Ch5 – Beyond Common Sense

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After tossing and turning until the middle of the night, he barely fell asleep.
When Ning You woke up the next morning, the sunlight outside had already shone into the house through the window, and the phone beside his ear was ringing over and over again.

Resisting the sleepiness and pressing the answer button, Li Chao’s calm voice rang from the other side of the phone: “Good morning.” 

“En.” Ning You replied with a thick nasal voice, the sleepiness when he just woke up made him not want to speak for the time being.

“I consulted the guide,” Li Chao said, and paused, “Today’s weather does not allow flying.”




Ning You was not surprised by this. 

Lake Hanas is a high mountain barrier lake with high peaks on both sides.
The only way to enter the scenic spot is the one that is blocked by rocks.


Li Chao got the news of the landslide in time, and arranged a helicopter overnight, intending to pick up Ning You directly from the scenic spot the next day.

But this plan is not perfect, because the geological landform of Hanas Scenic Area is not suitable for helicopter flight.

Many people who came from the capital to go sight-seeing in the area, praying for good luck and to be able to view the fairy-like morning mist of Lake Hanas.
This is one of the wonders of the scenic area, but it creates an obstacle for helicopter flights.


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But then again, morning fog doesn’t appear every day, there’s only one reason why it doesn’t appear – it’s blown away by the strong winds.

Hanas scenic area also has a famous thousand li long dike of dead wood.
Normally, the dead wood should have gone downstream, but for over a year, it has been strangely floating upstream because strong valley winds would push the dead wood upstream.

If there is heavy fog, you can’t travel by plane; if there is strong wind, you also can’t travel by plane.
In this hot and cold season, finding a day with no wind is even more difficult.


“Then wait a little longer.” Ning You said. 

He asked Li Mu last night, clearing the mountain rocks will only take a few days at most, nothing to feel fretful about.
It’s just that Ning You’s work requires him to be able to hold meetings and make decisions at any time, so staying in this big mountain all the time will definitely have a lot of inconveniences.

“Are you okay in there?” Li Chao asked.

“It’s okay.” Ning You got up from the carpet and looked out through the window next to the entrance and found Li Mu squatting outside milking the big cattle.

The abundant milk pounds against the bucket, emitting a rhythmic “clang clang” sound. 

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It can only ensure the most basic security needs, other living conditions can’t be expected.

“That’s good.” Li Chao said, “Feel free to contact me if anything happens.” 

After hanging up the phone, Ning You immediately sat on the carpet and rubbed his two thin legs.

After wandering around the woods for a few hours yesterday and then suffering from the saddle.
He woke up this morning with his two legs that were simply sore as hell.


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If it were the usual, Ning You’s massage therapist would use professional techniques to help him speed up the metabolism of lactic acid, but now this situation can only be done by himself.

Once the fingertips pressed on the thigh, Ning You couldn’t help but “hiss”, his whole face was tightly wrinkled together, and his expression was really not good. 

He just grimaced and pressed for half a day, and when the wooden door opened from outside the house.
He immediately straightened his back, slightly raised his chin, and resumed his old elegant and calm demeanor.

“Awake?” Li Mu glanced at Ning You and went to the sink next to the entrance to wash his hands.

“My friend contacted me,” Ning You said, “And said that the weather today is not suitable to make a flight.”

Li Mu was also not surprised, he went to pick up two cups of coffee, tore one of the ”nang” on the kitchen counter in half, and then said to Ning You: “Come and have breakfast.” 

Ning You didn’t immediately go to the dining room, but he first went to the sink to wash up.

He thought the condition of his skin would be in a terrible state when he woke up this morning, but the expected peeling did not occur, and his skin was smooth, hydrated, not greasy and unbelievably fresh.

——Is this really a twenty-yuan skin care product?

After simply rinsing his mouth and washing his face with a handkerchief, Ning You carefully rubbed Dabao on his face and neck. 

Since Dabao works so well, he doesn’t have to worry about the state of his skin these days.

Breakfast is a traditional Xinjiang staple – nang.
It smells good, but really…… needs to have a good mouthful of teeth.

Ning You chewed the nang in his mouth with difficulty, he thought this is probably a baguette that is harder than nang, right?

“Is there no milk?” Ning You asked as he took a sip of coffee and looked at Li Mu strangely.
Obviously, the cattle outside the cabin can produce milk, but somehow there is no milk to drink for breakfast. 

“I just finished drinking it yesterday.” Li Mu said and drank a mouthful of coffee, “The ones that have just been squeezed can’t be drunk yet, they have to be sent down the mountain to deal with.”

“Under the mountain?” Ning You immediately thought of the outside of the scenic spot.

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“There is a Tuva tribe at the bottom of the mountain, not far from Lake Hanas.” Li Mu said, “Just in time, I’ll take you down later.”

“Wait a minute.” Ning You completely failed to keep up with Li Mu’s rhythm and asked in a daze, “Where are you taking me?” 

“The Tuva tribe is a small village.” Li Mu put down his coffee cup.
The bottom of the glass touched the solid wood table and made a dull sound.
“It’s inconvenient for you to live here.
People at the foot of the mountain will receive you.
At least you have a bed to sleep in.”

“In addition,” Li Mu said again, “The road has been opened over there.
It will be more convenient to pick you up when the landslides are cleaned up.”


“But the tribe…”

That’s too primitive, isn’t it? Is it really no problem? 

“The Tuva people are very friendly.” Li Mu saw Ning You’s worries, “And the village is not as backward as you think.
It’s a scenic spot, and there are many tourists who visit it.”

In a 5A scenic spot such as lake hanas, the facilities of the scenic spot must be perfect.
Otherwise it is impossible to be rated at this level.

Ning You fell into a deep thought.
If he continued to stay here with Li Mu, he would face problems such as sleeping on the floor, bathing in the open air and facing the wild animals.
If he chooses to go to the village, if nothing else, at least he can return to the normal modern society.

Having made up his mind, Ning you asked: “Is Tuva village far from here?” 

Li Mu said, “It’s not very far, 20 minutes on horseback.”

Despite some resistance to riding a horse, Ning you said, “Then I trouble you to take me to the village.”

After breakfast, Ning You checked his backpack to see if there were any missing items.
But there wasn’t much in his bag, a certificate bag, a sunscreen, a thermos and a polaroid.
In short, not a life-saving thing.

Li Mu on the other side also put the freshly squeezed milk into two sealed buckets and hung it on both sides of the horse’s back. 

Everything is ready.

But before they set off, Ning You’s urinary bladder suddenly reacted and came in a hurry.
Carrying his backpack, he went to Li Mu and asked, “I want to go to the bathroom.
Where should I go?”

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“It hasn’t been repaired yet.” Li Mu answered as he untied the reins on the stake.

“What about those nearby here?” Ning You ask again. 

The narrow piece of plank wood road where he got lost yesterday looks old and out of repair, but there is still a bathroom nearby.
It can be seen that the scenic spot has done a good job in infrastructure.

“There’s nothing near here.” Li Mu led the dark horse out of the fence.


Ning You finally realized the seriousness of the matter.
When he took a shower last night, he found that there was no bathroom here, but he simply thought that the bathrrom must be nearby, otherwise Li Mu could not live here. 

“But I want to go to the bathroom now.” Ning You frowned.

And he doesn’t know if it’s because he hasn’t been going to the bathroom since yesterday afternoon.
It feels like a severe flood and fierce beast.


“Come on.” Li Mu calmly raised his chin and pointed to the white birch forest outside.
“Isn’t such a large forest enough for you to display?”

Dis, play? 

Ning You was stunned for a long time before he realized that Li Mu meant to solve it on the spot.

Take a bath in the wild, no problem.
Sleep on the floor, OK, also have no problem.
But this time Ning You really couldn’t stand it anymore because “urinating everywhere” was completely beyond his common sense.

His pupils looked at Li Mu in trepidation and asked in disbelief, “Excuse me?” ”

The author has something to say: 

※ The description of a thousands li long dike of dead wood is references from Baidu

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