Soon, I was ready to move.

Suddenly appeared, a huge shadow.

Before that, the sorcerer who had sealed me must be distracted.

– So, that demon sucked.

Because it is a demon that I have never seen, it is also difficult to counteract.
Is there anything I can do for you?

If you look up in your seat, even Sword Saint Lion McBa stands up with a blue-white face.

No, in this case, what worries Lion is his own fame? I guess that's the only reason I'm worried that Lion will have let that demon go.

The same goes for Dudley Crais.

After being blown away by a huge shadow, there's no sign of getting up.

Unfortunately, these look like the Makuba family from the right origins.

You can no longer guess.

Well, I haven't relied on it from the start.

“- You seem to have become obvious.”

It was then that I heard a familiar voice.

Beautiful woman's voice.

Clear beauty everywhere, just like a goddess.

No way.

Were you the” warm signs “you have been feeling so far? Goddess.”

“Heh heh…
Though it's a body of thought.
– You've finally met me, Arios.”

Lined next to me with a smile is the goddess Dies, seen in every different dimension.
This is the woman who was talking to the first sword Saint Fallus in the old royal castle.

What a principle, how no one else sees a goddess.
I'm the only one who can see her.

Or, including that huge shadow, we're all not moving perfectly.

You must have noticed my question, the goddess said with a smile all the time.

“I'm just stopping time.
If you get attacked in the meantime, it's a joke.”

“Give me some time…”

“Hehe, if your skills grow, you'll be able to do it too.”

Exactly like a godforsaken move.

Goddess Diez looked up at the huge shadow with a harsh look on her face and groaned pompously.

“Lonely Shadow, Vanita Sloa……
It's a monster that tormented the kingdom thousands of years ago.
Modern demons seem to be rated at Designated Rank, but they won't fit that framework.”


I guess my hunch wasn't wrong.
[M] Huge shadows – Vanita Sloa is stronger than any demon I've ever met.

“- But I believe you can win”

The goddess stared at me with her true eyes.
No, she grabbed my hands.

Please help me.
This (…) doesn't end, but break the strong chains that have bound the kingdom for years…”

So, the goddess…

Lips gently lifted up on my cheek.


“I believe it.
Thou art the true sword holy.”

“True, Sword Saint…”

You also said the first Sword Saint Pharaoh.
A true sword.


Suddenly, the body of the goddess Diaz began to fade.
As long as time goes by like this, so much so that every single one of those bodies disappears.

Sounds like you're out of time”

When the goddess cut her lips off from me, she stared at me with her moist eyes.

“Vanita Sloa is a dangerous demon.
It would be a good idea to use the cheat code” absorption.


Speaking of which, you're finally capable of something you've never used before.

Is it valid for Vanita Sloa?

“Then also remember to reduce your offense with the Rewrite Attack.
– You can always win.”


“I love you.

With that said, I finally lost sight of the goddess.

At that moment – the time around which it was stopped also moves.


Vanitasloa creeped her deep red eyes as she raised her arms high.

Not good.

That's what I thought intuitively.
I ran the cheat code “Rewrite Attack” first.
Make Vanita Sloa's Attack 1/4.


Thus, countless elongated pitch-black flames were emitted from the entire body of Vanitasloa.
It doesn't seem to be an attack aimed at a particular someone, and the flames scatter around them indiscriminately.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!

“Help -“


The audience screams.

The speed of the flames is not insignificant, but in that crowd, it is not easy to escape.

I rushed to drive the next cheat code as well.

Absorption, of course, is the ability to choose.

The goddess recommended it, an unknown power for me.



“No, no, no!

On the verge of the flames swallowing the audience, the miracle happened.

What a flame has changed the direction of the attack, and I have run for it.

– As if I were absorbed by myself.

that's what happened…”

I can't help but notice when I'm fighting alone.

If this isn't the case, there's no sending the opponent's offense or shit.

Moreover, he has now dropped Vanitasloa's offensive power in half.
I'm not too scared, to be honest, of being hit by countless flames.

“Whoa, whoa!

When I pull out my sword, I chop up the flame that looms in my sight.
The effect of the treasure sword leverty will make him disappear even to the flames that were in the neighborhood.


“How could a flame…”

“No way, Arios, you protected us…?

That's how I dealt with the flames on the street, and I shouted out loud to the audience.

“Run away! This guy – I'll figure it out!!

“Or cool…”


I heard the audience leak like that.

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