did you call me?”

Li Mu repeated, “Daxiaojie.” 

Ning You frowned, “My name is Ning You.”

Li Mu changed his words indifferently: “Ning daxiaojie.”

Ning You doesn’t appreciate Li Mu’s teasing.
He walks to the cashier without saying a word with “I don’t want to talk to you” written all over his face.

Li Mu waited impatiently but after looking at Ning You’s appearance, he suddenly wanted to laugh a little—— this white swan is still angry. 

He looked at the beverage cabinet, took the kavas that Ning You had been looking at for half a day, and followed him to the cashier.

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