Ch6 – Discussing Civilization

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In Ning You’s dictionary of life, there are no three characters related to excretion.

The toilet should be described as “bathroom” or “washroom” as far as possible, and the name of toilet paper can also be used on different occasions.
When it is used to wipe the mouth, it must be described as a “paper towel”. 

Ning You has learned too much about convenient etiquette, which has already been engraved into his bones.
He really couldn’t imagine that people living in the mountains and forest could let themselves go like this.

He looked at Li Mu with a complicated expression.
Although he knew that they were about to separate and might not meet each other for the rest of their life, he couldn’t help but say, “Even if you live alone in the woods, you should talk about civilization, right?”



“Civilization?” Li Mu stopped in bewilderment.
He had been to so many forest areas.
This was the first time someone had asked him to talk about civilization in the woods of the countryside.

——Does the ’’daxiaojie” have any misunderstanding about the countryside? 

He was rarely serious and said to Ning You, “Explain to me what civilization is.”


This question is very general and difficult to answer.
At a deeper level, he can write on a paper, but Ning You doesn’t think the dialogue with Li Mu needs to rise to that level.

“Civilization is an advanced form of culture.
In short, if you can read and write, it can only show that you have culture, but if you abide by moral etiquette and social norms, you are a civilized person.”

In order to take care of Li Mu, Ning You deliberately made the reason simple and easy to understand.
But unexpectedly, as soon as Li Mu opens his mouth, he pulls the problem to another level.


“The emergence of civilization is due to the highly developed culture,” Li Mu said.
“What is the premise of highly developed culture?”

Ning You was caught off guard by the question, and before he could think deeply, Li Mu had already reached a conclusion and answered himself: “It is social stability.”

“Our society is very stable now.” Ning You said.

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“Do you think the environment in which the both of us live can be called society?” Li Mu asked again. 

Ning You feels more and more strange.
This man won’t have participated in the shanqu debate competition, will he?

“What you are talking about is heteronomy.
Even if we are not in a specific social environment, we should also exercise self-discipline.” Ning You said.

“But the problem is that the environment is the most important factor.” Li Mu said, “A primitive tribe that has been attacked by wild animals for many years.
When it migrates, it will kill the lagging old people and children.
Can you tell them about civilization?”

Ning You looked at Li Mu in a daze, he wondered how this man suddenly didn’t look like a savage at all? 

“Do you know about the strange Cave Case?” Li Mu added, “Five people were trapped in the cave and drew lots to decide who would be the sacrifice and become food for others.
Later, the other four were rescued.
In response to their cannibalism, should they be found guilty.”

“I know that.” Ning You’s heart faintly felt bad, “Half of the judges think they are guilty and half of the judges think they are innocent.”

“That’s right.” Li Mu said, “Let me ask you, the judges who think they are innocent, do you think their judgment is unreasonable?”

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Of course not. 

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Lf fnfc jugffr atja mjcclyjilrw lr cba ecobgulnjyif lc j rqfmlji fcnlgbcwfca.

Vjwf jguewfca, rbinlcu tsulfcf qgbyifwr lc atf mbecagsrlvf lr jirb cba rbwfatlcu ab wjxf j oerr jybea.


Qlat atja rjlv, atf beambwf bo atf vfyjaf lr vlnlvfv.

Rlcu Tbe ibbxfv ja Ol Ze eckliilcuis jcv rjlv, “Lbk vb sbe…” 

So educated?

Say no more wins yet.

“I won’t tell you.” Ning You attributed the reason for his poor performance to being in a state of physical emergency.
“Please send me down the mountain.
I’ll go to the bathroom at the foot of the mountain.”

Originally, Li Mu didn’t want to talk nonsense.
He patted the saddle and motioned Ning you to get on the horse. 

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“I’ll go up by myself.
You’re not allowed to spank me.”

Ning You admonished Li Mu, then forcibly endured the discomfort in his legs and struggled to climb towards the horse’s back.
However, today, he didn’t have strength compared to yesterday.
After working hard for half a day, he can only lie on the horse’s back with his upper body at most, and in any case, he can’t lift his left leg.

Li Mu’s patience was gradually exhausted.
After Ning You slipped down countless times, he directly bent down and harshly picked Ning You up.

The sudden weightlessness made Ning You subconsciously wrap his arms around Li Mu’s neck.
He asked in a panic, “What are you doing?” ” 

Li Mu didn’t answer, but he took Ning You to the position of his collarbone, moved to the side of the saddle and said, “Sit down by yourself.”

With Li Mu’s help, Ning You got on the horse very easily.
After he waited for Li Mu to come up as well, he curiously asked, “Are you 1.85?”

Li Mu concentrated on pulling the reins and waited for the dark horse to get up  and walk fast before he absently replied, “Yes.”

Obviously, he was so good at talking during the debate just a moment ago, but now it has become highly value words like gold. 

Ning You didn’t want to talk anymore, but the bumpiness of the horse’s back plunged him into a double hell of pain and intolerability.
He clung to the saddle with both hands and had to find something to divert his attention.

“Li Mu.” Ning You called out, “Do you usually solve it on the spot in the woods?”

Through the discussion about civilization just now, a strange thought suddenly arose in Ning You’s heart.

Many people don’t understand the rules, so they don’t follow them.
Li Mu knows the rules too well and even forms his own unique values, so he doesn’t take the rules seriously. 

Despite the fact that both perform non-compliance, they give a very different impression.

Just like people who don’t understand fashion wear old elements, it’s old-fashioned, and people who understand fashion wear old elements, it’s retro.
Ning You suddenly felt that Li Mu was…


Seems very thoughtful.

“No.” Li Mu’s voice sounded behind his ears, “There are many toilets on the way around the mountain.

Ning You almost became angry: “Do you still know how to go to the bathroom?”

Li Mu said, “Aren’t you in a hurry?”

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Very urgent and passing by the bathroom are two kinds of situations.

Ning You is indeed urgent, he overestimated his own ability, his urinary bladder almost exploded by the bump of the horse’s back. 

At this time, his peripheral vision suddenly caught a glimpse of a behemoth flashed by.
He looked back to confirm it again, and found that it was actually a pick up truck.

“Why is there a car parked there?” Ning You asked strangely.

“Mine.” Li Mu said.

Ning You almost vomited blood in anger: “Why don’t you drive?” 

“Because gasoline is precious.”

There is no gas station in the scenic spot.
As a last resort, Li Mu will never waste gasoline.
Besides, he doesn’t like this non-environmentally friendly way of travel.

Ning You watched the pick up truck gradually drift away behind him.
While trying to let Li Mu go back to drive, he resisted going back.
As a result, the consequence of hesitation was that his urinary bladder was slowly on the verge of its limit.

Finally, Ning You desperately pinched Li Mu’s arm and said with difficulty, “Li Mu, you stop.” ” 

“What’s the matter?” Li Mu pulled the reins and slowed down the speed of the dark horse.
He looked down and found that the man in front of him hung his head.
His ears were so red they were about to drip blood.

He leaned forward slightly again, and then heard Ning You say in a mosquito-like voice, “I, I’m going to display.”

Li Mu couldn’t help but feel funny.
He knew it.
Why did he pay so much attention just now? And spend so much time discussing with him what civilization is.

He turned over and dismounted.
He said to Ning You, “Go ahead, I’ll wait for you here.” 

Ning You slipped off the horse and ran away towards the distance without looking back.
Li Mu looked at Ning You’s back and couldn’t help shouting, “Are you going to the horizon?”

Ning You’s original intention was to run to a place that Li Mu couldn’t see, but he couldn’t run far, so he found a huge tree, hid behind the tree and untied his belt.


Behind him came another shout from Li Mu: “A friendly reminder, don’t face the wind.”

Facing the wind? 

Just in time, a gust of wind blew in his face, and Ning You instantly understood Li Mu’s intention.

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He quickly turned around, facing the huge tree, and did a long time of psychological construction, but he was still incredibly sad to solve this hygiene problem.

If his etiquette teacher knew he was like this, he would be very disappointed in him, right?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter. 

Ning You comforted himself that under special circumstances, cannibalism can be understood.
And what does he count this as?

Taking out the wet handkerchief in the fresh-keeping bag from the backpack, Ning You carefully wiped his hands, wrapped the handkerchief and put it back in the backpack, pretending that none of this had happened.

By the time he returned to Li Mu’s side, Ning You had regained his previous composure.
He slightly raised his chin and said in a calm tone, “You are not allowed to tell anyone.”

Li Mu: “?” 

Who is he going to tell?

Maybe it’s because of too much height difference.
Ning You always likes to talk to Li Mu with his chin raised.

His neck is originally already slender, his skin is white, and his face is not as big as Li Mu’s palm.
He really looks like a white swan.

At this time, the White Swan didn’t speak, so he stood by the saddle and quietly looked at Li Mu.
His expression seemed to say: Servant, come and carry me to the horse. 

Li Mu had rescued many small animals.
Before picking Ning You up and taking him home, he didn’t expect that this white swan would turn out to be the most difficult one to serve.

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