Hey, Can You Tell Me What Just Happened?

Increase Physical Attack.

After activating that skill, I immediately rushed towards the adventurer and hit him, then he was suddenly blown away.
It’s as if he was hit by a super-strong physical-strength enhancing skill, which was absurdly strange.
It may be true that I hit him with all my strength, but would he normally fly like that? I just punched you up to stop your attack on Lei, okay?




T/N: Fart(屁) is read as “e”……..pfft

Everyone let out a curt voice, showing disarray.
His friends, who had been so vigorous a moment ago, seem to have been completely taken aback.
They opened their mouths and look up in the direction the adventurer flew.
After some time, the adventurer has returned (and fallen).
He crashed to the ground with a shriek.


The adventurer seems to have sunk deep into the ground.
A hole in the ground in the shape of a human being opened up.
I timidly peeked into the ground, finding out that he was still alive.
His legs were twitching.
Well, just as expected.
I wasn’t even trying to kill him.
To be honest, I was a bit relieved.


The adventurer greeted me with a hoarse voice.

“What did you just do…”

He was not as vigorous as he was earlier.
Now, it’s more like he was even trembling.

“No… that was just…” I replied, while scratching the back of my head.

“I just hit you with a simple attack boost.”


Everyone commented on me.

“You can’t say that.
It’s seriously true, though.”

The Increase Physical Attack- Low ability, as the name implies, is supposed to only slightly increase the attack power.
But that doesn’t seem to be the case with this “Cheat Code Manipulation”.
I wonder what happens when the attack power is increased to High.

“Damn, I should have known that you have a trick up your sleeve.
As expected of the son of the Sword Saint!”

“No, no.
I think you’re mistaking me for someone else.”

I wave one hand in denial, but…


The adventurers seemed to feel afraid of my hand gestures.
They cowered and hugged each other.

Oh, well.
It was unexpected, but this was an opportunity.

“Umm, excuse us but, I’m going to have to ask you to get out of here.
It would bother the carriage shop.”

“S-shit! We’ll remember this!”

Spitting out lines full of curses and whatnot, the party of adventurers retreated. 

”O-oi, wait for meee”

Even the blown-up adventurer returned home shabbily.
All that was left was silence.
The people who had been talking about me behind my back a while ago seemed to have gotten a kick out of the current commotion.
They suddenly became quiet.
They are really easy to understand.

“Oh… Arios.
I didn’t know you had that kind of power…”

It seems that Lei was also taken aback.
She was looking at me, amazed. 

“That’s awesome! You might really be stronger than your dad!”

“Nnn…I don’t think so.”

I have yet to see the true nature of the Sword Saint–Lion Macba.
But I do know that he’s ridiculously strong.
I don’t think it’s stronger than the “Sword Saint” skill, though.

Mysterious skill Cheat Code Manipulation.
This skill might be more of a monster than I thought.
I was thinking that to myself.

[Translated by krull Proofread by Estrella-san]

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