Shin, and.

The surroundings were surrounded by silence.

And that noisy audience.

And the Rays who were eager to support me.

At this moment alone, no one spoke.


Kensei candidate Dudley Crais is pampering her mouth when she sees a sword poked at her.

I wonder how incredible it is.

My defeat.

The fact that he lost to the off-skill holder.

“You're lying…”

Dudley scratches his feet trying to get up while making his eyes black and white.

“It's no use.
You won't get up yet.”


“I see it.
Not for me.”

Dudley's right foot gauge remains stained red.
It will be difficult to move in this state.

it can't be…”

Candidate Kensei threw up so much as he gave up.


“Arios, come on! You did it!

Ray and Kaya come late to cheer.

those two…”

The joy of two strangely noisy men in battle is enough to please me.

– It's over.

And the McBa family that was tying me up.


Meanwhile, around that time.

Sword Saint Lyon McBa remembered the shock enough for his eyeballs to pop out.

I feel sorry for myself for staring at the venue with a grudge, but I don't even care about that.

Dudley lost…!?

Just in case, I had the best magician I've always been kind to.
To maximize Dudley's abilities.

Arios is the holder of off skill against Dudley, a candidate for Kensei.

I was supposed to be ready.



“- Lord Lion.
How many times do you have to lie to me?”

“- Huh!! Les, Your Highness Rafer……!

“You said you could win.
To this duel.”


“Then don't let this (…) end.
you know what I mean?

“And I understand……!

First prince Rafer fo Arceus.

It was only to be regarded as the vessel of the next king, and its style was so overwhelming that even Lion would be frightened.

“Or I will definitely let Dudley win.
Please take a moment!

Make no mistake.”

At this time, Lion hadn't noticed.

That Rafer is smiling uninhabited.



When I breathe heavily, I look down at Dudley crawling under my eyes.

You seem to have given up the battle altogether.

I don't even seem to resist anymore.

It's over.

This is everything.

With that in mind, I lay my sword on my sheath.


– It was then that my body weighed strangely.

Suddenly, I crawl to the spot, struck by the feeling of something heavy.
[M] To too much gravity, I won't even be able to get a decent physical movement.

– Stupid.
Why not?

It's not like there's actually heavy stuff on it.
Yet why -!?

Cologne, and.

The fallen shock left me with the “Black Gem” I had in my nostalgia.
Rolling down the ground in the meantime.

The sphere was – glowing.

It's exactly the same phenomenon that Remilla once infused with magic.


No, no, wait.

Why is magic flying?

It's no longer Dudley's fault.
As I've figured out in the battle so far, this guy can't use magic.

If so, there is one remaining answer…

“Dudley! Not yet! Do it!”

Moments later, the screams of Saint Lion the Sword echoed.

“Arios is now frustrated by Dudley's ability (…)! Not yet if you want to!!

– Again, is that what you mean?

Sword Saint Lion Makuba.

What a soothing hand to win this battle…!

“Hey, what, the battle isn't over yet…?

“Something's wrong with Arios, huh?

“Master Lion seems unusual…
but he's not capable of that, is he, Mr.
Dudley? What are you talking about?

How the servant audience is also uncomfortable.

But things are not the same.

– Fowwwwwwwww on…

By the magic of the magicians, the black gems will shine brighter than you've ever seen before.

– Perhaps this gem will activate the circuit and exert its power by instilling a certain amount of magic.
Until then, it's no different than a common magic guide.
Well, that's the only way to get demons off track.

Remila, the magic conductor, is remembered for her words.

Not good.

If you pour in so much magic……!

“Lion eh…! Make him stop now! It's gonna be irrevocable!

“Dudley! Do it! Take down Arios!

My screams, but they don't reach Lyon.
Seeking victory.
You seem to be losing sight of me.

it doesn't matter if my legs don't move”

Dudley's nasty voice comes down from overhead.
At the same time, there are signs that he is holding the sword.

“It's time to fight back.
Earlier, I'll give you plenty to do…!

Not if you're doing that!

“Hehe, lose.”


The world has changed.

Against the backdrop of a dimmed sky with only a heart, a demon emerges that should be called the giant “Shadow of the Dark Dark”.
It has hands and feet while being man-made, and the area of the eye is glowing red.
Its size is not comparable to that of a human being.


Even I know a lot about demons, but I've never seen anything like them.

But that's all I know.

He said he was stronger than any demon he's ever fought.


Dudley, who had a proud look on his face until just now, opens his mouth pompously.

“Hey, dude, what the fuck!


The pitch-black shadow shakes off his right arm toward Dudley.

I guess that was just a lot of damage.


Dudley blows away with a pitiful scream.
And there's no sign of getting up.
He is falling with his white eyes peeled off, still clashing against the wall.

I was very close to being taken to that arm by a few centimeters.

Damn, I'm not telling you…!!

“Oh, come on, come on! Oh, my God, that!

“Arios guy, I was screaming something to Master Lion earlier, but did Master Lion…?

“No, no, no way, that's…”

The audience was also making their own twists and turns.

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