Ch2 – Who Will Look At You

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He doesn’t know how long they have been riding, the sky has been tinted with a thin layer of twilight by the afterglow of the setting sun, but the dense birch forest still looks endless.

Just when Ning You’s tolerance for pain had reached its limit, he suddenly saw a fallen dead tree in front of him, and the vigorous dark horse leaped high.
The picture of soaring into the sky instantly turned into slow motion. 

…… is not it, ba.

Ning You looked at the ground with fear, hasn’t he had enough bad luck today?



The sound of the horse’s hooves resumed, the ass and saddle came into close contact again.
It hurt so much causing Ning You’s soul to almost ascend to heaven.

Fortunately, after crossing this dead tree, the dark horse seemed to be sympathetic to the fact that the person on his back was half dead, and suddenly slowed down, changing from running to fast walking. 

Compared with the peak of pain just now, the impact of fast walking has become painless and less itchy.


Ning You gradually loosen his strength, the birch forest in front of him obviously thinned out a lot, the view is no longer covered by patches of branches and leaves but instead, a vast open space appeared.

A wooden fence was erected around the periphery of the clearing.
Inside the fence, there was a cattle grazing as well as a large vegetable bed and a large pile of wood.
In one corner of the fence stood a small, exquisite cabin, with an eerie orange lamp lit in front of the door.

“Here we are.” Li Mu pulled the reins, and the dark horse’s speed completely slowed down to an idle pace.


“You live here?” Surprise overshadowed the pain, Ning You looked around and probably felt incredible, “How can there be a clearing in the middle of the forest?”

“There was a hunter who lived here in the early years.” Li Mu moved quickly and got off his horse, leading the dark horse into the fence, “Now he moved to the village below and this place is empty.”

Ning You looked in the direction Li Mu indicated, and could vaguely see that a short distance further ahead was the border of the birch forest, and beyond the border was a flat grassland.


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“Still not coming down?” Li Mu’s voice pulled back Ning You’s line of sight. 

Ning You moved his left leg and his crotch really hurt badly.
He leaned carefully on the horse’s back and his right foot firmly stepped on the stirrup.
He originally wanted to slide down the horse’s belly, but as a result, when his body had already started to slide down, his right foot failed to pull out of the stirrup in time, and the whole person became a posture with his back to the ground.

The expected pain did not appear, and Ning You fell into a firm embrace.

A fresh fragrance wafted into his nostril with the bitter taste of Chinese herbal medicine, but it smells exceptionally good.

If Ning You didn’t smell it wrong, this should be Li Mu’s smell. 

This is really weird.

Ning You looked at Li Mu’s chin and thought to himself that this princess hug is not a normal social posture, right? How can this person be so natural?

Li Mu didn’t respond much.
After catching Ning You, he threw Ning You aside, just like that.

Inertia caused Ning You to take two steps forward before he could barely stand still, he subconsciously looked back at Li Mu and found Li Mu stroking the dark horse’s neck while whispering to it, “You work hard.” 

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Lf aegcfv jgbecv jcv rjlv ab Rlcu Tbe: “Mbiibk wf.”


Ning You was not used to being treated like air, but he also knew that the current environment didn’t allow him to be picky.
He obediently followed behind Li Mu and walked inside the cabin.

The thick wooden door blocks the cold outside the cabin, there are no compartments inside the cabin, the decoration and furnishings are much better than Ning You had imagined.
Upon closer inspection, it seems that many pieces of furniture have no sign of being used. 

“Take your shoes off.” Li Mu said.

A sunken entrance way was made at the doorway, and above the steps was a carpet that covered the entire cabin.
Li Mu took off his khaki-colored Martin boots, and then hung his leather jacket on a hook to the side.
He walked inside while taking off his red and blue plaid shirt, revealing the white vest inside.

In Ning You’s perception, only dirty workers would wear this loose white vest.

He hated being dirty, but for some reason, he just couldn’t take his eyes off of those strong arms. 

The line at the collarbone extends from the shoulder to the little arm, and the veins on the back of the hand are clearly visible.

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Ning You didn’t like the bare-chested men in the gym, he thought they were rude, but then he suddenly realized that the reason he didn’t like them was probably because these people’s arms are not good-looking enough.

Either a big lump of bulge muscle or more flab than muscle but Li Mu’s arms are just right.
The lines are clear and smooth, and they look pleasing to the eye.

—— Of course, he still can’t look at his face. 

Li Mu’s features are handsome and resolute, but his jawline has a sparse beard, which is the most intolerable for Ning You.

As long as a man goes out without shaving, even if he is recognized as the round Earth grass, Ning You will give him zero points.

“What are you doing frozen at the door?” Li Mu’s voice abruptly interrupted Ning You’s thoughts.

Realizing that he was actually taking a serious look at this savage appearance, Ning You hurriedly lowered his head, took off the hiking shoes on his feet, and tried to strike up a conversation, “Is this carpet made of leather?” 

Li Mu said, “No.”

Although it is not, stomping his foot on it still feels good.

Ning You walked into the house and found that the cabin was very new, many of the facilities were very modern.
For example, the coffee machine on the kitchen counter is exactly the same as the one at Ning You’s home.

“Charging?” Li Mu took out a charging plug from the desk drawer. 

Ning You of course urgently needs to charge, but he still politely asked, “Thank you, do you want to charge first?”

“No need, my phone is fully charged.” Li Mu gave the fine charger to Ning You, then walked towards the kitchen while swiping his own phone.


Considering the problem of mobile phone interface, Ning You mindlessly took a look and found that Li Mu was using an Apple phone.
This surprised him a little, because after coming to the Hanas Lake scenic area, every local person he met used a domestic phone.

It didn’t take long for the familiar boot screen to finally appear, yet Ning You’s phone still had no signal. 

At this point, the broken fruit phone is still not as easy to use as a domestic mobile phone.

“Do you have WiFi here?” Ning You asked, looking at Li Mu.

Standing at the edge of the kitchen island counter, Li Mu put down the glass of water in his hand.
He said while still looking at the phone screen and without raising his head: “Eight 1.”

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Ning You counted in his heart and typed “111111111” in the password field.

The phone was finally connected to the internet, and in the next minute, Ning You’s WeChat was almost about to explode.

In addition to the countless video calls from Li Chao.
The accompanying assistant, Xiao Zhao was also crazy, he usually sent WeChat to Ning You.
What was even more ridiculous was that Ning You’s parents’ private plane has already submitted its flight plan to the local airport and was now queuing up at the airport, waiting to fly to Xinjiang.

Ning You reported to everyone that he was safe, and after the vibration of WeChat finally subsided.
He looked at Li Mu and asked, “Can you send me to the scenic spot tomorrow?” 

Li Mu didn’t look at his phone for half a day, and only then he discovered that someone in the WeChat rescue group had already sent a missing person notice.

He replied, “The man has been found”, and then said to Ning You, “I’ll send you there tomorrow morning.”

It won’t be long before it’s completely dark.
There are often all kinds of beasts in the woods at night, and unless it is necessary, try not to walk at night as much as possible.

Ning You’s phone vibrated again and it was a message from Li Chao. 

[Li Chao: I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning].

[Ning You: Thank you.]

[Li Chao: Don’t leave my side next time].

[Ning You: Hmm.] 

Ning You and Li Chao’s conversation has always been very polite.
Although the two are about to get married, people around them know that they are not quite familiar with each other.

But after getting lost this time, Li Chao unexpectedly said to Ning You, “Don’t leave my side”, this should be considered a small progress, right?


When the Ning family wanted to find him a marriage partner, many businessmen and celebrities were eager to get involved.
Although Ning You’s sexual orientation excludes most of the people, there are still not a few rich boys who hand over their resumes.

Among them, Ning You was most satisfied with Li Chao, because Li Chao is not only a gentleman.
He is also a kind of composed and practical old wife. 

Later, Ning You learned in detail about Li Chao’s family background.
The Li Family operates a pharmaceutical and chemical company.
Although it is not as good as Ning Family, it is also regarded as a leading company in Jin City.

In addition to Li Chao, the Li Family has a young son who is said to be not doing his job and not at home all the time.
But this doesn’t affect Ning You’s impression of Li Chao.

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Although Ning You’s original intention of looking for a marriage partner is not to fall in love, but if the two can be harmonious with each other in the future, that is certainly the best state.

The aroma of rice wafted from the kitchen, and Ning You’s stomach grumble twice. 

After completely relaxing, the sweat stains and dust on his body made Ning You extremely uncomfortable.
He looked around the cabin and asked Li Mu, “Do you have a bathroom here?”

Li Mu made simple and easy pilaf, he casually raised his chin and pointed in the direction of the wooden door, saying, “Outside.”

Ning You intended to take advantage of Li Mu’s cooking time to take a shower.
He didn’t need to wash comfortably, he just needed to clean his body a little.
He opened the wooden door to look out for a moment, and he was soon blown back by the cold autumn wind.

“Where outside?” Ning You asked strangely.
Inside the wooden fence, it was clear that there was just one building, the small cabin. 

Li Mu turned over the spatula twice, then turned off the induction cooker and brought Ning You to an open space outside the kitchen wall.

“Turn this switch on and hot water will come out.” Li Mu took a tube from under the wall-mounted water heater and stuffed it into Ning You’s hand, “There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening here, quickly come inside when you’re done washing.”

After saying that, Li Mu was about to return to the cabin when Ning You hurriedly pulled him back and asked in a daze, “Washing right here?”

“Otherwise?” Li Mu asked rhetorically. 

“How can I wash here!” Ning You realized that Li Mu wasn’t joking with him and stared in disbelief.

There is no privacy to speak of outside the cabin, what is the difference between washing here and a savage?

“The shower hasn’t been repaired yet.” Li Mu said, “You can wash here.”

“Where’s the cover-up?” Ning You asked unwillingly. 

“Why do you need to cover up?” Li Mu looked puzzled, “Who will look at you?”

“But……” Ning You still can’t accept this.
Human civilization has developed for thousands of years, how can he go back and live?


Li Mu’s patience has always been not much, seeing Ning You’s dilly-dallying appearance, he threw down a phrase “like to wash or not”, then returned to the cabin.

Ning You stood alone in the wind, he couldn’t stand the feeling of stickiness on his body, after a fierce inner battle of heaven and earth…… 

He eventually gritted his teeth and took off his coat.

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