“Li Mu Gege!” 

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 After coming out of the elementary school cafeteria, Li Mu was surrounded by a swarm of students who arrived early.
This is something he experiences every day, however only today his mind isn’t quite here.

Obviously Ning You also called him gege the same way, but how could it feel completely different from the way these children called it out?



Ning You also didn’t know why he called him gege and why Li Mu suddenly left the cabin without looking back.

He lay down (in the house) for a while, listening to the sound of Li Mu loading the milk and riding away.
After the cabin fell silent, he tried to rub his back and found that the injury wasn’t as bad as he thought. 

To be precise, he didn’t sprain his waist, just that the muscles in his lower back suddenly exerted force unprepared and twitched for a moment.


After Li Mu rubbed his waist, he had recovered.  As long as he didn’t make too much movement, he could hardly feel the pain in his lower back.

On the carpet beside him was the unfinished book “Postpartum Nursing of Cows” that Li Mu hadn’t finished reading.
Ning You picked it up and flipped it over.
Suddenly, his mobile phone vibrated a dozen times or more in a row, all of which were sent by Xiao Zhao pertaining to the information about the decoration circuit.

Ning You didn’t manage to complete the circuit diagram last night.
Since he wasn’t a professional plumber and electrician, some problems were sent to Xiao Zhao to check.


[Xiao Zhao: Chief Ning, is this related to our new project?]

[Ning You: There are no new projects.]

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[Ning You: I’m on vacation, don’t talk to me about work.]


[Ning You: Picture.

Ning You sent her a picture of the book in his hand.
He didn’t know that Xiao Zhao on the other end of the phone had a black question mark expression.
For the first time, she didn’t know how to express her opinion regarding the book in boss’s hand.

[Xiao Zhao: Have a good holiday/Grinning teeth]

Among the information sent by Xiao Zhao were about the circuit laying of the wooden house, the connection method of the switch, etc.
These weren’t difficult for Ning You, and so he swiftly figured out the principle.

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He continued reading the book on postpartum nursing.
After a while, a sound of horseshoes could be heard from a distance and then nearing outside the window.
Ning You immediately put aside the book and edged to the window.
Observing Li Mu who turned over and dismounted, he asked, “Won’t you go on a mountain patrol today?” 

“P’ii ub jujlc lc atf joafgcbbc.”

Ol Ze abbx atf fwqas yemxfa ab atf rtbkfg qijaobgw ab glcrf, jcv rlcmf Rlcu Tbe tjv cbatlcu ab vb jcskjs, tf obiibkfv Ol Ze bc atf rlvf klatbea rjslcu jcsatlcu, pera kjamtlcu Ol Ze’r tjcv wbnfwfcar.

Coafg j ktlif, Ol Ze, offilcu ragjcuf, aegcfv boo atf ojemfa, ibbxfv ja Rlcu Tbe jcv jrxfv, “Qtja vb sbe atlcx P’w vblcu?”

“Uh, I…” Ning You’s mind all of a sudden jammed.
It was only then he realized that his behavior was similar to a stalker.
Wherever Li Mu went, he followed him with no purpose. 

“I want to try more things I haven’t done before.” 

He had to find a reasonable excuse for himself.


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“Your waist doesn’t hurt anymore?” Li Mu asked.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Ning You replied. 

“That’s fine.” Li Mu shoved the empty bucket in his hand into Ning You’s hand, “You do the washing.”


Ning You didn’t want to wash it at first, but it was him who said he wanted to try more.
And now it was difficult to shirk it.

Li Mu went to the other side to transport the long and short pieces of wood, and used a small cart to load a lot of soil outside the yard.
Ning You’s gaze still fell on Li Mu.
While shaking the empty bucket and draining the water inside, he asked Li Mu, “What are you doing?” 

“Repairing the bathroom and the shower room,” said Li Mu.
“Do you want to come?”

Ning You nodded: “Yes.”

The architectural structure of the cabin is very simple, with wood and soil on the walls.
The foundation of the platform has already been laid.
Li Mu only needs to build the wood in circles along the periphery of the platform.

“Won’t the wood get damp?” Ning You squatted beside Li Mu, handing wood to Li Mu one by one. 

“No, the weather here is very dry.” Li Mu took the wood from Ning You, crossed the aquiline, and then fixed it tightly with soil.

“But this little house is so simple.” Ning You understood the structure of this house.
Where the shower room is, there is a drain on the right and where the bathroom is, there is a drain on the left.

There are no partitions on both sides, which means there is no dry and wet separation.

“Do you think I’m building a top class hotel?” Li Mu made Ning You shut up with one sentence. 

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Indeed, as Li Mu said, this place only needs a shelter from the wind and rain, and doesn’t need upgrading to luxury.

As the sun rose higher and higher, the wooden walls of the small house gradually took shape.
Finally, Li Mu covered the roof that was made in advance.
When he saw that he was about to be done, Ning You suddenly said, “Aren’t you going to leave the place for the wires?”

Li Mu paused and replied, “Just find a location to run the wire.”

“Find a random location?” Ning You felt puzzled, “How can you find a random location if you want to take a shower here?” 

Li Mu only considered the position of the water pipe and not the wires.
This small room only needs a ceiling light and no other electrical appliances.
However, after Ning You mentioned it, he took off the roof and made a hole in it to reserve a place for the wiring.

The simple little room finally took shape.
Li Mu went to the corner of the courtyard and took a ladder, put it on the edge of the main house, and climbed to the small attic on the second floor.
He found the toilet he’d bought in advance.


The roof of the main wooden house is a “人” structure, and under the 人 figure is a space for debris.
Ning You has never been up there.

“Take it.” Li Mu stood on the ladder and handed down the heavy toilet, but when he looked at Ning You raising his hands high, he recalled the wood chopping incident, and retracted, “Forget it.” 

Ning You withdrew his hand dryly and asked Li Mu, “Do you think I’m unreliable?”

“Li Mu carefully climbed down the ladder with the squatting toilet in one hand, “It was me who smashed you and made you suffer.”

Thinking of his waist, Ning You couldn’t refute it, so he held on to the ladder firmly.

After installing the toilet and water tank, the bathroom is now ready to use.
Ning You isn’t too sure where the sewage will be discharged, but he knows it must have the same system as the toilets in the entire scenic area. 

He pressed the flush button and saw the water tank was functioning normally.
Li Mu patted the dust on his hand when done, and asked Ning You, “Are you satisfied? Daxiaojie”

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Ning You didn’t like Li Mu calling him that.
He frowned slightly and said, “What does it have to do with whether I’m satisfied or not.”

Li Mu also completed a major event.
He was in a good mood and completely forgot how finicky daxiaojie was.
He teased: “Are you going to contribute the first shit?”

He said this in a tone as if he was going to give this honor to Ning You. 

Ning You glared at Li Mu, couldn’t resist hitting the strong chest with his fist, and glowered fiercely: “Do you want to be so annoying?”

“Ahem ahem.” Li Mu covered his chest and coughed twice, but he didn’t expect the white swan would get angry or even hit people.

“You are not allowed to mention those three words in front of me again.” Ning You said.

“Which three?” Li Mu couldn’t bear to see Ning You being so particular, “sh–” 

Before he could finish his words, his lips were fiercely covered by Ning You.

“I said not to mention it.” Ning You rarely became strong, staring at Li Mu non-negotiably.

For the first time, Li Mu observed Ning You’s eyes so closely.
He saw an angry light in the round almond eyes that somehow lost temper.

“I’ve figured out how to modify the electric circuit of your house.” Ning You withdrew his hand and walked towards the house. 

“Change the circuit of my house?” Li Mu was baffled, “Why?”

Ning You stopped and looked back at Li Mu: “Because there’s no one to turn off the lights for you when I’m gone, ah.”


Only then did Li Mu recover from the feeling of soft little hands and realized that the white swan was going to leave in the end, just like all the small animals he had rescued.

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