he Son of Heaven was, but everyone around her was expecting her to be the Son of Heaven.
Being the Son of Heaven was obviously an amazing thing, so she wanted to do it too.

But she didn't even know what to say now, but fortunately Bo Changshi said, “Is there any discomfort in Your Highness?”

Fu Ping’An breathed a sigh of relief: “No, it's just that the carriage is too bumpy, I-I'm a little dizzy.”

Chang Shi said: “This trip was made in a hurry, and I didn't bring a medical officer, but the clerk at the station found a nearby traveling doctor.
He also said that you are probably not used to taking a car, but we must speed up the trip.
If your Highness is still unwell tomorrow, do you want to ride a horse?”

Fu Ping’An was stunned for a moment: “I can't ride a horse.”

“It's a minister who dares to ride with you.”

“Ah…” It was an unimaginable scene, and Fu Ping’An said vaguely, “Let's talk about it tomorrow; what time is it, now?

“Call me after you leave.”

Bo Changshi seemed to want to say something, but when he saw her like this, he didn't say anything.
The crowd came out again, except for the mother and the two maids.
Fu Ping’An remembered that one was called Alu and the other was called Alu.
My name is Aying.

Fu Ping’An asked again, “Where's Azhi?”

Alu and Aying looked at each other and didn't say a word.
Mammy said, “Little master, don't mind her, she has been whipped twenty times, she will die or live, it's all on her.
Its good luck, since you like her, if she gets through it, let her serve you again.”

Fu Ping’An “Oh”, turned over and closed her eyes, her ears recalled the memory of her mother holding her who was sick.
What he said, “the days of ordinary people are all over.”

She doesn't have to boil now, because she is not an ordinary person anymore.

She doesn't want to be an ordinary person anymore.

She slept for a while, and when it was getting bright, everyone dressed up and set off.
After getting in the car, Fu Ping’An opened the window curtain and asked Bo Changshi, “Azhi…do she want to stay here to recover?”

Bo Changshi After a moment of silence, he asked, “Do you want her to follow?”

Fu Ping’An lowered his eyes and said after a while, “She has to raise my rabbit.”

In the next few days, Fu Ping’An rode the carriage very smoothly, so naturally he didn't need to Go and ride with Bo Changshi.

After three days, the system was reopened, but after opening it, no text appeared.
Fu Ping’An really didn't know what to do, so he had to ignore it.
On the fifth day, Fu Ping’An saw a familiar name——

 [Ping An The baby is so cute: Has Ping’An baby started live streaming again!]

At this time, Fu Ping’An was drinking water, and when he saw it, he choked and kept coughing.
A Lu and A Ying gathered around to help her pat her back and help her go smoothly.
Mammy took a towel to help her wipe her face and said: “What's the matter?”

Fu Ping’An: “I…
I just walked away.”

She peeked at the people around her and confirmed again that no one would find this line of writing.

For some reason, she was a little happy because she saw the name “Ping An baby is so cute”.
Although the name still made her feel embarrassed; she has too many questions to ask.

So when she set off again, she drove everyone out of the carriage, including Mammy, and when the hoofs sounded again, Fu Ping’An asked secretly, “I fainted suddenly before, and I woke up from that, that…that ‘system’.
It said that I was not mentally strong enough to live stream, what does that mean?”

[Ping An baby is so cute: Oh, it turned out to be forcibly kicked off the assembly line, or it was stopped for a few days, and those messy people left.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: It should be because you don’t know how to read, usually The anchors who know the characters can understand the meaning just by looking at the text translated by the system.
In this way, the combination of the self-recognized and the dynamic supplement of the system can fully receive the amount of barrage of that level.]

 [Ping An is really cute: But you don’t know how to read at all, and you forcibly received the text with your mental power, so you can’t hold it at that level, and it seems that your health is not very good, so it is estimated that you are malnourished.]

 [Ping An baby is really cute: In short, You need to recognize characters first.]

Fu Ping’An only understood half of what the other party said about recognizing characters, but what the other party said about recognizing characters was deeply embedded in her heart, she felt ashamed inexplicably, this was something she had never seen before Experienced.

If she could, she wanted to learn writing immediately.

She whispered, “Can you teach me?”

 [Ping An baby is so cute: Little Ping An, I can't teach you, our text may even be different, you can understand it, but the system can automatically translate it.]

Fu Ping’An nodded thoughtfully, and suddenly thought of something, and said, “I started the live broadcast a long time ago, why didn't you come a few days ago?”

[Ping’An baby is so cute: There are some things in reality for a few days.

Fu Ping’An caught the key word: “In reality?”

[Ping’An baby is so cute: Oh, so you don't even know this, you and I are not in the same world, I'm watching your live broadcast…
The live broadcast is just its like, watching a play? Have you seen the play? ]

Fu Ping’An nodded: “I have seen it.”

During the festival last year, a stage was set up in a nearby village.
Fu Ping’An secretly climbed up a tree to see it’s story.

She pondered: “You look at me, so I'm an actor?”

 [Ping’An baby is so cute: it's a bit like but not exactly, but generally there won't be live broadcasts by someone who is completely ignorant like you, it's all in advance signed.]

Fu Ping’An pouted: “I don't understand.”

 [Ping’An baby is so cute: Oops, so cute, I haven't seen you for a few days, you are cute again.]

Fu Ping’An blushed and said, “But you really haven't shown up for many days.”

 [Ping’An baby is so cute: Hee hee, what, do you miss me?]

Fu Ping’An's face turned even redder, and she raised her eyes to look at the words in the void.
She had absolutely no idea who the other party was, what she looked like, or what kind of voice she would make, but for some reason, she already felt close.

In contrast, reality is more like a vague dream, and she still doesn't know what kind of situation she is going to face.

She was embarrassed to speak, so she just nodded slightly.

The text did not appear for a while, and Fu Ping’An had a worried look on his face: “Are you leaving again?” As soon as he finished speaking, a huge colorful strip of color suddenly opened in front of her.
She was startled, ducked back, and hit the back of her head.
On the wall of the car, there was a “dong” sound.

 [“Ping An baby is so cute” sent you a happy fireworks.]

Fu Ping’An didn't read the words clearly.
She was hit so hard that she was black and dizzy.
The car stopped, the door curtain was opened, and someone in the backlight looked at her and said, “What's wrong with you?”

Fu Ping’An covering the back of his head, he saw Azhi's pale face, kneeling on the cab and looking at her.


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