”Charge forward men! Have no fears! Your here for your familys, don forget that! ” A large burly man commanded atop his steed.

He unsheathed a large sword on his hip and stared forward with hate and slight fear in his eyes.

He was wearing silver and golden armour, the iconic armour of the glacia kingdom. A northern town kingdom of humans.

”Bargh! ” A man to the left hunched over and puked.

The ground was frozen dirt with snow piles scattered around.

Men could be heard crying and sniffling all around.

”I don want to die! ” Suddenly a man wearing chainmail armour and a spear a dozen yards from the man in the horse turned and ran.


”Ahhh! Ahhhh! ” The man had an arrow plunged deep into his knee.

”Your cowardice knows no bounds! Running away is an insult to I and captain Stormhurst over there, yet you still try and run? ” The one who said this was a tall and skinny man with golden hair. He had arrogant yet unsure eyes.

Anyone who saw his eyes would think he wants to run too…

”Look at yourself! Even your scared! ” The man with an arrow in his knee refuted.

”Of course Im scared! Im facing death! But its the reward for battle that I fight for! You would really forsake your family!?! Well now you get to die on this field with no chance for life! ” As his words finished his sword found its way into the mans face.

”Anyone who wants to join him turn and run! And run fast because Ill focus on you instead of those bone bastards if I have to! ”

At the mention of the skeletons the mens moral plummeted even further.

With shaky boots the golden haired man turned to stare into the distance. A army of bone and death could be seen walking across the desolate dirt field.

”Like General Barnes has said we must fight for our familys! Brace and let them come to you. Swat them down as they come and never give up! ”

”Hurrah! ” One man yelled out into the crowd of thousands

”Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! ” Soon the cheers and crys of battle were reverting through the whole battlefield.


”My liege, we are coming up on the battlefield. ” A bone figure with green flames flickering in his eyes was before a skeletal being. He was adorned with black armour and a black sword and shield. He was on one knee, like a subject would to his lord.

”Proceed forward. Prioritize saving the corpses of the strongest warriors and keep our specialists from being destroyed. Make sure any holy mages are destroyed. ” A bone figure sitting on a bone throne could be seen sitting in-front of a bone dragon. He had a black crown resting on his skull. He was wearing a black cloak with golden lining on it. A skull necklace hung around his neck. Rings of various colours and sizes rested on his fingers.

”Yes my liege! Your will is my command! ” The kneeling knight politely got up and left.

”We should go too, Kiba. ” The

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