Fu Ping’An found knowledge related to the rebellious period in a “Handbook of Physiological Hygiene Knowledge”.

The rebellious period mentioned above refers to the transitional period of adolescent psychology.
During this period, adolescents' awareness of independence and self-awareness is increasing, and they will use various means to establish an equal status between themselves and the outside world.
Fu Ping’An expressed incomprehension with this view.

Is she…
unequal to the outside world?    

But she didn't have much time to think about these things.
On the first day Tian Bin became an imperial envoy, he put forward several political opinions.

One is to suggest that the Tian clan be made the queen mother's, and King Yong'an be named the supreme emperor, which is a necessary measure to show the emperor's filial piety;

The second is to take back the coinage rights of the county.
The money of the county is shoddy, and the people have been struggling to spend money for a long time.
The central government should set up another government office to make coins;

The third is to control military expenditure.
Last year alone, the army spent a lot of money.
Now that the world is stable, there is no need for such a large army;

Fourth, the deer banquet held by the regent does not conform to the etiquette system.
Taichang can be in charge of such a huge banquet.
The imperial court attaches great importance to it…

Tian Bin proposed these after discussing them with Fu Ping’An.
Some of these suggestions are intended to be achieved, and some are just fishing in troubled waters.
After all, Tian Lin proposed four items.
If the regent vetoes all of them, it is a bit inappropriate.

Firstly, once obstructed, the regent was originally agreed to by the queen mother, and the queen mother is still in the harem.
If there is another queen mother, even if she is dead, it will marginalize her efforts.

The second sounds more reasonable.
Fu Lingxian has long been disgusted by the money from the county and the country, so angry that she almost wants to coax those moths into the capital.

Three is impossible; this is simply slapping her in the face.

So the fourth opinion had to agree with because it sounded reasonable.

When Fu Ping’An heard the rejection, she naturally felt sad, and she mentioned it from time to time during the discussion.
After being rejected, she sighed, looking like a pitiful little girl.

In this way, no one noticed that when she set up a new official office, she quietly stuffed many Tian family members.

Fu Ping’An felt a headache because the barrage became active because of her words –

 [Dededela: Yes, yes, I also think, how can a child not sleep?]

 [Wu Dameng: My relatives in reality also found out.]

 [Er Zhuzi: We still have to be supervised by our relatives, in reality; our cloud parents have more than enough heart but not enough power.]

Fu Ping’An said: “Uncle, do you have anything to say directly?”

She suspected that Tian Yan wanted to insert someone beside her, and her tone was very stiff.

Tian Bin said: “Ha-ha, I just want to say, does Your Majesty still remember Azhi?”

Fu Ping’An was taken aback: “Of course I do.”

The last time she went out of the city, she wanted to see Azhi, but Chen Yan said that Azhi had already said she was waiting in the boudoir recently, and doesn't see many outsiders.
Fu Ping’An didn't want to trouble Azhi, so she didn't go.

Azhi has a new life and she is happy about it.

However, Tian Bin said: “Your Majesty is short of people.
A Zhi wants to help you, but, I don't think it is suitable, so I want to bring A Zhi into the palace next time.
Your Majesty persuades me…”

“Okay!” Ping An immediately agreed.

Her eyes lit up, she looked at Tian Bin, and said, “What position does she want? How about Shangshu, the position of Shangshu is still vacant.”

Tian Bin's voice stopped abruptly, and he didn't know what to say for a while.

His Majesty also agreed too simply.

He hesitated, firstly because Ah Zhi was a Dikun, and secondly because he was worried that Her Majesty felt that she was placing his people.

It is true that he also had this idea to some extent, but in fact, he just wanted to hold back.
He looked at Her Majesty now, as if he was looking at a rising sun, and he was sure that Her Majesty would lead the world one day.

After a long while Tian Bin said: “She is Dikun.”

“I know.”

Tian Bin smiled helplessly: “Then…
well, I will write a recommendation for her, just say that she is Ah Zhi's younger sister, Your Majesty and she should take care of the rest.”

“I will.” Fu Ping’An was full of energy.

Tian Bin heard Her Majesty put forward a series of political opinions yesterday, sharp and sensitive, and sighed in his heart that the other party is extraordinary, and even had a vague fear.
Seeing this today, he was relieved.

Your Majesty is a nostalgic and soft-hearted person.

The two discussed some more details, and Tian Bin bowed and left.
As soon as he walked to the door, Fu Ping’An suddenly said, “Uncle, what is Ah Zhi's name now?”

Tian Bin said, “My surname is Sun and my name is Luzhi.”

Fu Ping’An read the name in her heart and then couldn't help laughing.

That's still called Azhi.

It was too late to return to the dormitory.
Fu Ping’An was a little too hungry.
She didn't have much appetite.
In a trance for a while, the image of Bo Jiaoer became clear again in her mind.

Since moving to Chaoyang Palace, Fu Ping’An has never seen Bo Jiaoer again.
Indeed, this was only two months ago, but for the busy Fu Ping’An; it seems to have been a long time.

But she didn't stay in a trance for too long, and then asked: “Has she met anyone?”

Qin He said: “Mrs.
Zhuyang came here the day before yesterday, but she didn't see the Queen Mother, and nothing happened, so she didn't report to Her Majesty.”

If Ping An remembers correctly, Mrs.
Zhuyang is the Empress Dowager's sister-in-law and also Bo Jiaoer's mother.
Fu Ping’An met her twice during the Chinese New Year.

But among the Bo family who was exiled last time, was her husband, Zhuyanghou Bochang.

She probably already understood what Bo Jiaoer wanted to say, but when she thought of the little girl who was proudly advising her, her heart softened, so she said, “Let her in.

“She had a serious expression on her face, but in just two months, the other party seemed to have grown up a bit.
Perhaps children of this age always grow faster, or this coup d'état had an impact on her heart.

As a result, when she stepped into the room, she tripped over the threshold and almost fell, and her facial features huddled together.

Fu Ping’An stood up to help her, and said helplessly, “Look at the ground when you walk.”

Bo Jiaoer was so nervous that her body was trembling, but when she heard this, she blinked her eyes, and two lines of tears fell.
Pursing her lips, she seemed to want to hold back, but tears soon wet her clothes.
Fu Ping’An sighed and said, “Jiaoer can say anything, I'm listening.”

After hesitating, she spoke again: “But there are some things that I can't decide with full authority.”

Bo Jiaoer finally spoke, her voice trembling: “Your Majesty…
Will Your Majesty send Jiaoer out of the palace?”

“Does Jiaoer want to leave?” Fu Ping’An asked.

Bo Jiaoer bit her lip and shook her head heavily.

“Why don't you want to? It's boring in the palace, don't you always say that.”

“…But when you get home, if your house is ransacked, Jiaoer will be treated as an official slave.
doesn't want to be a slave.”

She finally endured I couldn't stop crying, and wailed: “I don't want to be a slave, my mother told me, she told me to beg Her Majesty to let me stay in the palace.”

 [Deng Deng: Is she lying, I remember her It used to be pretty deceiving.]

 Is she telling the truth?]

 [Bobo milk tea with taro paste: No, the point is, do you know what it means to let her stay in the palace? She is a Dikun.

 [Insomnia every day: …
Oh, to be a concubine? ]

 [Ping An's wife: Fuck, this is a good plan.
If you can be a concubine, as long as you have a child, you will have a chance to turn around sooner or later.

Fu Ping’An was a little disturbed by Bo Jiaoer's crying, but suddenly woke up when she saw the barrage.

That's what it means!

Bo Jiaoer may not know the reason for this operation, but Mrs.
Zhuyang knows.

Bo Jiaoer may not be ignorant, after all, she is not six years old, and did she not act like this back then, to deceive the queen mother and the regent?

Fu Ping’An was in a complicated mood.
At this moment, she understood the feelings of the queen mother and the regent, but she was a little helpless.

She took out a handkerchief to wipe Bo Jiaoer's tears, with a lot of thoughts in her mind, but in the end, she sighed and said, “I won't send you out of the palace, okay?”

Bo Jiaoer hiccupped, looked at her, and said “Really?”

Fu Ping’An rubbed her head: “But you lived in the palace since you were a child, don't you miss your family?” If Zhuyang Hou's family is copied in the future, will she hate her??

Alas, her mood at the moment must be the mood of the Queen Mother back then.

However, the queen mother must be more nervous than she.
After all, Bo Jiaoer can't gain power in the palace, but she was in the position of holding power back then.

Bo Jiaoer raised her head, and a trace of hesitation flashed in her eyes, said: “Then, can I bring A Niang in?”

Fu Ping’An shook her head.

Bo Jiaoer said: “…
Well, Ah Weng may not remember me; he has more than forty children.”

Fu Ping’An was looking at Bo Jiaoer with pity, but she didn't hold back expression when she heard this.
: “Why, how come, didn't it mean that you only have three older brothers and one younger sister?”

“They belong to the same mother and compatriots.
A Weng has more than a dozen concubines.”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

After all, she underestimated the big family!

 [Seventeen: It's so good to have a baby!!]

 [Sweet Potato: Why did I feel that it was a waste at the beginning, the population was small, and the house was ransacked and executed?]

[Lan Ruo: That's right; it's good to be a coolie.
In case you need to dig coal in the future, you can go to the mine.

These things are for later.

Fu Ping’An comforted Bo Jiaoer and asked Qin He to send her back to Jingui Palace, but she still had no idea how to deal with her.

She had no choice but to put this aside and prepare to take a step forward.
On her side, she began to prepare for the mint office and the deer feast.

Fu Ping’An still attaches great importance to drinking deer banquets, but at the same time, she also feels that she should carefully consider the regent's mood.

In the past month or so, Fu Ping’An has been very restrained, but now she has to admit that she is still a little swollen.

One thing is that she and Fu Lingxian haven't communicated for a long time.

Now that the Tian family has been ranked among the three princes, and the Deer Banquet has been classified as an official event, no matter how confident Fu Lingxian is, she must have some thoughts in her heart.

Fu Ping’An felt that it was necessary for him to probe the other party's tone.
Now that she had summoned her alone, she might think it was a Hongmen banquet, so the deer banquet was a good opportunity.

There are so many things; Fu Ping’An can't wait to grow three heads and six arms.
Fortunately, the day before the deer feast, A Zhi returned to her side.

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