Luo Qionghua didn't run away on purpose this time.

She had already given up, thinking that she would not be able to see Her Majesty today, so she obediently followed her mother to the door but when she raised her eyes, she saw an acquaintance.

Brother Huo was leaning on the fence and imitated her birdsong.

Luo Qionghua immediately winked at the other party, Brother Huo also understood and soon pretended to be a drunk passerby and rushed over; Chang Min was disturbed and did not notice Luo Qionghua for a moment; Luo Qionghua slipped into the alley, and was caught as she slipped up to the roof.

“I knew that you were unusual.” Brother Huo said.

“I didn't pretend either.” Luo Qionghua said.

The people in West Market saw that she was not a commoner; they just didn't know her true identity.

Big brother Huo is called Huo Zhengmao; the other party is wearing a bunt today, his cuffs and calves are tied tightly with linen strips, his hair is coiled on top of his head, wrapped in a cloth towel, and he holds his long sword “Mo Yang” in his hand.
It looks like he's going to do something big.

Luo Qionghua sized it up and thought, “Who are you going to assassinate?”

“What are you talking about?” Huo Zhengmao waved his hand, “I'm here to protect Her Majesty.”

Luo Qionghua was confused: “You were recruited by the imperial army?”

Huo Zhengmao said: “No, yesterday I picked up an old man who looked like he was about to starve to death outside the city, and I gave him a piece of cake out of kindness, and he said he would give me a chance…”

He paused here to make a fool of himself, but Luo Qionghua tilted her head and looked at him as if she had no intention of asking.

He had no choice but to continue: “He said that the world is cloudy and rainy for a long time, which means that there are people who seek superiority.
If I can take this opportunity to protect the emperor, I will be able to make meritorious service and become an official.

“I believe me but who wants to plot rebellion?”

“I don't know, but Her Majesty happens to be going out today, so just in case, I try my luck.”

Luo Qionghua rolled her eyes: “Aren't you afraid that you will be arrested for treason?”

Huo Zhengmao rubbed his nose: “Ahem, that's why I didn't go in, stay away, and come back if something really happens, eh…
It's peaceful today, is there anything going on inside?”

Luo Qionghua looked thoughtful.

“What old man? Could it be those alchemists who cheat people by eating and drinking?” Luo Qionghua didn't believe it, but she was a little flustered in her heart.

Huo Zhengmao lay on the tiles, with his arm on the back of his head: “Whatever, I'm just trying my luck anyway.”

Luo Qionghua thought about it, but was still worried, and said, “I want to go in.”

At this time, Fu Ping’An is ready to leave.

After this kind of thing happened, everyone was not in the mood, not to mention that the sky was gloomy and there was no sunlight.
Although it was just after the end of the day, the room was already dark enough to burn the lights.
Fu Ping’An thought that today was a very fruitful day, and she wanted to go back and read the booklet soon.
So she ordered to prepare the car.

After setting up the Yijia, she was surrounded by people.
When she was surrounded by people and walked to the front yard, her footsteps paused.

If she read it correctly, she seemed to have seen Ah Hua in the crowd.

The other party was wearing a concubine-style skirt, a goose-yellow petticoat covering the instep, and a pile of velvet flowers all over her hair.
It looked like a delicate spring flower.
Different from the last time she saw it, she looked at it carefully, but she had changed it.

Fu Ping’An felt that she will not see the wrong person; after all, she did not miss Ahua, particularly in the past.

What's more, the barrage also said –

[Zai Xinglai: I seem to have seen Ah Hua.]

[Hei Yang turns a corner: She is dressed very cutely today, she looks like a noble lady.]

She thought about it and thought that there were many officials' relatives who came here today, the other party was so lively and active, and maybe she came secretly from the relatives.

In this way, regardless of whether she knew her identity before or not, after today, she must know.

For some reason, she was rather disappointed.

She didn't dislike the experience of going to the West Market that day.
Although she was very interested in being the emperor, she also found it very interesting to be able to do some ordinary things out of this identity occasionally.

Thinking this way, when she reached the gate, a black blanket had been spread on the ground for her to step on, and the imperial guards cleared the way for her, blocking the surrounding crowd.

In any case, she was going back to the deep palace again.

But soon a banner blocked her figure, and the carriage moved forward amidst the shaking.

[So troublesome: what are you talking about, a fluke?]

[A certain salted fish student: Be careful, it seems to be careful.]

[Chang'an Hua: Be careful of what?]

[Yamada Ichiro: What will happen?]

Fu Ping’An also became nervous when she heard the words.
She slightly opened the window curtains and saw Chen Yan and Fu Lingxian riding horses beside the car.
Traveling with a guard of honor, protected by hundreds of imperial guards, no matter how you think about it, it should be safe.

Maybe it was a mistake.

But it still made Fu Ping’An a little nervous.
Standing in the middle of the seat, she felt uncomfortable no matter what, so she shrank back and leaned against the corner of the car.
At this moment, there was a noise outside the carriage, and then the horse's long scream pierced the eardrum.

The sound of sharp objects piercing the air came oncoming, and an arrow passed through the pane and landed in the very center of the carriage.

[Insomnia day by day: Hastily.
It's an assassin!!! ]

[I really want to see the moon: Hurry up and squat in the corner of the carriage.]

Fu Ping’An did as she said, and the next second the world shook.
She seemed to fall from the sky and fell to the ground sideways, her shoulders were burning with pain, but she didn't seem to feel it at the moment, she could only hold her breath, only her heart was beating violently.

Che Yu must have also fallen, her ceremonial carriage is very high, which makes her feel upside down, but she can't go out at this time because there is a sound of gold and spears outside.
It is a fierce battle, and she is unarmed if you go out, you can only end up being hacked and killed.


She suddenly thought of something, took out a wooden box from under the seat, opened it, took out a dagger from it, and put it in her arms.

This was the sword given to her by the Empress Dowager.
She had it sharpened later and always carried it with her to remind her that she was still walking on a tightrope.

But having said that, today's experience still made her terrified, which was something she had never thought of before.

To attack her guard of honor in broad daylight, it must be someone with soldiers.

Is it Fu Lingxian? Could it be that Fu Ling Xian’s acting skills are so good that she didn't notice it today?

Just as she was thinking about this, she suddenly stretched out a hand from the gap in the wooden slats.
Fu Ping’An was startled.
She drew out her sword and was about to stab it.
When she came in, it was Ah Hua who was already disheveled.
The other party said, “Take off your clothes and get out with me.”

Fu Ping’An immediately took off the outermost heavy black dress.
Fortunately, she was still small, so she easily got in.
She went out, but as soon as she went out, there was a sword attack.
Fu Ping’An raised her sword to block it, but she already had a long sword to help her block the attack.
The owner of the long sword bowed his head and smiled: “Your Majesty, this little man is Huo Zhengmao.”

The smile, when he saw Fu Ping’An’s face, froze.

Fu Ping’An said: “Okay, okay, Huo Zhuangshi, I understand.”

Huo Zhengmao didn't have enough time to express his inner shock, he quickly defended the enemy with his sword, and Luo Qionghua took Fu Ping’An to take the opportunity to go into the alley.
Running, Fu Ping’An raised her eyes and glanced around.
They were on the north-south straight road in the center.
At this time, the wide road was in a mess.

“This is not a temporary idea, but an assassination that has been planned for a long time.” Luo Qionghua said, “The assassins pretended to be civilians on both sides of the road, hiding their weapons under the food and goods, and we were caught off guard.”

Fu Ping’An was still in a mess but the barrage was not chaotic, so Fu Ping’An asked a question by the barrage: “But how did you know?”

“Brother Huo told me that it was calculated by an old Taoist priest.”

[Zuo Jia: Huh? Calculated? Is there any metaphysical worldview? ]

Fu Ping’An was dubious, but she couldn't help thinking too much now.
The alley turned eastward and westward and she quickly lost her direction.
Luo Qionghua pushed every door she came across, and finally pushed one open, then pulled Fu Ping’An went in, and closed the door behind him.

This place looks like the backyard of a residential house.
There is a well and a flower garden in the yard.
Some hydrangeas and periwinkle are planted, but they are not taken care of, and they are scattered here and there.

“It's not good to trespass on a private house…what to do if you are discovered?”

“Most of the merchants live here, and many of them are out to buy goods at this time, and there is no one in the house.”

Luo Qionghua looked at the yard, then she pulled Fu Ping’An to the window, took off a silver hairpin on her head, inserted it through the crack of the window, lowered the top of the window bolt, and the window was opened.
Luo Qionghua turned in first, and then rushed Fu Ping’An to take her stretched out hand: “Come on, I'll pull you.”

Fu Ping’An was still a little confused, firstly, this was someone else's room, and secondly, she didn't think it looked very good to climb the window, but at this moment she heard something in the alley outside the courtyard.
Hearing the sound of a human being, she was startled, grabbed Luo Qionghua's hand, and climbed into the window.

The window was a wooden bed, and now the quilts were put away, the two quickly climbed in, Luo Qionghua re-bolted the window, turned around, and saw Fu Ping’An sitting on the head of the bed with her knees hugged, her hair messy, the skirt was slightly open, so she reached out to help her cover the skirt, and said in a low voice, “Don't be afraid, they won't find us.”

Fu Ping’An widened her eyes and blurted out: “I'm not afraid!”

In any case, she can't be reduced to the point where she needs to be comforted by a girl who looks younger than her.

Luo Qionghua said: “Okay, you are not afraid.”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

Why do you feel more humiliated?

She decided to change the subject: “You…
Did you already know?”

She didn't say anything clearly but raised her eyes to Ahua, who pursed her lips and looked away, without answering immediately.

Fu Ping’An said: “Don't pretend to be stupid.”

Luo Qionghua pursed her mouth, and she sat next to Fu Ping’An, shoulder to shoulder with Fu Ping’An, and said in a low voice: “I don't know who you are, so don't ask me who you are.
I am Ah Hua, and you are Ping an, okay?”

Fu Ping’An was taken aback.

[Futu: Does she not want to salute?]

[Lone Star Wanderer: Hahaha, what an interesting girl.]

[Insomnia day by day: Your domineering president is so good?]

The other party's body temperature is transmitted through the shoulders that are close together, warm and soft, and the other party's hair brushes her neck, which is a little itchy.

She can't remember how long it's been since no one got so close to her.
This made her a little uncomfortable.

In a trance, Fu Ping’An smelled a faintly familiar fragrance, which calmed her down, and then she remembered the scene where the other party lifted the wooden board to pull her, and her mood also moved slightly.

[Taro Bobo Milk Tea: Very good, I have a friend who ignores the status level; Ping'An has indeed not had a friend of the same age for a long time.]

Fu Ping’An didn't know whether her answer was affected by the barrage, but she nodded and said: “…Okay.”

Luo Qionghua said excitedly, “Okay” and stretched out her hands to hug her.
This time Fu Ping’An pushed her away and said indifferently, “…too close.”

At this time, there were voices and footsteps outside the window, and the two of them immediately forgot everything, held each other's hand nervously, and stuck together tightly.

[Want to see the moon: cute, like two little quails.]

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