*Shing* another sword was swiftly added to the ever growing pile of glistening steel.

Swords, spears, and various pieces of armour were thrown out into the courtyard. Skeletons marched back and forth transporting the gear.

Jyron stood next to his captain as the death knight from before was gone.

”You stay here and continue commanding your troop as you normally would. Ill be back soon. ” The captain bowed its head and went back to its initial job of overseeing its troop.

The reason for Jyron sneaking out was the message he got from the system.

[Detecting opportunity for growth. Spell Devour Soul has been unlocked for the convenience of the host] with the message directions began to pour into Jyrons mind.

Back to the battlefield? The directions Jyron was given lead him towards the city gate and out onto the battlefield.

The ”directions ” were more like a feeling. He felt an inclination to move towards a certain direction. And that direction is towards the city gate.

Jyron walked out towards the city gate. He walked past hundreds of skeletons parading around.

He left through the opening and out onto the desolate field of death.

Corpses lay everywhere. Skeletons butchered the flesh on the field and brought bones back through the city gates. Wagons pulled by bone horses went back and forth too. Some carrying bones and some carrying high-ranking undead travelling to the new city of the dead.

”What do you think your doing? ” A aged male voice reverted through the field. He was looking straight at Jyron.

”Go and butcher you useless skeleton! ” The skeleton was clearly upset at Jyrons lack of urgency. Seeing a random skeleton standing around infuriated the skeleton captain.

It upsets me to take orders from anyone but my god but oh well. And so Jyron walked towards a corpse and began cutting.

After about halfway through his third body Jyron heard something. A carriage pulled by skeletal horses. It seemed to be headed for deeper in the battlefield.

Perfect, this is just what I needed Jyron saw his opportunity and took it. He leapt up and grabbed onto the side of the carriage. He latched onto the wooden steps with a steel grip. Despite his weak-looking skeletal body he still had a decent bit of strength. Mages ran out of magic eventually and so a strength surpassing that of most humans was necessary. It was not a matter of care from the Necromancer but a matter of logistics. More skeletons living on meant less work for him.

After hanging on for about five minutes Jyron let go.

Alright, not here. With slight disappointment but a resolve to get things done Jyron went farther into the battlefield.

After about twenty minutes of walking Jyron finally found the ”power ” he has been looking for.

A skeleton with a rusted crown and flickering green flames lay on the battlefield. Its legs completely destroyed. Its rusted crown was tilted downwards on its sad head. Its ribcage was broken in many places and one of its arms was gone.

”You poor thing. Ones a symbol of power and now a skeleton being forgotten in this battlefield. Your master has abandoned you. ” The skeletons flames became fierce and burned bright in its eyes. The fierce flames of hatred quickly burned out and went back to the weak, withering flame it was before.

”Worry not, withering one, for i Jyron, Supreme One will personally put an end to your misery. You will serve death himself through being nourishment for me. ” Jyron stook his hand out towards the skeleton and placed it a few meters away from its head.

Devour Soul black and purple wisps of energy slowly formed a whirlpool. Unknown to Jyron and most people onlooking the soul of the skeleton began to be sucked up into the whirlpool of death.

The skeletons soul began to be torn apart. Much of the soul left and rose into the air and was wiped away, but some of the soul – barely a few shreds of it – flew towards the whirlpool. As the tiny fragment of the once abominable skeleton went into Jyrons body he felt power rise in him.

[Fragment of Dushar The Unbindable Demi Lich has been absorbed. Obtaining some of his abilities.]

[Skill Conjure Skeleton, Skill Unbindable, Skill Void Movement Obtained]

”…? ” Jyron was at a loss. Suddenly all urges to kill the Necromancer was gone. His desire to serve was also severed.

”What the hell? ” For the first time in Jyrons short life, he had absolutely no goal. But one thing remained; his thirst for power.

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