Fan Yi used to be with the Queen Mother's party.

Now mentioning this other party, the barrage will mention this matter as soon as possible.

But after thinking about it carefully, I feel that the Queen Mother's party is not obvious choice.
He seems to have no open communication with the Queen Mother and the Bo family, but he will favor the Queen Mother a little bit in political affairs.
This is the situation at that time, if he is not in the Regent Party, so it must be the Queen Mother’s Party, otherwise; you will leave the center of the political situation.

But from the fact that he was not involved in the Bo family incident, it can be seen that after he resigned, he didn't have much communication with the Bo family—or, the other party balanced the matter well so that he didn't feel comfortable.
As for offending the Bo family, he would not be tied to the same boat as the Bo family.

Since Zhang Qixing mentioned Fan Yi, Fu Ping’An believed that the other party should not be aimless.
She also looked at Fan Yi's resume.
Thinking it was his fault when Bo's incident happened, everyone thought it should be a natural disaster caused by Bo themselves.
His resignation at the beginning seemed a bit wronged.

The Fan family, some people were officials in the court in the previous dynasty, from the office to the imperial envoy and they were the vassals of the Song Dynasty in troubled times.
When Emperor Gaozu was fighting for the world, Fan Yi's grandmother Fan Zhu took the whole family to defect to Gaozu.
Later, Fan Yi's father was not well-known when he became an imperial servant.
Fan Yi's grandmother also had more than a dozen children.

Fan Yi was very famous when he was a child.
It is said that he was very filial.
One year, Fan Zhu couldn't eat anything in winter.
Fan Yi accidentally ate something delicious and brought it to Fan Zhu in his arms.
He had the opportunity to be an official, but at that time his father was seriously ill, so he refused, and he took care of his father in undressed clothes, and then kept filial piety for three years.
During his filial piety, he became thinner and thinner day by day.

Then he finished his filial piety, and the position originally reserved for him was gone, but he also lived in poverty and lived in peace, writing books, and did not go to Taixue to become a doctor until he was 30 years old.

As a result, he became a blockbuster all of a sudden, and everyone said that he was very talented and learned, and he was ashamed of himself.
Emperor Wen, who was still the prince at the time, made friends with him in private and felt that he was talented but modest, and he was really an undiscovered talent.

So when Emperor Wen ascended the throne, he became prosperous and he became the prime minister all the way from Zhongshu Sheren.

However, after Fu Ping’An went through all the available resumes belonging to Fan Yi, she came to a conclusion together with the barrage -in those years when he was an official…he was fooling around.

I don't know if I don't see it, but I was shocked when I saw it, the other party had been prime minister for six years and he hadn't even done a major event in which he was the leader, and even Gao Yan, the former imperial envoy doctor, had issued more government orders than him.

But if it is said that he is completely fishing, it does not seem to be the case, because he has participated in every decree, but his opinions are not raised by him.

After reading this, everyone is very entangled——

[Taro Bobo Milk Tea: I'm not very grudge-friendly, but he didn't teach Ping An well before, so I still hold grudges a little bit.]

[Insomnia every day: What a Mao Dun literature! (Thumbs up)]

[Ultimate evolution: If he's not fooling around, wouldn't it be more terrifying, he has no ability at all.]

[h kick: But he seems to be very good at being a teacher.
He was famous in Taixue, and now he is also famous in school.]

As soon as the words came out, Fu Ping’An couldn't help doubting: “He can be a teacher?”

Fu Ping’An still remembered when the other party taught him; it was really bad for paddling, not as well as Chang'an Hua.

[bie: So it can be more explained that he didn't teach you well.]

However, she and the audience in the live broadcast room soon discovered that Fan Yi's teaching was not what they imagined teaching.
The other party just opened a college and recruited students.
It's all about attracting the children of the family with fame.

But to be honest, the children of the aristocratic family have their own family education and don't need him to teach them.
They will go to his academy mainly to open up circles, build a reputation, and make friends with classmates.

But he did become more famous because of this academy.

In other words, it is in line with Fu Ping’An's requirements – one is to have a great reputation, and the other is not to deal with the regent.

After all, when they were in the court, the two could be said to be political enemies.
In any case, it is difficult to get together now.

So after much deliberation, Fu Ping’An decided to find someone to contact Fan Yi first, to see what he thinks now, to show her sincerity, naturally the ones to contact cannot be ordinary people, so Fu Ping’An said: “Ah Zhi, write a decree to call Tian Gong into the palace.”

She decided to ask Tian Yin to contact Fan Yi to see what he thought.

The person on the side said: “Your Majesty, Ah Zhi has something to do today, so she asked for leave to leave the palace.”

Fu Ping’An turned her head, saw Wang Ji, and said, “Oh, then you go and write.”

Wang Ji nodded in agreement, and Fu Ping’An spoke again: “Go to the Shangshu Bureau and find a few more people.
They can also help you on weekdays, as long as they can read.”

Wang Ji's eyes lit up, thinking that Her Majesty finally knew how much she loves us, so she quickly nodded and saluted: “Yes, I know.”

As soon as Ah Zhi arrived at the gate of Sun's house, the concierge handed over a brocade-wrapped bundle and said with a strange look on his face: “A while ago, a lady in official uniform brought it over.
You are outside all day long.
You know a lot of people by showing your face.”

A Zhi was stunned, and reached out to take it, pretending that she didn't see the mocking expression on the other party's face, thanked him, and hurried into the room.

Now she lives in a room in the north.
Ever since she decided not to marry, the Sun family was very disappointed with her and gradually ignored her.
In the beginning, they would send people to bring some food, but later they only treated her as if she did not exist.

She can also understand that, after all, ordinary wealthy households adopt Dikun with the intention of intermarriage and spreading branches and leaves, but Azhi is unwilling to take this path.
The Sun family is very disappointed.
Now it is because she was introduced by Tian Gong, they didn't drive her out.

Ah Zhi is already very grateful for this.
After all, there are a lot of people in Beijing.
If you live outside, the rent is not to mention expensive, and it is not safe.

Especially during each letter period, even though there is Yinxin Wan in the palace, it is indeed a bit difficult.
Fortunately, she lives in the palace most of the time.
For example, she has not left the palace for more than a month in a row.
It was she who felt that the deadline was coming again.

The sky outside was gloomy, and it looked like it was going to snow, so A Zhi first lit a fire of charcoal, and only after her hands warmed up did he sit on the bed and untie the bundle.

Inside the bundle was a stack of satin, some rouge and gouache, and a few hairpins, and at the bottom were some sheets of paper filled with words.
This “paper” Azhi had only seen in the palace, and she immediately realized that it should be it was sent by Bo Mengshang.

Her face gradually turned red, obviously, she thought she had forgotten it before, but now she remembered it, the other party looked at her and said——Miss Azhi, I admire you.

I didn't expect that after I said that, the other party would give me something.

Unknowingly, she hugged her knees and huddled up, leaning against the side of the cabinet, and unfolded the paper.
The handwriting on the paper was a little messy.
The beginning of the article was an apology, saying that she was rude, stupid, and vulgar, and she should die.

Azhi looked at the edge of the paper tightly, thinking: Why is it so serious?

If Master Bo want to say that she is rude, it is clear that she was ruder.

On the second piece of paper, Bo Mengshang wrote that because she had to fulfill Her Majesty's entrustment, she had to save her life and go to South Vietnam first.
If she could come back one day, she could scold her however she wanted.

Seeing this, Ah Zhi couldn't help laughing, smiled, and frowned, thinking: Will she come back?

After all, Ah Zhi is not a boudoir girl.
After reading so many scriptures, I also know that South Vietnam is hot and humid.
People who move there often get sick, and they often have friction with the local natives.

Not really safe.

She frowned and turned to the third piece of paper, her face gradually became hot again, because Bo Mengshang said on it that in her daily life, she often thought of herself, and occasionally went to the store to see some jewelry and brocades, and bought them for no reason.
Think about it, I bought it because I thought Azhi could use it.

Because I thought of going here, I didn't know when I would return, so I sent them all to her.
It would be a waste to keep them at home anyway.

Ah Zhi put down the letter paper and fiddled with the hairpins in the bundle, one was made of gold, and it looked very precious.

Ah Zhi buried her head in her knees; her body began to feel hot, and her brain

It started to become chaotic, and at a certain critical point, she suddenly woke up and hurriedly took out a box from the cabinet and opened it.
There were two porcelain bottles in the box.
She opened one of them, poured two red pills into her palm, and swallowed them hastily.

After swallowing, the hot feeling was much better and her brain was not so cloudy but she didn't know if it was because she ate too late today because she still felt that her body was not refreshed, as if she was being pulled underwater, sticky and wet.
Not fast but my heart is beating hard.

Gradually, my hands and feet became weak and I began to lose control.

While still moving, she wrapped everything up and locked it in a box, then wrapped herself in the quilt and fell into a deep sleep.

Fu Ping’An hasn't seen Ah Zhi for three days.

In the past three days, she first communicated with Tian Bin about the details of recruiting Fan Yi.
Tian Bin was surprised that Fu Ping’An could think of Fan Yi and then sighed; Your Majesty is really a person who does great things, and she employs eclectic people.

Fu Ping’An accepted the compliment with a lick of her face and said: “Actually, when I got along with Fan Qing when I was young, I also admired his talent very much, but at that time he was stubborn and disappointing.
If my uncle sees him this time, he must apologize for me.

Tian Bin said meaningfully: “Your Majesty is so respectful and virtuous, how could he not be willing to assist Ming Jun?”

Then she privately summoned Wang Lixu and Tian Anzhi, who were going to recruit refugees for her, and both of them completed their work very well.
In the brochure handed over, Wang Lixu said that Tian Anzhi often met people of the family in private, as if she was tipping off the news, while Tian Anzhi said that Wang Lixu treated people very harshly, and almost killed the refugees.

In the middle of this, of course, the court discussed matters, invited the regent to dinner, and checked the progress of the alchemists' research on gunpowder.

In short, she is very busy.

But on the third day, she still couldn't help asking Wang Ji: “Is Ah Zhi still not coming back? What's the matter with her?”

Although there are three newly promoted helpers, in order to ensure that people are loyal and pure, they are still young, and they can't do other chores except grinding and sorting books.

She cried and said with a sad face: “I don't know.”

Fu Ping’An thought for a while: “Do you know where she lives? Can you go and see her?”

Wang Ji's eyes lit up: “If Your Majesty needs it, I will go and see her right away.”

Fu Ping’An suspected that the other party just didn't want to work and wanted to go out to let the wind go, but thinking that the past few days had really squeezed her too much so she didn't expose it, just said: “Okay, then you go with Chen Yan.”

So this time when the sun went down, Wang Ji and Chen Yan went to the Sun Mansion.
The porter heard that they were looking for A Zhi, his expression became a little unnatural, and he coughed dryly: “She lives in the inner house; outsiders are not allowed to enter.”

Chen Yan simply took out her waist card, threw it on the porter's table, and lazily said: “I can go to the imperial palace, but I can't get into your Sun's house.
Your Sun's family is more powerful than the emperor?”

The porter hurriedly trotted in to notify.

Now the entire Sun Mansion came out in full force, the head of the family led Chen Yan and Wang Ji and brought them to the north courtyard tremblingly.

Most of the courtyards in the north are occupied by servants, so Chen Yan and Wang Ji naturally knew about it, so their faces became darker and darker as they walked along.
Smiling but not smiling: “It's good, it's winter, you like to be cool, right?”

The Patriarch of the Sun family forced a smile: “It's clean, it's clean there.”

When they arrived at a yard, they saw that the yard was still clean.
Chen Yan and Wang Ji’s complexion just improved a bit, the door of the main room opened, and it was a strange old man who came out with four children.

Chen Yan's face darkened again: “How many people live in this yard? Which house does Sun Pushe live in? She is a close minister of the emperor, so you treat her like this?”

The Patriarch of the Sun family said: “Does she serve the emperor? I’ve said it before, but since I serve the Son of Heaven, why don’t I live in the palace?”

Wang Ji sighed in her heart; also, most people would not think that Di Kun was serving the Son of Heaven as an internal official of the Son of Heaven.

Internal officials are usually Chang Yong from a family like her.
She was about to speak and asked which house Ah Zhi lived in when Chen Yan suddenly changed her expression slightly and said: “You all go out.
Get out, get out!”

The Sun family ran out in a swarm.

Wang Ji was dumbfounded, staring at Chen Yan, and said: “What are you doing?”

Chen Yan said with a straight face, “You are Chang Yong?”

The knife pointed to the west wing: “Go to that room and take a look inside.”

Wang Ji frowned in doubt, and after two breaths, she suddenly realized something, and said, “Oh…
oh! I know!”

She hurriedly ran to the west wing, and pushed the door, but seeing that the door could not be opened, she said anxiously: “Sun Pushe, Sun Pushe! Ah Zhi! Ah Zhi!”

There was no movement inside.
Feeling cruel, she stepped over and kicked the door open.

After kicking it away, it seemed as if it saw something terrifying, and it turned pale and backed away until it reached the east.

Wang Ji hurried in but saw that Azhi's face was flushed, but his lips were white.
It seemed that she was exhaling more air and inhaling less.

She hurriedly went out to the door, and said loudly: “Go, go and hire a medical worker—no, find the imperial physician, find the imperial physician.”

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