it seems that the people around me don't have a tight mouth, but the one who forced her to death Not only me, but also the officials of the Manchu Dynasty, they couldn't wait to support the new emperor even though she was still alive, but my admonition to her was not the cause of her death.”

Fu Ping’An looked at her coldly.    

The queen mother sneered: “At this point, I don't bother to lie to you.
She will commit suicide.
It should be because she heard the news of King Yong'an's death after she went back.”    

The queen mother looked at her coldly: “You got the order wrong.
King Yong'an died first.
As for who did it, you can ask Fu Lingxian.
It's important, so I covered it up for a few days.”    

“Did Fu Lingxian kill Ah Weng…?” Fu Ping’An murmured.    

The queen mother squinted at her: “Who knows.”   

 [I really want to see the moon: calm down and be safe, she is lying to you.]   

 [Total eclipse of the heart: I feel like I am pouring dirty water on the regent.]    

Fu Ping’An’s mind was shaken.

Today is no longer suitable for talking; she looked at the queen mother coldly and said: “The queen mother should have a good rest, there are some things that the queen mother does not say, I can also investigate, and after all, now, I have many more people in my hands than the queen mother.”

After that, she turned around and prepared to leave, but as soon as she turned around, the empress dowager's shrill voice came from behind: “Do you think that you will have everything if you are in charge? On that day, you will find that you have more enemies than you imagined.
Your minister, today is your minister, tomorrow I want to eat your flesh and blood, today I regard you as the emperor, tomorrow I will regard you as a beast, and my ministers are the most ruthless people in the world.
You just need to feed them less.
Then they will swarm up and devour you——I'm waiting for that day, I want to see how long you can last!”

This must contain a deep curse.

Fu Ping’An stopped and said calmly, “Thank you for the teachings of the Queen Mother, I will…
forge ahead.”

The Bo family is completely untrustworthy.

Fu Ping’An didn't know if this was Tian Yin's purpose in telling her to confront the queen mother, but she realized that the queen mother and she were indeed deadly enemies, and the queen mother hated her, and she couldn't help hating the queen mother.

The queen mother said that her mother only heard about her father's death after returning home, but the palace people said that Princess Yong'an's face was as frosty and snowy when she left the Qianqiu Palace.
Her mother had heard the unbelievable news at that time.

Fu Ping’An already had a guess in her mind.

It was probably herself who was used by the queen mother to threaten her mother.

The conversation is very likely to be like this – if you commit suicide, let your child live, otherwise, we will confiscate your home for the crime of treason.

Regardless of whether this is the case or not, Fu Ping’An has been completely disappointed with the Queen Mother.
If she had thought of letting her live in the palace for the elderly in the past, now she only hopes that she will disappear quickly.

For this, she needs to cut off all the Queen Mother's cronies.

Fortunately, half of this matter was already done.
Three days later, Gao Yan, the former imperial historian, was found out for corruption and bribery.

Many members of the Bo family were drawn out of the collaborators, but Her Majesty only removed their titles, considering that they were members of the Empress Dowager's family.

The Bo family was hit hard, but Fu Ping’An couldn't vacate these positions, because if she didn't occupy them immediately, someone else would always occupy them.

The only thing she can rely on now is her relatives.

Several ministers jointly recommended the previous royal censor, Tian Bin, to continue to serve in this position, and Her Majesty also issued a sincere edict.

Tian Bin resigned twice because of old age and frailty and finally accepted the edict for the third time.

Seeing the official uniform and official seal being sent into the mansion, Tian Bin looked flat, but Zhang Ling was excited: “Congratulations, teacher, once again ranked third.” Tian Bin sighed: “I don't know now…
Is it right or not?

“That's wrong.”

“What's wrong? Tian Gong is Her Majesty's uncle; so naturally, he is Her Majesty's best assistant.”

Tian Ting said: “Your Majesty has early wisdom; maybe she has discovered the law…”

Zhang Ling showed his face Puzzled: “What rule?”

Tian Yan shook his head: “Forget it; there is no other way now.”

As soon as the words fell, a woman wearing a hood was attracted by the porter and Zhang Ling hurriedly left, but couldn't bear it.
Turning around, the woman is slender and graceful, and she can be seen to be a beauty just by her figure.

Tian Bin brought the woman to the main room, and the woman took off her hood, but it was Ah Zhi.

Tian Yan said with a smile: “Ah Zhi, ah, I should call you Miss Sun.
I heard that you are talking about marriage recently.
Do you want to take time out of your busy schedule to see me, an old man?”

“Tian Gong is the doctor of the royal family, a minister of the court, and I am grateful to see my concubine with the face.”

Tian Bin waved his hand: “Okay, although you are a servant girl in name, you are no different from my daughter in reality.
Now that you are grown up, I am very happy…”

Before the words finished, Ah Zhi straightened Kneeling on the ground, Tian Bin's last word got stuck in his throat and turned into a cough.

“You, you, and what are you doing!”

Azhi looked up: “Tian Gong, I don't want to get married; I want to enter the palace as an internal official, please help me.”

Tian Yan was slightly stunned: “You are Dikun, why bother…”

Azhi looked at Tian Yan, and she could still remember that Her Majesty once said to her: “Then Azhi, you are the Qilin who assists me.”

But she can't be a real courtier, but even if she can only be Internal officials are also good.

She pursed her lips and knocked heavily on the ground: “Azhi knows that she has received too much favor from Tian Gong, so she doesn't know what to do, but this is my greatest wish, please help me, Tian Gong, I have devoted myself to learning this year, but It's okay to do something simple for Her Majesty.”

Tian Yan's lips moved, and after a while, he sighed.

Fu Ping’An fell into a state of study and work that was close to frenzy again, and it was useless to persuade her with a barrage this time.

Fu Ping’An thought it was because the shock was too great.
She couldn't sleep at night, and she didn't know what else to do without reading and studying.

But the barrage concluded –


 [Insomnia every day: She should have reached the stage of rebellion.]


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